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Can Someone Point Me In the Direction of Where Game Updates Are Stored?

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I updated two games, counter strike and mech assualt. As expected my trainers no longer work with the game updates. my xbox is soft modded and i can access the hdd via ftp. How can I go about removing them? thank you in advance for any help, it is appreciated.

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Excerpt from @feudalnate's post on reddit.com to: 

The Xbox has standardized folder paths for all title and user content:

Title data (DLC) - E:\TDATA\<TitleID>\$C\<OfferID>\

Title data (updates) - E:\TDATA\<TitleID>\$U\

User data (saves) - E:\UDATA\<TitleID>\<SaveID>\

A list of TItleIDs for original Xbox games in Tab Separated Values (TSV) format can be found @ https://github.com/jeltaqq/Xbox-Original-GameList.

Game Name      TitleID

Counter-Strike    4D530036

MechAssault    4D530017

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