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  1. ive downloaded all the games which is 2 terabyte (torrent on aracde punks) installed half of the games on E: and half on F: installed xbox artwork installer, however its scans all games from E: drive and F: drive. But the F: drive game covers wont show up. please help as is coming up with blank images
  2. Hello mate. Do i place this file on c drive like it is or rename it to evoex bla bla
  3. how do i make this a default dash. can you explain step by step ss_dave
  4. does anybody no how to get back to game selection menu after playing a game. every time i hold the trigers and back and black button mine goes into the unlesh menu. any help people thanks
  5. Finally working bro. Used hexan. Split partitions and then went back 1 like the guide above on youtube. Then went back in and pushed it up 1 and wrote partitions. All working. Thanks so much
  6. Yes mate. It was disabled. Ive enabled that now. Do install hexen now.from dvd
  7. Xb partioner 1.3
  8. My modchip is a xecuter 3
  9. Ive just tried partioning a ide 320gb drive and the same probs arise. Split and when i restart the partion deletes and becomes 1 drive. I domt have a bios installed. Could that be the problem
  10. Ok ive just tried with a 2.5inch 1 TB drive. Tried splitting in 500gb portions so drive F is 498 gb and drive G is 498 GB. Itsbok when i restart the console the partitions show. But as soon a switch it off and on from the console the partion resets and shows up as F 947gb. Ive got a strange feeling that 2.5inch sata drives wont work
  11. Heres the screen i get
  12. Thanks for the replim using xb part v1.3 Its hard moded The bios im using i think is xecuter i think The new.drive is a 2.5 inch 2tb drive. Using a 80 pin connector 2 The partions create. But when i shutdown the console.and restart. It shows 1.8tb again
  13. So ive formated the drive via install disk. Every time i install new partition and shut down and put the xboz back on. The partition reset and go back as one. 1.8 tb. Please help. Ive tried xbox partiioner and and splitting them. Same problem as soon as i switch it off. Everything resets. Im using a 2.5 inch 2tb drive by the way
  14. yes mate, hard disk is upgraded 2day to a 2TB 2.5 inch drive, but all good and happy. thanks for your help

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