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  1. I just finished the download, took about 9 days, and about 2 days to clone the image to a new 2tb HDD. I’ve heard some people report issues with the image so we shall see once I get the drive in my Xbox to see how well it works. Pretty straight forward so far.
  2. Nope I think you have it figured out. I was just confused by all of the extra files attached along with the skin file but I understand how it was meant to be used now.
  3. Hello and welcome! From Chicago!
  4. There is a minimum number of posts on the forums you need to have. It’s about three or five. Though to make things easier here’s s link to the current revision Download cheers!
  5. Yes, you can run the .xbe to check the ram.
  6. Ahh okay that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up a bit for me!
  7. Okay, soI figured out the ftp issue. I set my file transfers to 1 and that fixed it. So the xvm file goes into the root of each game folder, but where do I put the video file?
  8. I’ve finally gotten my hands on this skin and was curious if there were any tutorials available to get it working properly? Also on a side note I’ve had hundreds of .png files fail to transfer during the ftp process. I’ve tried flashfxp and FileZilla both with difference transfer preferences only ending with the same results. So if anyone has had issues with that as well I’m all ears Thanks!
  9. Dang well, it looks like there is one seeder now so it’s downloading, hopefully I’ll have it by tonight.
  10. Cool Thanks! That gets me started, doesnt look like the current version but at least ive got a good place to start
  11. I started to download the XVGM Full skin from the torrent file linked on the OP of the thread and it made it to 20% but has stopped there for good showing no seeders. Does anyone want to seed it? Or if there is a direct link download that would be appreciated as well. Thank you!
  12. Started downloading the full version yesterday and it stopped completely at 20% its showing that there are no seeders?
  13. Great! No reason, at the time when I was reading over the list of bios it was suggested to stuck with the 5003 ind bios but now I can’t even remember why.
  14. Oh cool thanks! The .cfg file you linked will work on the 5003 bios? I’m sorta new to messing with ind bios and such.

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