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Aladdin Xt + 49lf080a + X2 5035 Bios

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aladdin xt chips.
flashed to support 1mb 49lf080a chips.
currently programmed with x2 5035 512kb bios (2* banks with same bios). can be changed at buyer request.
$25 posted to usa. international available.

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1 hour ago, suwuj12 said:


The Aladdin XT plus  chip can have the LC4032 chip flash to be a single 1024kb(1meg) with write protect ,dual 512kb providing that the 49LF080A is used. So it's a duoX2 chip in other words

If it flashed as a Xblast it' has a 1 X512kb and a 1 X256kb Bios using the 49LF080A



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing

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      i haven't seen any difference. is there any reason to use one over the other?
    • By Rochdaleguy
      Hi all.
      Came across my old original modded Xbox in loft the other day and had a play and realised I’d missed it.
      Decided to get back into the scene and do some updates on it. Increase hard drive from 160gb to 2tb and a few other bits and pieces..
      i have the old Aladdin Advanced mod chip which boots to evox on long power press and stock on short. Now as Xbox live is no longer a thing on original Xbox, I’ve no further need to keep booting to stock as default.
      Whats the best way to alter it to have it boot with the chip active all the time? Or is there still a benefit to dual boot? If so can I switch the long and short presses around?
      Been a long long time since I messed with these things.
      All help appreciated.
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      So here's my situation,
      My 1.6 burned out about two months ago now. Trusty system, but now it's doing the on/off three times frag thing.
      For 10 bucks I bought a 1.0 Xbox. It however, didn't have a hard drive in it. Error 7. The man gave me back my money and let me keep the Xbox because he didn't know it was lacking a hard drive.
      So, I have these two boxes. My 1.6 has an 80 gig drive.
      I received in the mail an Aladdin XT Plus 2.
      What can I use this chip for to get either of these boxes running?
      Can I simply plug the Aladdin chip onto the 1.0 board?
      Modding the 1.6 is a bit ridiculous, and I am not sure if the chip will repair the system anyway.
      I can't find any info on using the Aladdin chip on a 1.0 board, but with that unit NOT having a hard drive I cannot tsop flash it, so if I can boot it via the Aladdin chip and the then set it up I am PERFECTLY FINE with that as a solution.
      Looking for as little hogwash as possible.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

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