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XEniumice By Nemesis Rgb Led Dimming Question


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I wasn't sure where to put this, but here goes. I installed a XeniumICE massive bundle by Nemesis recently in a Halo blue console and a skeleton black (transparent gray). Everything is connected including the wires for the dim function on the controller ports. It looks absolutely awesome, but because the console is transparent the front panel LED's are brutally bright in a dimly lit or dark room. So bright that they distract from the TV while playing. This wouldn't be an issue if I was using a solid color console as the LEDs aren't directly visible, but that isn't an option. I found the demo too dim that was included in Nemesis' Xenium Essentials  which dims during boot and in XeniumOS, and I found the setting in XBMC where the "Off" setting dims them, but the moment I load a game they are back to being staring into the sun bright. I know this is because once the game is loaded, XBMC is dropped until IGR is used to exit. I have searched endlessly and cannot find an answer as to how to dim the front panel LEDs all the time. Is this even possible? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I'm almost at the point where I'm going to remove the front panel and put electric tape in front of the LEDs, but I know that would look like hell and would drive my OCD nuts. Thanks in advance!

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Lol.....I know and I was really hoping for a different answer than that. All 3 boards are set in the dim position (where the white mark is covered) and the picture below is the result. The controller ports are fine but the LEDs on the front button are insanely bright. The setting in XBMC when set to "OFF" dims it to a reasonable level, but the moment I start a game it goes right back to the original brightness as you would expect since the dash is no longer in control. If there is no way to control it through software or BIOS, I'm thinking about removing the front panel and using electric tape to cover the inside so that only the ring around the button allows light through. I have a feeling that may look like crap at most or drive my OCD nuts at the least.


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On 8/24/2020 at 9:09 AM, Ging3rguy said:

You could use some white masking tape to knock them back a bit or get some neutral density gel.


0.6 nd is the equivalent of 2 stops on a camera or 8 x less light on a lux reading.

Never even seen that stuff before but it should do the trick without anything being visible. Thank you!

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