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New member here and will hopefully be a first time xbox owner soon 😛

A friend is sending me a mod'd xbox to add to my collection, I have never owned or done any mods to one before so lots of learning on the horizon for me.
This seemed a good place to come for info and help if required so here I am!

My friend has done a bios mod to it, removed the clock cap which I understand are suicidal on these and replaced the Drive band so that saves me some work :)


He has advised that I need to get a Hexen disc which I believe I can download from here somewhere and after that I guess there's not much to do until it gets here and I can start tinkering 😛

One thing I would like to do and maybe you guys can point me in the right direction is change the main PSU.
The reason being its a US console and I am in the UK, Obviously I can run it through a transformer to reduce it to 120v but I was thinking if I could find one it may be worthwhile swapping out the entire PSU for a 240v one.
Is that possible?

Anyways see you on the boards :) 

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23 hours ago, Ging3rguy said:

Hiya and welcome. Once you get the Xbox work out which version you have and then check eBay for a psu, they get offered up quite regularly.

Thanks I will do! :)

So my first question, How do I download Hexen? It tells me I am not allowed??

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1 hour ago, titchgamer said:

So my first question, How do I download Hexen? It tells me I am not allowed??

You can not download until you have made 15 posts here .

If you have a look here for about the cost of a coffee in a cafe you can bypass the 15 post thing and the money goes toward the cost of maintaining this site.


or if you search the web you can get it straight away for free.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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