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  1. Looking for this as well. I would like artwork for things like xboxpartioner etc. Also would appreciate art for main menu items such as... Emulators, Games, Applications, Homebrew, etc. This is strictly for the MAIN MENU items icons ,not what appears in each category. Thanks in advance!
  2. Wow, this is great thank you! Looking forward to the remakes as well!
  3. All, Is there somewhere where i can download video previews for all the og xbox games so that xbmc4gamers can play them? Thanks in advance!
  4. This is excellent thank you! Anything for the Marquee Artwork?
  5. Does anyone know where someone can download Artwork, Movies, and Misc. Extras for this emulator? Thanks in advance!
  6. I think I figured out my issue. It seems that I need to format it as a 64 k cluster first than write and format the partition. I did not do that the first time. It was showing ER.
  7. my bios are compatible. They weren't initially, and quickly flashed and repartitioned. So is it fair to say that even with 1 TB i need to split it into two drives. I do remember reading about it being best practice to split if 2tb. Id rather keep it to one if possible, but am not opposed to the split. Let me know what you think. Im backing up as we speak. I just dont want to run into this again after all this effort! Thanks!
  8. you were correct about the ini file for xecutor bios. It was on the E drive. i moved it to the C. No noticeable difference. I will flash your bios for Evox. Thanks
  9. I recently upgraded my HDD successfully to a 1TB HDD. Set everything up with Hexen. Made sure my F partition was setup with 64k cluster size. Yet now almost halfway through my F drive being full, i can no longer copy files successfully to that partition. Whether it be via FTP or the file manager on the console itself. I get no errors via FTP, all i see is that it changes to passive mode, but nothing actually copies. I do get an error with the file manager, its just an error number. Doing some research it seems that it would be the cluster size of the partition. But i checked with xboxparitioner 1.3 and it is indeed 64k. I am going to copy off my data, and reformat the partition, verify all my settings again, but curious if anyone has any idea to what the issue can be? I hope its not a faulty drive as it is brand new. Thanks in advance!
  10. X2.5035 / evox m8plus from the hexen 2020 dvd
  11. 1.4 if i remember correctly. i just installed it today. Im on the latest test version of XBMC4Gamers.
  12. I have installed the app within the dash. I can run the app without error, but I do not see the artwork applied. Ive run it multiple times. Is there something else I need to do after to display the artwork? Please let me know. Thanks!
  13. All, I just recently ressurected my old xbox, and upgraded it to a 2tb drive. I had to upgrade the bios on the chip in order to properly have the system see all the new space. I did so by using the hexen disc. So this worked, but now if i use the Xecutor bios, it takes a little over 10 seconds for it to get to the boot animation screen. If i use evox, its a little quicker, but not by that much. Anything i can do to increase the speed? On the old xecutor bios it was instantaneous. Thanks in advance!
  14. All, i just recently resurrected my old modded xbox. I upgraded the HDD and used Hexen to set everything up. Everything seems to work great except that any changes from the dash in UnleashX will not save. Once rebooted, everything reverts. However if i FTP into it, and make changes from the config.xml file, those take. I would rather not have to do it that way. Any suggestions on what i can do?

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