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Best Dashboard To Use

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Depends on your interest - pure gaming, particularly original Xbox games then UnleashX is your baby. It is also comparatively easy to customise and skin.

XBMC and its ilk is by far the most sophisticated dash but you can't customise it as easily. However for multi-media use it is way out ahead of any 'multi-media' features of UnleashX.

The choice solution is quite simple - install both. One as an app the other as your main dash, trial them for what you want to do with the Xbox and decide which best suits your needs.

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    • By Relooc
      I have this chip on my xbox, works great.
      However i am unable to "see" all the space on my HDD (F Drive)
      What bios should i install on it ? And please someone guide me on the procedure?
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      Just a quick question guys and girls, i would like to swap my dashboard from UnleashX to EvoX, my setup is v1.2 Xbox (Softmod), is it just a simple case of popping in Hexan or Slayers installer disk in installing EvoX.
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      So now in 2020, what is your clock cap replacement (ideas, pictures, pros/cons, results)?

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