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Hey Guys,

I got a list of stuff Odd and Ends here that needs to go.
Xbox, Dreamcast, 
GameCube stuff.

I only have a limited supply of it.
Once its gone its gone for good.

I accept PayPal, please direct message me if you want to buy something

and ill give you a shipping rate based on your address, super easy.


Used Debug Shelled, upgraded 128mb Ram v1.0 Xbox -$350CAD



  • Original Xbox Debug Kit Shell.
  • Motherboard Rev. 1.0.
  • 128mb ram upgraded board (Not Original Debug Board).
  • Delta 1.0 NTSC PSU.
  • TSOP Ind-Bios.
  • Thompson DVD drive.
  • 8gb stock hard drive.
Software Details:
  • Original Microsoft Dashboard
  • Missing its original Debug hardware (but can be converted with the right knowledge with current parts)
  • The Motherboard used in this console is in immaculate condition.
  • Clock cap was removed and CPU caps replaced.
  • Original 1.0 fan heat sink was removed and replaced with a 1.1/1.6 heat sink.
  • CPU and GPU was re-pasted.
  • Some scrapes to the bottom of the shell and small scratches and one  small stress crack on top shell.
  • Rubber Feet Missing. [Added my own custom rubber feet].
  • Shielding Intact.

New IcedCube Gamecube Shell, Metallic Blue -$300CAD



  • Full GameCube Shell Replacement
  • Never been mounted or used.
  • Brand New In-Box Condition (other than taking it out for Photos).
  • Hard to Find IcedCube Shells.
  • Comes with all Stickers and parts.
  • Perfect Combo with Qoob Pro or Viper.

New/Opened SEGA DreamCast GDEMU Pro v5.56 [Black] + SD Extender -$80CAD



GDEMU PRO Optical Drive Simulation Board for SEGA Dreamcast DC VA1 SD Extension

GDEMU is a SD card based replacement for the optical drive in Dreamcast console. GD-ROM / CD-ROM drives inevitably wear out and fail – as do all mechanical devices – and since the console is no longer being manufactured it’s nearly impossible to source spare parts. This project was meant to provide a “once and for all” solution, since it doesn’t have any moving parts. 


  • Replace your faulty GDROM Drive with a Solid State Optical Drive Emulation Board.

  • Easy to install, the original optical drive seat can be removed and replaced with GDEMU, no welding, no modification to the machine board.

  • Only suitable for VA1 motherboard DC Game machine, otherwise will damage GDEMU and do not plug in or pull with electricity

  • 100% compatible with game, perfect running original GDI image, and compatible with CDI image.

  • Note: please don't upgrade the firmware, it is the latest firmware version, and it will be permanently bricked if you upgrade the firmware.

Package Contents

  • 1 x GDEMU PRO Optical Drive Board

  • 1 x SD Card Extension Cable

New Sick Mods Xerc CME Bundle [OG Xbox] -$60CAD



Quanity Left: 2

Install Tutorial: 


Installation Video: 


Preview Video: 



  • Power Console On and Off via Xbox remote.

  • Eject or close DVD tray on the fly with remote.

  • Audio LED pulsation, LED's pulse to the sound of your Xbox.

  • Remote configuration, setup and configure the buttons the way you want.

  • LED chaser Mode, toggle through modes changes the LED chase patterns with remote.

  • Speed up or Slow down led sequence.

  • SmartXX OS boot Support

  • Connects to MS DVD Dongle internally for menu browsing with remote (Perfect for XBMC media)

N64 Freaks Xerc 2XE  [OG Xbox] Used - $20CAD/ New -$25CAD



New Quantity 3 Left

Used Quantity: 4 Left

The XERC 2 XE is a small device which allows you to turn your Xbox on and off with your remote control. You can also eject and emulate long and short power presses.

The XERC can be configured to work with many different remotes, and you can change the button setup at any time without opening your Xbox. It also includes a bonus LED Fader feature on the status light. The IR Receiver is included.


     Pulse fading Xbox Eject/PowerLED

  • Power Console On and Off via Xbox remote.

  • Eject or close DVD tray on the fly with remote.

  • Remote configuration, setup and configure the buttons the way you want.

  • SmartXX OS boot Support

  • Connects to MS DVD Dongle internally for menu browsing with remote (Perfect for XBMC media)

New PulseVU 2X  [OG Xbox] - $25CAD


Quantity: 2 Left

This device pulses any LEDs you connect to it with the beat of the music coming from your console. It can also has all the features of the SICKmods Fader and works on the original "Fat" Xbox360's Ring-of-Light. This device works with up to 150+ LEDs.

17 different modes allow you to set your LEDs to the VU mode, fader, dim, solid on, off, or any combination of those. Change modes easily by using an existing button on your console, rather than opening your console each time or installing another switch. A Quick Disable feature lets you quickly turn off your LEDs and then quickly turn them back on at a later time.

This works best on 1.6 revision Xbox motherboards due to their standby power always being active.


Face Plate LED Bars [OG Xbox]Colors: [Blue Black Green] - $10CAD



Blue quantity: 11

Black quantity: 8

Green quantity: 10

This device is used inside the OG Xbox's front face plate to allow under glow in front of the Xbox.

Soldering is required to install up to 11 LEDs per bar with Resistors in Series or Parallel.

Bars will need to be rigged up to a 5V source coming from the Xbox.

Two Bars = 1 Set/1 Xbox for $10 CAD. Comes in Blue Black or Green PCBs.

2TB SATA Hard Drive [OG Xbox] Lineberry Build - $250


2 Terrabyte filled Xbox Hard Drive Ready to go into an Original Xbox with a IDE to SATA adapter

[Not Included] Xbox drive Includes a full library of Xbox Games, Homebrew, Emulators & roms,

Dynamically setup by LineBerry XBMC4Gamers Dashboard.

Note: Drive is Unlocked and will need a modchip or Tsop to use.

Please Message me for Inquires


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6 hours ago, sosai880 said:

If it's not the debug board can you sell with a original black shell or clear?. And have it a sofmod able to exploit the 128mb like MAME, coin ops , surreal 64 ? 

Hi, you don’t need a ram up grade for mama, coin ops and nintendo 64 to work, there are roms that will work better, I think it is just the chihiro arcade games you need the 128 upgrade for.

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1 hour ago, sosai880 said:

But i saw always 128mb xbox with executer and coins ops. I had hope that will help with my games a little bit and reduce lag in general. 

Roms ? what is it? 

No, coin ops works fine with 64mb of ram. If you wanted to run your dash at 1080 you would need the extra ram.

Rom is the generic term for a game file that generally came on a game cartridge and are used on emulators.

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