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Empty Save Game Folder Removal.

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Long story, short.... I have a shitoad of empty gamesaves listed. Takes foreverto scroll from a-z in the MS dash "Memory" tab. Is there an app or a way that i can just delete all the emty folders in one go??

I want to say that i saw this option in an app but i cant remember which one it was in..... Ideas anyone??

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    • By HDShadow
      Can someone please explain not just what an original Xbox game 'redump' is but why it is done too?
      I ask because I've found several game download sites where everything is 'redump' rather than XISO or extracted files. I'd thought this was all to do with >4.7GB games but that is clearly not the case with some games I know are well under 4GB listed as 'redump' too.
      So I decided to download a game (BTW I do own the original disc) from one 'redump' archive which was about 3.6GB installed on the HDD.
      To start with the RARed download was 5.6GB so took a very long time on my BB speed. They all seem to be the same size too. Why?
      When unpacked you get an even bigger folder >7GB which XDVD Mulleter magically extracts the contents from to create a folder of about 3.6GB. This contains the Xbox game's folders and files you can either FTP or, being under 4.7GB,  create an ordinary XISO with C Xbox Tool or Qwix and burn to disc.
      All works fine but what a bloody palaver.
      I could have downloaded an XISO (<3GB zipped) or the zipped/RARed file contents in half the time. So why are these smaller games also being provided as these oversize 'redumps'? It does not make a lot of sense to me so I'd like to understand.        
    • By moreno9
      I have a Xbox classic and I need to change its region from PATL to NTSC to enable the HD on xbox and yes, I am using Component Cable and I am sure the cable works fine. I have used the enigma program to change it. It says "press A for PAL or press B for NTSC". I do press B but when I reeboot the console with the key combination triggers + white /black button the region won't change. I enter again on enigma and the region remains "PAL". I enter on the original dashboard, I went to Settings and the option to set the 480p. 720p and 1080i won't appear.
      Someone told me about the Shadow C thingy but I don't know what is that and how can I do something to Shadow C.

      Please help me. I don't know what's wrong. Thanks.
    • By puntja
      Hey Guys! 

      Is there a way to Copy my save game files from my modded Xbox to my 360 with RGH (for backwards compatibilty)

      if yes: how can I do that? :)

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