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Conker Live and Reloaded Not Loading From the Hdd

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Yesterday I ftp'd Conker Live and Reloaded to my Xbox v.1.0 , however the game doesn't boot up, instead it displays a message saying: "there is a problem with your disc, it may be damaged or dirty". I tried patching the game with ACL in DVD2Xbox but nothing happens, I still get the same error. Is there something more I'm not taking in account? 🙁

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From my own experience when I ripped the game to my hdd on my 1.6 it works perfectly and I had no issues with it. Maybe you just got a bad rip off the web? The only real game that gave me an issue was voodoo vince on a 1.6 playing it with hd cables. Maybe try a different rip?

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Voodoo Vince is amongst those games that Xbox v1.6 (Xcalibur video chip) won't play in 480p unless you use the appropriate launcher/dashboard.

Rocky5's XBMC v1.6 480p Loader script fixes most of those known to have this problem. You need XBMC to run the script but once done as it patches each game individually they will work in 480p whatever main dash is being used.

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yaQcha is using a v1.0 anyway so its not applicable and I have Conker L&R installed and apparently playing on a v1.6 in 480p. Used DVD2Xbox to install it from the original disc so I know it works OK. But that means I can't really check the problem out.

My thought is it must be the download, if that is what was used. I've just checked and unless there is a separate PAL version ID and you are using that the NTSC (4d530051) version of Conker Live & Reloaded has no dedicated ACL patch.

That means it has to be some other problem. 




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