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xboxmc4gamers cover not showing from F: drive

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ive downloaded all the games which is 2 terabyte (torrent on aracde punks)

installed half of the games on E:

and half on F:

installed xbox artwork installer, however its scans all games from E: drive and F: drive. But the F: drive game covers wont show up.

please help as is coming up with blank images

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I would check your directories

xbmc4gamers can be fussy with spelling and Capitals eg:F:GAMES, F; games  instead of F:Games




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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    • By Amigaz
      I have an odd problem in XBMC4GAMERS, after my Xbox has been turned on for a while and I try and start a (hdd) game then progress "bar" just spins and nothing happens. If I then turn off the Xbox and turn it on again and starts the game without letting the Xbox be turned on for a while the game starts fine ... I have the same issue with the REBOOT and SHUTDOWN in XBMC4GAMERS .... this problem is not occuring when I start apps from XBMC4GAMERS.
      Any idea's?
    • By jay1185
      Hi peoples.  I'm Jay! 35 from Southern Illlinois (15 minutes out of St. Louis, MO) and I have my original xbox 1.0 that I've had since December of 2001. 
      10 years ago, I softmodded it.  Last Tuesday, I swapped the hard drive for a Samsung Spinpoint 160GB HDD, removed the clock capacitor then updated to Rocky5's softmod kit.  Currently I'm attempting to obtain the things to see win98 lol.  Just because.  No real purpose except to just see it done!
      Take care and happy computing, folks!

    • By neakmenter
      Hi folks,
      I know what you're gonna say. And you're probably right... but...
      I've just dropped about £50 (inc delivery) on a ZALMAN ZM-VE200 SE...
      This is a hard drive caddy, USB powered, with eSATA data connection, that will spoof as an optical drive, and let you mount .iso files stored on an internal SATA drive.
      It was probably a waste of money, and my 2TB drive is perfectly happy... BUT I wanna give it a go!
      Hardmodded, running EvoX m8+ (with LBA48 and F&G).
      eSATA to sata (HDD gender not mobo gender) cable ordered.
      Gonna use a SATA to IDE adapter (with a SLAVE switch).
      Gonna try leaving the OGXbox DVD drive in place (with a Xbox disc in the drive, just disconnect the IDE), and connecting the IDE to the Zalman (via the eSATA to SATA, SATA to IDE SLAVE adapter - yuk!)
      I'm gonna power the SATA to IDE adapter via a molex splitter, and power the ZALMAN via an external USB brick.
      It probably won't work, but... it... might????????
      What's your thoughts anyone?
      Wish me luck - I'll report back in a couple of months when all the cables and crap arrive from China into brexit-bound UK and when I get a couple of hours away from real life to mess around with it all...

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