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Gta San Andreas Wont Load

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Xbox is a aladdin xt chipped v1.0 with Ind-Bios 5004.67. Fresh UnleashX installed via Hexen 2019. FTP'd game using qwix, also tried extracting the iso to PC then FTP'ing and it still wont work.Last thing I tried was I FTP'd a copy from my v1.1 softmodded Xbox which the game works fine on and it still wont work on the v1.0 box.

When I try to load the game the screen goes blank for a few seconds then reloads the UnleashX dash.

I've tried clearing the cache, tried changing the bios to evox m8+, etc nothing seems to work. I've tried a few other games and they work fine.


any ideas?



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4 hours ago, neighbor said:

it requires a HDD fix

This is the fix I used to get GTA SA NTSC to work on my PAL console, Thanks to ProjectMyst (28th post of the thread) (Not sure if the fix is needed on NTSC???). Make sure you select the correct default.xbe. V1 is for the Original release,  V2 is for the Platinum Hits. Or just test both, One of them will work!




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