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Special Edition Halo XBox (Unmodded) Doesn't Play Games

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Hey All,

 I just recently fired up my original Xbox to play some Mercenaries or Ninja Gaiden Black but it appears that the drive will not read the game disks. These disks are near perfect condition and the drive itself will read audio cds. I am at a loss on how to troubleshoot this issue. The Xbox I have is a the Special Edition Halo Green Xbox. I am at this point considering modding this system but I would rather do that to an ebay system instead. I do have the original Splinter Cell with some saved games on it, so if I could get the Xbox to launch that game I could in theory softmod it. But launching the game is a problem.

Suggestions? - Thanks. -

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That's a strange issue. I guess the laser could have degraded enough to no longer start the games, but still read a simple audio cd...

I'd look for another console at thrift or goodwill if you can somehow confirm the drive works before you buy. Its easy enough to yank a working dvd drive, then hook it to the Halo box temporarily to run the soft mod. Then at least you could run a game from the hard drive. Albeit, and digital download you can FTP onto the machine.

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In the one package is a laser to read CD'd and a separate laser to read DVD's guess which one fails the most

You could try cleaning the laser or get a 2nd hand drive and swap it the DVD drives are not locked the the mother board

Ideally chip the xbox and fit a bigger hard drive and then FTP the game over or if you get a working DVD drive use DVD2Xbox to copy to the hard drive and as plus the game load's quicker.


SS Dave



Those who can hard-mod, Those who can’t soft-mod. 

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