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  1. I was using a madcatz wireless controller. I switched to a official MS wired controller and it worked perfect. I wonder why the wireless controller causes issues? anyways thanks KaosEngineer..All is well in Xbox land (until I screw something else up ;lol)
  2. I upgraded the HDD in my Xbox to a 320GB SATA using a SATA/IDE adapter and upgraded the cable to a 80 conductor. The Xbox is a v1.0 with a AladinXT modchip. BIOS is iND-BiOS 504.67 (F and G) installed from a Hexen 2019 DVD. I prepared the hard drive using Hexen 2019 and everything works ok except I cant adjust the partition sizes in xbpartitioner. If I understand it right the Extended partitions 6 and 7 in xbpartitioner is for partition F and G. How do I take the space from 7 (G) and give it all to 6 (F)? I tried pressing the A button (and every other button for that matter) an
  3. I managed to get the LEDs working properly.1 of the wires I soldered for the trace repair needed touched up. thanks again everyone
  4. I checked the config file and the ring color is set to green. I also flashed the bios to m8 and the ring is orange..it seems that whatever makes green work is not working..anytime something calls for green the ring lights up orange..when doing my trace repair I only did the 2 for the LEDs because my power and eject buttons worked no problem..Should I go back and trace repair the other 2 anyway? Maybe it's possible I reversed the correct solder points when doing my original repair? (I followed the locations in the second video) Thanks
  5. KaosEngineer: Wow that is some detailed info..thanks much! Between the info you posted and the videos Tomos posted I was able to get the LEDs working. I am not 100% sure they are working correct as this is my first modchipped Xbox, but they are working. When I press the power button I get a alternating red and orange blinking then after the iND-BiOS splash screen the light turns solid orange. Does this seem correct? thanks very much Tomos and KaosEngineer:
  6. thanks for the link..good info there. The clock cap has been removed. To double check I opened up my v1.1 xbox and plugged in the board with the power/eject buttons and the LEDs work fine, so I'd say it is very likely a problem with corrosion on a trace(s). The problem I'm having is locating the traces that go to the LEDs. I haven't been able to find any pics or videos specific to the LED repair (only videos changing to custom LEDs). Is there a guide or schematic somewhere that shows what traces power the the normal and error legs of the LEDs? thanks
  7. I'm not sure what it's actually called (jewel?) but the LEDs that light up the ring around the eject button on my Xbox v1.0 doesn't work. I took the Xbox apart and tested the LEDs with my multimeter set on diode mode and the LEDs do light up (for those that might not know diode mode on a digital multi meter will usually provide enough power to light a LED). I then did a continuity test between the 3 legs on each of the LEDs to the connector pins on the back of the board and found not problems. I then powered up the board to test for voltage going to either of the LEDs and there
  8. The HDD fix worked..thanks guys!
  9. Yes I tried that and it still doesn't work. I'm still a newb..what kind of hdd fix? thanks
  10. Xbox is a aladdin xt chipped v1.0 with Ind-Bios 5004.67. Fresh UnleashX installed via Hexen 2019. FTP'd game using qwix, also tried extracting the iso to PC then FTP'ing and it still wont work.Last thing I tried was I FTP'd a copy from my v1.1 softmodded Xbox which the game works fine on and it still wont work on the v1.0 box. When I try to load the game the screen goes blank for a few seconds then reloads the UnleashX dash. I've tried clearing the cache, tried changing the bios to evox m8+, etc nothing seems to work. I've tried a few other games and they work fine. any i
  11. thanks for the info guys. I'm still using the UnleashX that hexen installed..I'm getting use to it so I may just leave it for now. Only problem I'm having is how do I get the XBMC shortcut to work? I have XBMC installed (installed from the hexen DVD to E:\Apps thanks
  12. awesome..thanks much for the info. this xbox has become an obsession..lol I'm thinking I'll add a 500GB HDD, load it with my stash of games and emulators and relax for a bit. It has defiantly been a frustrating at times but fun learning process. thanks again
