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[EU][NOT YET FOR SALE] Would anyone in EU like OpenXenium or OGX360?

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This is not yet for sale. I just want to see, whether there is anyone in EU (preferably Czech Republic or its surrouding countries), who would want a OGX360 or OpenXenium.

I have ordered 5 of both from jlcpcb, i'll assemble them, keep some for me and sell the surplus.

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The OpenXenium price will be similar to the e-bay prices (around 20-25EUR), but shipping should be much cheaper (about 5eur for tracked shipping)

I am not sure about the OGX360 yet. The Arduinos and xbox to usb cables are quite expensive actually.

1 hour ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Depends on the price.


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On 11/20/2020 at 2:45 PM, cashonly said:

OGX360, with or without arduino and cables, do you have a price for it?

Without the arduino and cables, it should be around 25-30USD

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