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XBox Chort Circuited

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hello everyone.

i bought a "virgin" xbox yesterday and just softmodded it.

i was going to upgrade the hdd and, with the console powered off (but had the powercable connected) it made a spark near the IDE conector (pic 1) and turned the power down here at home.

then i removed the board and saw that below it had shorted something and took a picture (pic 2).

does anyone knows if this is reparable?


when i turn on the xbox now, the front led changes color and it has no picture on tv.

can anyone help???

thanks in advance


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Possibly reparable but not an easy fix. The second picture is a resistor pack that contains 4 - 33.0 ohm (corrected the value) resistors. 


What was connected to the IDE cable when the problem occurred?

Did you have the cable inserted backwards?  That should be near impossible to do with proper cable keying.  However, some cables have no keying to prevent it. 

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I would proberly say it's well and truly cooked. 

I suspect the the hard disk was conected to the 40way cable and fell on one of the heat sinks on the power supply.

Have a look at the bottom of the 40 pin conector of the hard disk and you will proberly see black marks on the back of the plug.

Also have a look at the power supply heat sinks especially the one with the yellow stickers for burn marks.

If it was me looking at repairing that Xbox I would do a temporary repair by jumping the 4 resistors with new ones add wire links to replace the burnt track near the 40 pin conector and the power it up with an old 8gig drive and no DVD drive and see what happens.

Also check for correct voltages at the main power plug. 

But because you say your not getting any video out I think your flogging a dead horse as the saying go's

If you have the correct voltages at the power plug to the main board and still no responce I would suspect you now have a door stop with a dud main board with the  possibilty a dead hard disk and a dead DVD drive if it was conected at the time.


A word of warning the heat sinks with the yellow stickers can have 200 volts or more  also in Australia it's 300+ volts


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