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Can I Transfer Files From Hdd?


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Hi, Basically I want to transfer files from my Xbox hdd and make a backup onto my PC. my Xbox has a sata drive installed via IDE to Sata adapter.

If I was to just take out the Sata drive and hook it up directly to my PCs motherboard via Sata cable could I put the contents of my hdd onto my PC? Using xplorer or is that not a quicker way to add/remove games? Most people say ftp for everything

I’m relatively new to modding any advice is useful thanks

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You can buy adaptors that connect to the controller port and have a USB plug the other end, but as of yet, I dont know what formats it will read (for example, if FAT32 is compatible etc). I suspect it depends on the dashboard you use.

What are you trying to do though? Make a back up? Copy games over to be loaded via SMB instead? If you want a 1:1 backup, clone the drive using Chimp. then if anything happens you just need to swap the old drive for the backed up one, although there are several steps before that, zero-ing your hard drive key and making sure the other drive can be locked/unlocked etc. For SMB, the most effective method of copying things across is FTP. I use Filezilla for that.

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