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  1. Hey guy, I've been having an on going issue with my xbox's lcd screen. I've had the screen installed for atleast 6 months and im happy with it. But it seems it constantly blanks out mid game and sometimes will come back after a few minutes, there is a few times where the screen will actually dim(more than what I have it set to) then blank out shortly after. I've also notice after booting if I go into settings and switch it on and off it will not go blank. I've gone through the lcd.mxl and revamped it to removed most scrolling texts or any character that isn't supposed by the 2004a lcd, reflowed my solder, reprogramer my arduino, reflashed my openxenium but still no luck. It also does the exact same thing in xbmc4gamers. Any help would be great. Xbmc4xbox Origins skin + ui update Openxenium Spi2par backpack + smbus wires 1.0 xbox
  2. Thank you very much for all your help. You really went above and beyond for me. Even though it didn't workout I still appreciate you spending all that time.
  3. X2 bios, fan isn't set to zero it's set to the standard speed. I did test and get 0 ohm. Why isn't it okay to use the 12v and 5v on the molex? Alot of people used to do it on older PCs. Just asking so I know. I was thinking just to wire in a pot and adjust the fan manually.
  4. Yup 100ohms Can I just splice the fan into the 12v and 5v SATA converter and run it at 7v safely. Or are we getting close to fixing this.
  5. 4-6 = 0.3ohm 1-3 = 0.1ohm 1-2 = 0.0ohm 2-3 = 0.0ohm 3-4 = 0.3ohm Across cap c3n2 = OL Edit didn't see the black arrows Black arrow to black arrow - 0.0ohm
  6. Testing across the cap I got no reading. Testing grounds to to ground I get 0.1ohm(ground pad of c3n2). The cap is reading 1.1uf.
  7. Checked the supply voltage while it was on and the neg leads while it was off since I needed the board flipped upside down. Should I be testing while it's live?
  8. Testing the transistor (removed the replacement I put in and putboth the original and one in from another dead 1.0 board) 1&3 pins are 0ohm and pin 2 has 12v going to it. Seems as if I am not getting a signal to pin 1&3.
  9. Thanks for this Dave. The old transistor wasn't working and the ground on the fan header had no connection, I jumps a wire to test it and the fan ramped up to full speed. I ended up pulling a transistor from a dead motherboard I have and now the fan speed is locked at 12v, I removed the ground jumper I had. So there's something else going on just not sure where to start looking, the Xbox reads temps just fine.
  10. Is the dvd drive Philips? For what ever reason in my Xbox I can select the theme or led lights how with the Philips drive, if you close the menu and open it (might need to repeat it once or twice) they should show up. My brothers Xbox with a Samsung works fine on.
  11. Yup when I opened the Xbox up the fan was spliced into the GPU fan cable. I figured someone was just doing a 12v mod, after unsoldering it and crimping a new female fan connector I realized the header wasnt working. I even tested the fan out side of the case and tried a different fan, no luck it's definitely the fan header.
  12. Hey so I have a 1.0 and the main fan header isn't working. Can I just replace the mosfet or is there a greater issue?
  13. I think he just flipped the header. That facebook post is a bit older so it might have been an older pcb design
  14. I haven't had any luck with flashing Aladdin's to xblast. This is from one of the Facebook groups, maybe you printed the version without the fix?
  15. Use IPA 90-99% to clean the pad and the conductive pad on rubber.
  16. Yup I was using an open Xenium. Guess the box is dead, I might try to use my hotair station and reflow the nvidia chip before I Start to strip parts from it.
  17. I did try to boot without modchip, HDD, DVD and d0 was disconnect. Still just fragged with no errors. One thing I did notice was once it would frag I could hear the HDD spin up. Green and red is 50/50 The Xbox did have a Microsoft sticker over top of the factory sticker. I guess it was sent back in for service at some point.
  18. I have a xbox 1.0 here that fragged the day I got it. I thought "oh HDD probably died I'll just install a modchip". Well after installing said modchip I'm still met with 3 power cycles and the red and green lights with no error codes. Ive checked my soldering, checked that D0 is grounded, checked all caps, I cleaned the board after removing the clock cap, inspected traces for any signs of trace rot. Are there any caps that could go that just wouldn't show any sign of swelling or leaking that could cause issues?
  19. 1tb HDD. F takes up all the space G is not present. DVD drive is connected.
  20. Yes openxenium background.
  21. Jesus. Okay clearly I forgot how to English in my original post. So in xenium os I'll select a wallpaper and when I reboot it reverts back to the stock wallpaper. When I go to select the wallpaper again I will have to select the wallpaper option, back out, reselect and then it will appear. The same thing happens when I am flashing bios to the banks. This doesn't seem to happen with my brothers 1.6 and only on my 1.0.
  22. X2 mostly but have Ind and evox loaded as well.
  23. I built myself a few open xeniums mainly to run a LCD on my 1.0. Everything does work but I'm having a strange issue with xenium os holding the wallpaper I selected and taking a few extra seconds to load my c or e partition when adding my .bins after reboot. It doesn't do it when the LCD is connected. Is this just the cpld being bogged down? Also noticed sometimes the LCD goes blank when playing games or navigating the menus.

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