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Duox2 Lite Always On Wiring Question

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I've installed some aladdin chips and wired them by soldering the "BT" point to the ground pin on the Xbox LPC. I figured that would be the same for the Duox2 lite chip, however I found a couple pictures online showing that the "BT" point on a Duox2 Gs chip (Dual Bank) was soldered to pin No. 9 of the LPC which is 3.3v. I just want to be sure that I'm soldering the "BT" to the right point on the LPC in order for it to always be powered on. 


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I don't even think you'd have to connect a wire to the BT pad on the modchip for always-on mode.  Depends what type of logic gate input it is tied to.  does it get pulled high on its own or just float (it could be either a high or low logic level without connecting it to anything.) 3.3V would mean it's always enabled (could never go low which would disable the modchip).

The DuoX2 modchip uses eject to disable the modchip.  So, connection to the BT point shown in the installation diagrams is to the Eject button signal. When Eject is pressed to power on the console, ground will be applied to the modchip's BT pad to disable it.

Without BT tied to anything, the DuoX2 can never (most likely not ever) be disabled. Again, it depends where the pad is connected to. What type of logic gate input does it connect to. Does it have a built-in pull-up resistor or not. Connection to 3.3Vdc would guarantee it cannot go low.

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