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XBox360 Wireless Controller and the Wired Original One

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Hi All

It took a bit but it's working the way I wanted. All hidden inside the case.

I wanted to be able to retain the Original controller or plug in a wireless adapter for the Xbox360 wirless controller.

Using Ryzee119's adapter and some switching and making use of the light gun wire I got it working. At this stage it is just the 1st port with the other ports untouched.

The only small issue is the 5 second delay before the 360 controller will work after that the there doesn't appear to be any lag between the 2.

The video clip should give you the idea of what I wanted.

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SS Dave

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Hello bro. tell us more about how you implemented the connection inside the console. I also have an adapter from Ryzee119 on my hands. while I can not check it, waiting for the wires and adapters with aliexpress.

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