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Error 21

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Hi All 

My Softmod with larger Hard Drive installed could not find the original Xbox Dash to boot into.

 I tried a Slayers Disk to restore this  however now every time I boot I get an Error 21. 

Before I replace the original Drive back in and redo everything is there anything I can try to fix this? 

Many Thanks



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Can you still boot from the DVD?

If so you should use the Slayers disc to reinstall the dashboard again. Otherwise you may have to hotswap the drive to a pc and fix it from there using xplorer360 or similar and copying the dash files over again.

Do you have the ability to burn another dvd? If so maybe try burning the latest updated HeXen disc from here and boot from that.

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Install a good copy of the MS dashboard to the root of the C drive.

Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras disc has it.

Hexen 2018 disc has a copy of it - StockFiles/C folder.  Copy it to the C drive of the Xbox.


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Try booting a Hexen 2018 disc.

Oh wait, the console does not boot to a replacement dashboard anymore. Slayers installer disc messed up your softmod installation.

I think you'll have to hotswap connect the hard drive to a PC and use XboxHDM to fix the files stored on the hard drive.

Type in xbrowser, not xboxhd when prompted to do so after booting into Linux.

Have the MS Dashboard files in XboxHDM's hdm/C folder or HDD_files/C folder depending upon which version of XboxHDM you are using.  XboxHDM23USB runs under Windows 10 64-bit version.  The Xbox HDD connects to the PC using a compatible USB-to-HDD interface adapter.

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You need to use the F1-F10 keys, they correspond to the functions at the bottom of the xbrowser screen. Use the TAB key to move between the xboxhdm  files (left panel) and the hdd (right panel) and the cursor keys to move around.

Select the file you wish to copy in the left screen and the location you wish to copy to and then hit the copy button then select ok.

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That error means you have a dash issue. Did you have dash files in your xboxhdm c folder?? Did you unlock your drive before running xboxhdm? Did you lock it again afterwards?? 

If you think your drive has been correctly partitioned and formatted then you can run xbrowser again and this time make sure to copy over the dash files into a location your softmod is expecting to find them. If you don’t know where that is then put your original hdd back in your Xbox, boot it and go to file manager in your dash and see where the dash files are located.

Then mirror that on your new drive.

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Please let me know if this should be a separate thread but I have a pretty similar issue and trying to minimize search hits for all others who are looking for error 21 solutions.

I have a 120 GB setup running UnleashX installed via SID 5.11 that I was trying to manually upgrade to Rocky's softmod.  Somehow I buggered it up and now am getting error 21.  I've loaded several XBOX Live compatible game discs in several different DVD drives and none of them play nor effectively reinstall the MSDash.  I have the EEPROM file saved to a PC but don't have a PC with PATA IDE.  I do have another softmodded XBOX (JCRocky 5 mod).

I was wondering if I could hook up the buggered drive as a slave to my good xbox and use Chimp to clone the C (or C and E if necessary) drive from my good XBox to my buggered box so that I can access it again via MSDash or one of the other dashboards.  I read on another site that when Chimp copies the EEPROM, it draws it from Backups or Backup folder on the C or E: drive.  Is that true?  If so, could I just transfer the EEPROM I have saved from the buggered box into that folder so that it could be loaded onto the buggered box?  I assume the good xbox looks internally for EEPROM and not a backup folder when it is doing its initial boot so that having a different one in the E:/backup/ folder wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge or advice.  I love that this scene is still vibrant!

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      First of all im sorry if this is in the wrong place i couldnt find an Xbox support section on the forum and this seem like the most correct place. 
      I burnt Hexen to a DVD and then after there was nothing showing up on the disc so i double checked the iso by mounting it and then it said its corrupted. 

      I'm using the Hexen 2018 disc from this website. I also tried downloading from both Mega and mediafire and i'm getting the same problems. 
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      Xbox Error Codes
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      21 - anywhere - This error says that the machine was booted to display a error, basically someone told the machine to reboot (or launch a xbe) with this flag, and the error code just means its been rebooted by the flag
      The Most common errors are dashboard related ones and simply reinstalling the MS dashboard will fix these. Use Slayer's Evox Auto Installer to repair your dashboard. After installing a new large hard drive if you get an error just ftp the original (C:)  and (E:) folders from your computer's hard drive over to the xbox. Allways install hard drives as cable select for use in xbox's.
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