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Can Someone Point Me In the Direction of Where Game Updates Are Stored?

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I updated two games, counter strike and mech assualt. As expected my trainers no longer work with the game updates. my xbox is soft modded and i can access the hdd via ftp. How can I go about removing them? thank you in advance for any help, it is appreciated.

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Excerpt from @feudalnate's post on reddit.com to: 

The Xbox has standardized folder paths for all title and user content:

Title data (DLC) - E:\TDATA\<TitleID>\$C\<OfferID>\

Title data (updates) - E:\TDATA\<TitleID>\$U\

User data (saves) - E:\UDATA\<TitleID>\<SaveID>\

A list of TItleIDs for original Xbox games in Tab Separated Values (TSV) format can be found @ Please login or register to see this link. .

Game Name      TitleID

Counter-Strike    4D530036

MechAssault    4D530017

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      OK... Long story - have a older Xbox (pre 1.6, mf 2002) which years and years ago I installed an Xecutor 2 and unlocked the drive, installed new dash etc.
      Unfortunately after removing the clock cap, I played one game and the HDD developed a hard fault. Bought a new SATA drive for it (and adapter), found Hexen 2018 and used it to remake the OS. Booted fine, but couldn't see the larger drive (0bytes shown free). 
      Ah! thought I, maybe I need to flash the XEcutor 2 with a new BIOS to let it see a larger drive.
      Out comes the Hexen disc again, and I used option 3 (flash), chose an 1.1-1.5 BIOS 256k and pressed to update.
      After completing, it shut down... and won't startup!
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      Please login or register to see this link.  please click that link so that u can see a video of what i'm talking about. you'll notice that there are vertical static(static as in fuzzy static on a tv not, static as in "unchanging") lines on the screen when there is a dark scene. the video doesn't show it too well but they are even easier to see in person. that is the opening sequence of xmen legends. i have this problem on 2 of my stock xbox v1.0's and on my modded v1.4(i also have the diagonal lines on it). the lines do not appear on my v1.6's. i've tried it on 2 stock and one modded 1.6 and none of the 3 have the problem. i am connected thru the official hd xbox thing(with the component cable outputs). i'm wondering if it is an issue with certain capacitors that cause this? if so, does anyone know which specific ones cause it? the reason i ask is because it would be a pain to fully recap each board of the xbox when they are functioning perfectly in all other areas so i'd rather just replace the specific ones instead of recapping the whole board. btw, none of the cap are bulging or show obvious wear. i know that the 1.4's are very prone to the diagonal lines because of bad caps but i don't which ones are the problem.

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