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A Question Regarding Uses & Usefulness

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I've hugely enjoyed modding the hell out of my OG xbox, going from a dusty acid-covered black OG, to a new-looking soft-modded box, then up to a SmartXX, then adding a Samsung SSD to one and a 2Tb drive to another, to playing with different BIOSes, using CoinOps Massive, adding noctua fans (had to cut some plastic but got there in the end) as well as creating an xbox slim with a custom paintjob as well. And then I got my favourite part, the translucent green X3+X3CP with a firmware-flashed PC dvd drive. It's just been a tonne of fun. The next step might be to try overclocking!

So my question is really this:

Can anyone think of any more ordinary "day to day"-type uses for a modded-to-hell OG xbox? I've used it for original games, emulators, playing music - but what about XLINK Kai integration, or youtube support? The OG xbox is *so close* to being genuinely useful as a reasonably modern media consumption device, overclocking especially might push it over the line to being able to play 720p/1080p media smoothly. And YouTube, i'd absolutely love to be able to watch youtube on it, all i've found so far are a few broken old scripts in a copy of MC 360 that don't seem to work.

So all the jibber jabber aside, anyone think of any more fun daily-driver type uses for a modded og xbox?

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iv been in the same boat "how can i use this console that iv invested so much time and money into more often?"  modern consoles are much better for modern media consumption. Xlink kia was in earlier versions of XBMC not sure why it was removed but im sure they had their reasons, 

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Its an awesome piece of retro technology. My favorite even. But unfortunately, its uses beyond what you've already accomplished seems slim. CPU overclocking/upgrading or adding RAM might help with some HD video playback, but I'm not sure YouTube will ever work/stream with everyone's HD vids. Did you check out the old XBMC4Xbox site for scripts/support?

The work gone into the emulators to just function 'out of the box' is amazing. Better than the PC side. But I honestly work on these things because I love how they look. New paint jobs, funky dashboard skins, etc. If I need anything more performance wise, like a true media center, A Core2Duo PC just does the job better.

Have you thought about using it to power a stand up arcade machine. Sort of a homemade Xbox Kiosk? I think you can still find fight sticks that work. That would be my project if I had the space for it :) 

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Great points and I agree, with the fight sticks though, I bought some ps2 arcade fighting sticks with ps2 to xbox plug adapters and I used it for some awesome arcade fun 😊 fighting games are so great on the og, as are many of the emulators and games 

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