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  1. Unfortunately I dont have any with heavy damage I can confirm worked previous. I do have one game that has heavy scratches that came with the last xbox I picked up but I have no idea if it works as I never tested it. Its fifa so I am shocked I never binned it already tbh lol Personally I would say if it works leave it be and just play games from the HDD. I only wanted the DVD drive working so I didnt have to swap drives when using slayers disk
  2. Its read the ones I tryed, Some are a little scratched but obviously the type of scratch will depend if the laser can read it or not.
  3. Well I managed to get it done this morning with some help from my Wife Operation laser change was a glowing success and I now have a fully working DVD drive again so I now have 2 out of 3 working We also managed to repair a Xbox controller that had the broken cable fault, It was touch and go as I had to cut the connections to the board further back than I would of liked and ended up having to chop the cable past the ferrite core to get to the good cable but again 100% success so I am feeling pretty happy with myself LOL
  4. Will do, I was planing on using solder wick to soak it up and then go from there. Anyone know how to release the guide rods to remove the laser on these drives? https://imgur.com/a/i484cZK
  5. Well the laser arrived yesterday, It is indeed brand new. No idea if it will work but I will attempt a repair this weekend. the Laser replacement itself is a easy task for me, Soldering the 2 shorting blobs off is more of a challenge so that is where I will need the most luck! My soldering skills are poor to say the least....
  6. I tend to buy from their ebay shop: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273917345851
  7. Well I went down a slightly different path in the end. You may recall I have another xbox with a knackered laser which is a philips drive. Anyway when I was looking for thompson lasers I stumbled across a brand new laser for the philips. its from a company called zedlabs which I have brought loads of stuff from in the past so I ordered one. Its not arrived yet but I will update if I get it going. Zedlabs do a pretty reasonable 3rd party controller for the xbox to if anyone needs some, They also do drive belts etc.
  8. I may as well tag a Q on the end here i have aquired another broken xbox FOC (They breed so fast! I have gone from 0 to 4 in 2 months!) it was a easy fix to get it running again but it has a non functional Thomson DVD drive in it. I might try the pot adjustment just to try and get a little life in it to read a mod disc but if not I was wondering does anyone know somewhere in the UK I could buy a laser assembly or 2?
  9. Dont worry I gave it a pretty good clean with IPA. The machine in general was absolutely filthy (pic did not do it justice) Thankfully the acid leakage was minimal but the dust was stuck to the board pretty good! I also replaced the thermal paste for the CPU/GPU.
  10. I copied the indbios.cfg over last night but it does not seem to make any difference to the system booting. So I have opened it up just to have a look what in in there and noted the following 3 lines: DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe DASH2=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\nexgen.xbe DASH3=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\avalaunch.xbe Obv I dont dash 2 or 3, But I was wondering if I should change dash 1 to be partition 1 instead of 2? C drive is partition 1 correct? Could I delete dash 2 and 3 to save confusion? Or maybe even set dash 2 to the defau
  11. I had a look on my c. I dont actually have a indbios config file at all. is there a default one I could copy over? I assume the config file specifies which bios/dash to load? If I power on with a tap it trys to load the normal MS dash (which obv fails) but if I hold power for 2 secs it loads the indbios and loads evo x dash.
  12. That was part of the problem, I couldnt find the emulators or apps menu
  13. I just preferred the more simplified layout of the others. I found it harder to find what I was looking for on XBMC4gamers.
  14. I did, but I just couldnt get on with it.
  15. Not sure, But it was the Ind Bios you recommended to install when I first got it so I assume you advised the 5004 at the time heh. Are there any nice skins for Slayers Evo X 2.6 dash coz by heck its ugly LMAO.
  16. Not sure, But it was the Ind Bios you recommended to install when I first got it so I assume you advised the 5004 at the time heh. Are there any nice skins for Slayers Evo X 2.6 dash coz by heck its ugly LMAO. Also is there a way I can edit the contents of the Menu to get rid of the stuff I dont need on there? Trainers, Run from DVD etc?
  17. Well I swapped out the SD reader into my other xbox as the DVD drive in the SD one is knackered. Not sure what bios thats running on though, The usual xbox is running ind bios though.
  18. Well i got it running again, it was defo a dash issue. I used the slayer disk to install the Evo X dash as default and it works fine now, Interestingly though if I try to install unleash X which is what I was using before it goes to a black screen after the start up sequence :s Dunno what thats about so went back to Evo X. Now I have the SD card running again I was wondering is there a way to make a backup of the Image using my laptop so if it ever goes weird or corrupted on me again I can just restore the image? Cheers guys.
  19. Thanks Dave will check that out no idea how its happened unless the SD card has failed but for a brand new samsung I would hope not!
  20. Is there a option to repair or is it a start from scratch jobby?
  21. So its likely a drive issue then, how do I repair the drive with the slayers disk? Prob wont have time today but plenty of time over the weekend
  22. Ile get back to you on that cheers.
  23. I dont think so, I have only copied games to it since setting it up. Is there a way I could check without it booting?
  24. As above, The chipped xbox I mod'd a while ago with the SD card reader is locking up after the flubber screen. It displays the Ind Bios screen then just locks up totally. What is likely to cause this? Hardware or something to do with the SD card? Cheers guys

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