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  1. It was pricey I will say but was still a better deal than what I see them go for on eBay sometimes. Also if you want new duo chips check out this site Modchips it’s where I got them from. You just email him what you want and send a check via mail. He doesn’t accept online payments, weird, but he did send me what I ordered.
  2. Couple x3 and duo x2 lite chips along with that hologram sticker I was able to scrounge up from the web!
  3. No Problem! Hope you get it working.
  4. Hmm, either your drive isn’t reading you’re Hexen disk properly or there is possibly an issue with your other HDD. When you boot hexen, make sure the disk is in your dvd drive, power off the Xbox, then power it back on. Also here is a link for compatible Xbox HDD’s. HDD compatibility list
  5. Yes, you can use a Hexen disk to install a new HDD. You can download a 2019 update of Hexen here DOWNLOAD Also check out this video, it'll help you get a new drive installed, HDD Install Tutorial
  6. Woah! Nice I’ll have to keep this in mind thanks man!
  7. Ahh okay well I have one of those now, maybe I’ll get some use from it one day. Again, thanks for the info!
  8. Thanks for the image as well nice to see where all the traces lead to. I’m curious of that adapter board behind the xecuter board in this image. The one with the two white cables connected to it. That’s the one that came with my chip, which is throwing me off, I don’t know what it’s used for.
  9. Thanks! This helps me out quite a bit.
  10. So I have an executer 3ce chip that is missing the reset/eject adaptor. I have the cable that connects To the chip I just need to know which wires, that are connected to the eject/reset buttons on the Xbox, to splice into. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Did a duox2 hardmod back in 2006 and recently found my old box and have gotten back into the scene! Just trying to get back all the old files and such I was using back in the day and stumbled upon this site which is awesome.

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