  13. thanks for the info. After 15 or so trys I was finally able to boot hexen 2019 and rebuild the drive for a modchipped box. I then flashed the modchip with the m8+ bios from the hexen dvd. and all seems to be working ok. when I flashed the bios I chose F only as I am still running the stock HDD. However after I booted up the xbox I don't see an F partition. Also I prefer the rocky5 mod, but I only see versions of it for softmodded Xboxes..is it possible to use rocky5 on a modchipped box? thanks
  14. My Xbox version is a 1.0...sorry for the confusion. My modchip arrived today, installed the pin header no prob, attached the BT wire to the appropriate points, the D0 is wired up from the D0 point to ground on the board (not to the modchip), put it back together and when I power on I get the microsoft screen with the Evox logo on the top left, but then it goes to a blank screen. Tried booting Hexen 2017, 2019, and AID 4.53..None of them will boot. Before I messed up the trace trying to TSOP the Xbox was softmodded. Do I need to pull the HDD and unlock it and put it back to the s
  15. thanks for the info guys. I managed to get the LPC cleaned up by applying flux then using my smallest conical tip and a solder sucker on the back side, the ports cleaned right out. whew! it made me nervous..lol I am still waiting for the modchip to arrive, but when it does and if I can install it successfully I think I will just leave it in permanent, which brings me to a couple more questions. Xboxwiki says pin 6 on the LPC provides 5v and on 1.6 versions always on 5v even when the xbox is just plugged in but turned off, which I think would mean the modchip LED would be lit all
  16. thanks ..yep I used the pad on the bottom side of the board, my old eyes wouldn't have been able to even see the 1 on the top side lol Next issue is this board has the LPC ports soldered over..what would be the best way to remove that solder or should I just leave it and heat the points as I'm pushing the pins of the pin header in? I saw a youtube video where a guy made it look easy using solder wick, but in my previous experience trying to clean a pad with solder wick, if you aren't careful the solder wick will solder itself to the board and with my luck lifting a trace would be th
  17. I've ordered a aladdin xt 4032 from ebay and waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I have been reading various install guides and some say to wire D0 to the chip and some say wire D0 to ground. Which would be best? if D0 to ground, where would be a good ground location on a 1.0 board? thanks
  18. Thanks KaosEngineer..Got it set up the way I want it now.
  19. Thanks for the info Magicaldave. I'll try the coma fix first and if that doesn't work I'll try to chip it .about the only cheap chip I can find is the aladdin xt 4032..would that be ok tho use?
  20. turned it off then back on..makes a brief static noise through tV speakers and no video output. guess it's chip time or buy a replacement board from ebay..saw some 1.0s for under $20 with matching hdd..that might be the simplest way to go. thanks
  21. Sweet success followed by the bitter taste of defeat lol I put in the hexen 2019 DVD in and chose non winbond and figured I'd try the 256 evox m8+ with f and g. Pressed y and it began to erase then hung close to the end of the erasing process. Been on this screen for 20min so I'm guessing my repaired trace somehow lost connection. I'm guessing if I powered off the Xbox would be bricked? Is there anyway to recover..maybe a a cheap aladdin xt modchip? thanks
  22. I got bored and tore the Xbox back down for 1 more go at repairing the trace..success! I soldered a small wire from the surface mount resister to the lifted trace. popped in bios checker and now it says hynix bios 4034 or something like that.so I think I am now successfully TSOP'd which brings me to another question? versions 1.0 and 1.1 have a 1MB TSOP so when choosing the BIOS to flash in hexen I would chose non winbond, but do I want 256MB or 512MB? Also which BIOS is best, ind v503/504 or evox m8 plus? thanks
  23. I never could get it to work on the old softmod, so I made a new xboxhdm/ndure3.1 disc and redid the softmod, then rocky5's extras disc booted up fine and I upgraded. thanks
  24. Magicaldave: My directory for the extras disc doesnt look like the link you posted..I will download it again. KaosEngineer: I'm pretty sure the TSOP didn't work.The bridged point at R7D3 looks perfect but I couldn't get solder to stick to the pad or lifted trace at R7R3. The xbox came from a home with multiple smokers and has a terrible amount of buildup on the board . I tried cleaning several times with alcohol and it didn't seem to help. It was originally softmodded with ndure 3.1 using a xboxhdm disc, then after my failed attempt to TSOP I updated the softmod with hexen 201

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