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We are in the process of remaking all of the videos and screenshots and they will be available in the future, at the moment no but if you find some older already available ones and you can add them to your resources folder if you like and then they will be available for playback on the synopsis menu. The new videos will still take a little more time

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If that includes the game Preview Pack that was available through The ISOZone originally there are some shockingly bad quality previews that were used and many Xbox games were not included. Too often they came from low resolution gameplay captures as well. The one for Return To Castle Wolfenstein was so bad it was what prompted me into finding replacements for many of the other games I've installed and the provided previews have not been up to the mark. 

I have spent quite a lot of time finding alternatives, usually YT stuff ie. demos, original trailers etc and converting them to .XMV. You need to do that for UnleashX as WMV rarely works and anything else isn't supported. XBMC and it variants are different as they support a range of video formats but it makes sense to have them all in one universal format. I don't use game previews with XBMC as the skin I prefer, Xbox-Classic only has room for a postage stamp size preview window.

I think Armed And Dangerous was one game missing a preview and I found a great trailer called A&D Weapons Of Total Destruction which was perfect. The game's own graphics/frame rate are pretty ordinary so the trailer is honest but also very funny, perfect as a preview IMHO.

One thing that is often overlooked is that many games themselves include "attract" videos, usually in .BIK format but sometimes in .XMV  already. These are the videos that run if you let a game idle on the start screen so are eminently suitable for Preview use. Other videos can also be used like the intro FMV, that's often just as good as the "attract" ones but they can be quite big files. 

I use a XMV Video converter that the well known original Xbox guru, found on various forums under different names, SPPV created a few years ago. The final version I think can batch convert (10 max?) which might be of interest to some people. I don't usually change the display format but if something does need editing for that sort of thing I find VLC has enough tools to do that. 

BTW VLC with play most XMVs, all those created by the converter tool I mentioned but some original format XMVs found in the games themselves do not play. Not sure why.    

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Convert to XMV : https://1fichier.com/?zlo8cef4nx32mc1h9vo5&af=3160491  or  wmv2xmv : https://1fichier.com/?5jhttr5pabt0rzjth04x&af=3160491

Both do the job but unsure which of them Shadow means so take your pick if you want.

I atteched a list with the content of the "XBMC 4 Gamers Games Resource Pack" folder.

XBMC4Gamer Resources.txt

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