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  1. gerber files for xblast lc4032 type modchip. program lattice with xladdin xblast svf. program 49lf080a with 512, 256, and xblast os = 1mb. tested, works. short s1 to boot 512kb bios, short s2 to gnd to boot 256kb bios. cheers, internet world. hope someone makes use of these files. https://www54.zippyshare.com/v/t1w9R0P6/file.html
  2. has anyone built one of these successfully? got some boards printed (adv+ flavor), m4a3-64/32, 49lf020a (robbed from xt4032 aladdin), programmed the cpld with the jed file in the folder, and i get nada. the cpld does not seem to be outputting a d0 signal so it seems something is broken in the cpld.
  3. i can flash them to be xblast, sure. at this moment they are simply flashed to use the 1mb with 2* 512kb bios.
  4. aladdin xt chips. flashed to support 1mb 49lf080a chips. currently programmed with x2 5035 512kb bios (2* banks with same bios). can be changed at buyer request. $25 posted to usa. international available.

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