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  1. Interesting. Is your machine modded in any way or were you booting the stock dashboard?
  2. Wow - good for you on taking a chance. I might have done the same to be honest. If I didn't know it would show up orange.. If I want an orange Xbox (and I do), I'll buy a can of spray paint!
  3. Yep, delete your old Surreal, kill the game save, then transfer the entire lot over. If you leave out the preview videos, it will take about half the time.
  4. I would guess you didn't do anything wrong (if the others are working). More so, the emulator or download is faulty in someway. Or incompatible with your dashboard or video settings. I can launch FBC 1.2 from UnleashX in 720p no prob. Try a different dashboard? Or maybe adjust your video settings to troubleshoot. That emulator is really only needed to run NeoGeo roms in AVS mode or CPS3 games. Try an alternative if you can.
  5. If you've found them, just FTP them into a folder called /emulators/. Most dashboards are auto-configured to find them on any drive from that folder. Just gotta make sure they are XBOX emulators They should have an default.xbe in the root folder. that's the executable.
  6. Where did you get the Arctic Thunder? I think a HDD ready version floating around was un-correctly ripped (or uploaded) and gets that error. I've experienced it too!
  7. Looks great. I did something very similar but actually painted right over top the jewel.
  8. Sorry to hear you need to get rid of them to please your wife! But if they're not getting any love, you can feel good about moving them on to people that will enjoy them. I'd love to take one off your hands, but my son and I share 8 at the moment...and I don't want to push my wife into a similar scenario I'll ask around and see if anyone I know wants one. What would you think it would cost to ship just the console to the Vancouver area? Controllers and cords are common enough not to bother with the cost of freight. Just rough cost. Thanks!
  9. Emustation seems very popular these days, but I honestly haven't tried it. It looks nice, but everything seems pre-configured. Like the N64 issue you mentioned. A lot of fun I have on these old Xbox's is tailoring each front-end/dashboard to suit a specific system. Coinops looks great, but doesn't leave much room for modification either. Plus, it's rather slow to start games compared to stand-alone emulators. For a modern look, I'd go XBMC Origins. Looks great, and you can always improve or mod the theme as you like it. Also, UnleashX is my favorite for just building a theme from scratch. And its very easy to build/theme a menu to launch emulators. If you like CoinOps, Final Burn Legends has a very similar style for 2D Arcade games. And its very fast to load.
  10. Certain games can't do HD mode with a 1.6 Xbox. Pretty sure Arctic thunder is one of them. I think there's a fix somewhere if your console is modded.
  11. That's a strange issue. I guess the laser could have degraded enough to no longer start the games, but still read a simple audio cd... I'd look for another console at thrift or goodwill if you can somehow confirm the drive works before you buy. Its easy enough to yank a working dvd drive, then hook it to the Halo box temporarily to run the soft mod. Then at least you could run a game from the hard drive. Albeit, and digital download you can FTP onto the machine.
  12. I'm not sure this help much, but I wasn't ever able to get those games to run either. Some just don't work well. Can you get anything to run? There's a good forum thread at Emuxtras about which games work and don't.
  13. I really like that orange/black contrast. Very cool. I may try that color combo myself.
  14. I totally agree on the painted case idea. I've done 3 myself and they always come out nice if you take the time to tape properly. But also have a unit I bought off eBay with a vinyl skin applied, and its pretty sweet Can you play Dreamcast games on an Xbox? Sounds awesome, but I've never seen an emulator for it. A stock Xbox is already only hit and miss with a 32bit playstation, so Dreamcast seems a bit far fetched, sadly. If you have extra space on the 500gb, I would go with preview vids for all the emulators. I think it a nice touch when scrolling through the list a deciding what to play.

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