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    • By the415giant
      I have a v1.0 original modded Xbox, it had an old Aladdin mod chip, I wanted to upgrade the hard drive and after doing some research I found out I can brick it by flashing a new bios. The bios is unknown but after running bios checker it reads I have a lpc sst49lf020, it boots up xecuter2 into an evolution x dashboard. If I use the hexen 2019 disc, what steps can I take after I install a larger hdd? I don’t need to clone it, I backed up everything using ftp, and I want a fresh install. Here are some images that may help...
      Thanks for your time. 
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    • By Kura
      Hi all, I have an issue with my XBOX that doesn't power on anymore.
      Model: 1.2
      TSOP: Yes, iND-2003
      Mods: None other than removal of the clock capacitor
      Misc: Using the Chimeric Systems HDMI adapter (which is awesome)
      Yesterday I received a new modchip from eBay, the Xenium Gold with the 24K OS on it.  I swapped out my old Aladdin chip and fired it up with no issues.  I proceeded to add EvoxM8+, iND-2004, and XBlast on it.  I tested all 3 BIOS and they all worked fine.  From here I decided to do the 128mb RAM upgrade.  I've successfully performed this upgrade once before.  I'm using the same RAM that I purchased from eBay over a year ago that worked on my previous install on my other 1.3 XBOX: SAMSUNG 525 K4D263238F-QC50
      I proceeded to solder in all the chips, but when I went to turn on the XBOX nothing happened.  No light, no response, nothing.  I don't ever recall hearing a pop or a snap.  I double checked that I connected everything.
      - I thought it might be the PSU so I swapped in the working PSU from the 1.3 XBOX that I successfully did the RAM upgrade on and the same results.
      - The only thing I noticed was that when I pressed eject or power on either PSU, the Xenium chip LED lit up.  If I held either button the LED just flashed.  Other than that, no activity from the board whatsoever
      - One thing I noticed is that I soldered the final chip in backwards (chip 4 according to the XBlast diagram, the one closest to the ATX plug).  I should have taken a break after 2 chips due to fatigue but I pushed through and I guess I wasn't paying attention.  I used my hot rework station to pull the chip off and turn it around.  Same results.
      - After this I decided to just pull the other 3 chips off to troubleshoot it from scratch, but no joy.
      - The repairs for power buttons I've seen after searching are mostly just the trace repairs on the 1.0/1.1.  I'm not great at troubleshooting so I wouldn't know where to begin without a guide on the 1.2 XBOX.
      Did I fry the board somehow?  Did putting the RAM in backwards just kill it?  Did I ESD shock it?   Did I get the iron next to something that I shouldn't have for too long and didn't notice?  Here's some pics I uploaded to imgur since they're too big.  I can take more photos or better photos of certain things if needed.   Thanks in advance.

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    • By UnD3RtAk8R
      I have 2 og xbox 1.6 version. A little while ago I tried mod them and a bad Chinese adaptor for the hdd upgrade got them malfunction. So I ordered some good Panasonic capacitors and the startech adapters. Now that I think of it after the circuit malfunction I got them dedusted and rubbed them with isopropyl and a toothbrush. A fishy smell came out while I did the cleaning which means I have an electronic problem. On the boards I have one busted capacitor and no leak traces. One is hardmoded one is softmoded. How do I check exactly the problem before I try again to upgrade my hdd's? The problem I get from both xbox is the same. Whenever I plugged the hdd molex the xbox would power down instantly. If however I left the molex unplugged they would power up properly with the 07 error though. So any thoughts? I have a way to check the capacitors but I don't know how. The resistance and the power they must emit. 

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