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Is an Ide Hard Drive Still Faster Than a Sata Hard Drive Upgrade?

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I have a few softmodded xbox consoles at this stage and I'm looking at buying hard drives to upgrade them.  I'm wondering if SATA is slower than IDE even with the more expensive Startech SATA 2 IDE adapter?  Is an SSD drive on a par with an IDE drive?  Thanks

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It can vary a bit depending on exactly what the context is. 

I can promise you’ll spend more and get less life out of an IDE drive if you plan on using the console regularly. 

Between my IDE, 3.5inch, 2.5inch, and SSD drives, I can barely notice a difference between any save the painful grinding noise coming from the IDE.

SSDs will occasionally perform better when reading lots of smaller files as the seek times are eliminated. I only ever notice this when navigating through the dash, but there are a small handful of games which will also see this benefit. Plus, SSDs are getting cheaper over time so depending on the size you can get one for a pretty decent price. 

The only clear-cut benefits of installing an SSD are power consumption and weight.

tl;dr, pretty much anything works the same. I personally like having an SSD as it’s quieter, and I have more confidence in its overall lifespan. If you do go SSD, I’d suggest finding a way to live without a dvd drive because the weight imbalance feels really weird. 

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