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Tsop On Top of Softmod Over Ftp

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I recently got two broken Xboxes and was able to build a working console from both.

The Xbox has a softmod and I'm thinking about flashing the bios. How do I do that best?
It is a XBOX version 1.4 (Winbond) and I would like to transfer everything via FTP, because I don't have a DVD burner. 
I have read something about HeXEn and Tsop but I am now rather confused.
Can I also bottle the Bios over FTP, if so how? 
Do I have to remove the softmod and is it still possible via FTP after flashing?

Thanks in advance. 


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Hexen 2018's content can be uploaded to a folder on the Xbox's hard drive and executed.  Start it using the root.xbe file, not default.xbe, found in the root of the extracted XISO disc image content.   Qwix v1.0.1 or C-Xbox Tool v2.0.x [x = 6 or 7 for the latest release] (look for them in ogXbox's Downloads section, the xbins FTP server or at least two web sites that have these files available online) can be used to extract and upload via FTP the content to the Xbox all in one step.  No need to first extract the files and save them to a folder on the PC then FTP them to the Xbox. Either of these two apps does that all in operation.

Since you have a Winbond brand TSOP flash memory chip on your motherboard, use Hexen 2018's Winbond flashing menu option to step you through the software side of the TSOP operation.  You also need to solder a couple of bridge points on the motherboard to enable writing to the memory chip.

Read the following thread here at OGXbox.com:


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Found it on reddit.com/r/originalXbox - 

It was a problem with using the XBE version of the Xblast OS, not Hexen, to flash the BIOS.  JCRocky5's (aka @Rocky5) comment: 

posted 3 months ago
Load NKPatcher Settings then FTP the bios folder to C run xblastos and flash away. ShadowC partition is why it’s not working for you. Xblastos bypasses it. So it can read the file on the shadowc partition.
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Using the XBE version of XBlastOS v0.56 is easier than working with Hexen 2018 to flash a Winbond TSOP. However, you still need to extract the BIOS dot bin files from the Hexen 2018 disc image to use with it.  Do as Rocky5 said. Run NKPatcher then FTP those files to a folder you create - C:\BIOS.

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Here's another reddit thread on a problem but fix was to use XBlast OS XBE version and netflash option.  No need to first FTP the BIOS dot bin file to the Xbox.  However, you do still need to have the BIOS file on your PC.  

Which BIOS do you want to use?  There are several on the Hexen 2018 disc.

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Unless you're desperate to mess about with the BIOS configuration then I'd recommend (256K) Evox M8+ 137 (F&G) as found on the HeXEn disc.

I'd not done a TSOP until ten days ago and it was a v1.4 with a Windbond and that's the BIOS I used because that is what I have had on my 2.6CE Xecuter chipped Xbox since 2006 without any problems.

You get the slightly ugly pink Evox logo appearing at start up but I actually find seeing that a satisfying confirmation everything is working OK.

With the TSOP solder points bridging one thing I'd recommend is use additional flux ie. not just a flux core solder. I had a devil of a job soldering the second pair of contacts because I could not get the solder to flow. I wish I'd watched some of the YT tutorials on soldering because the problem solution, applying flux paste was there all along.

3.00 - 7.00 mins from the first, amusing YT tutorial demonstrates it perfectly but this practical, typically (?) Russian method of applying rosin directly is perhaps not the best idea. Better to use one of the pastes from the second YT video.




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You need the softmod 1st working to use Xblast, then once you have flashed the TSOP if it's the latest version soft mod it should still boot.

Iif not you can the use a install DVD to fix the hard drive.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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thanks to everyone who helped me.
I have successfully flashed my bios after a second time soldering.
Unfortunately the menu could not be loaded then, whereby I had only a black screen after booting.
Luckily I still had the other hard disk and after I connected it everything worked again.

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Reinstall the hard drive that was giving you the black screen after booting.

Boot the Hexen 2018 installer disc (load it into the DVD tray and power cycle the console). Wait for the menu to appear (takes about a minute - the Eject ring should be red during the wait time) and use the menu option,  3.5.2. Clean C partition after TSOP flash


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