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    • By Gurjsagoo
      ive downloaded all the games which is 2 terabyte (torrent on aracde punks)
      installed half of the games on E:
      and half on F:
      installed xbox artwork installer, however its scans all games from E: drive and F: drive. But the F: drive game covers wont show up.
      please help as is coming up with blank images
    • By Gurjsagoo
      Ok people so i upgraded my hard drive today. all going well. all sorted.
      Put the xbox back together and guess what. Stupid dvd drive keep ejecting. I close via the  button and opens again. ITS A samsung sdg-605
      Please guys help me
    • By hastings298
      What the title says. I've flashed my smart xx with X2 5032 and tried manipulating both the text file in the e-petition as well as as using X2 config maker to confirm that the DVD check is removed.
      Unfortunately it just refuses to boot I know that the config is working because the wireframe flubber shows up but it will just sit endlessly loading after that.
      It boots correctly with a drive plugged in.
      Any help?

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