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    XBox Clean Up

    Looks fantastic - how did you clean the power supply? Thanks
  2. Yes - it’s a PAL console - I’ll check the drive tomorrow but the favorites folder is the only way to access it on the dashboard
  3. I bought a 500gb Xbox fully loaded with origins dashboard and games - one game (GTA San Andreas) appears on “featured games” but when I press A the console resets - how do I delete it from appearing in “Featured Games” - or could I add the game somehow as I have the disk? Thanks
  4. Had a bit of spare time today and successfully swapped the working board with the faulty board - the drive works flawlessly - thanks for all the advice guys!
  5. Thanks for the help - it turned out that I could lock the SATA drive using HDM V1.9 by connecting my SATA drive using a Startech SATA to IDE adapter to my Dell Optiplex pc - it worked like a charm - delighted!
  6. I have the SATA drive attached via USB in an external hard drive enclosure - is that the same thing? Any links on how to use and lock a drive in HDM23 - I googled it and couldn't find much
  7. The drive was already unlocked and I have successfully cloned it - I only have a softmodded xbox so how do I lock it? Could I lock it in Chimp if I hotswap it as a slave drive or since it's a SATA drive could I use the windows version of HDM 2? Thanks
  8. Hi - I have an unlocked SATA 500GB xbox drive that is nearly full with games, emulators and the like. I want to make a backup copy of the drive using Raw Copy - any advice or instructions on how to do this? I have a PC with a spare HDD slot and and an external drive caddy. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have a dvd drive that reads disks but crashes because the board is faulty - can I take a working board from a dvd drive with a laser that doesn't read disks? And If so is it pretty easy to do - any guides? Thanks
  10. When I did this I got error 6 when I transferred the 500gb drive to the other Xbox - any idea why? I changed the pin from slave to master drive
  11. I changed the thermal paste and got a temp of 40 degrees on cpu and motherboard - played A game for 20 mins and it froze again. When I turned it off and back on the temperature read 51 degrees for both CPU and Motherboard - should I retire it for parts?
  12. No in relation to the flashing orange and I have to turn it off when it freezes. I turn it on straight away again and get a reading of 50 degrees for both CPU and motherboard.
  13. I was testing an Xbox I picked up at the weekend and noticed it freezes during gameplay - would new thermal make a difference or do I need to just use it as a system for parts? Thanks
  14. Sorry - I ddin't make myself clear - I have 2 hard drives locked to the same console - an 8 GB stock and a 500GB upgrade. I want to put the 500 GB in another xbox and then put the old 8GB back into the console and sell it with the 8gb stock drive intact. Thanks
  15. Thanks for your reply. I was thinking about doing that but if I zero the 500GB in the console I want to sell then it won't recognise the original hard drive that has the original eeprom on it.
  16. I recently got a green xbox and want to sell my old black xbox. I want to remove the 500GB sotmodded hard drive and replace it with the original 8GB. I know how to do that but I want to be able to use the 500GB drive in my Green xbox - how do I do this? I don't mind formatting the 500GB drive and starting afresh. I have an IDE PC if that's any use. Any help greatly appreciated
  17. To answer my own question - I removed the clock capacitor and no more error 16 - instead it load to the clock - the hot swap worked and I had a fresh MS Dash - off to softmod - thanks again for all the help guys - the circle around the cap above was brill -
  18. Okay so I cleaned it up - I haven’t removed the clock cap yet. I put it all back together and it says error 16. It loads to the Xbox splash but Microsoft does not appear - the screen goes black for a few minutes before error 16 appears - it no longer has the softmod because I rebuilt the drive using Hot Swap with IDE Pc and HDM V1.9 - did it perfectly but it still shows error 16 - would removing the faulty clock cap help? Thanks
  19. Still working away on this system - trying to ensure the case is completely free of any brown residue - nearly there as I'm being very thorough. I'm happy to get the metal cage, motherboard, dvd caddy, hard drive caddy as clean as possible. The plan is to put my current best black cased console into this one and then transfer everything else that was smelly into the old case and sell it on as I know I'll never be able to completely get rid of the smell.
  20. I picked up a particularly grotty and smelly xbox the other day - I bought it because I thought the case might be in mint condition underneath the layer of dirt and I was right. I washed the case with fairy liquid (dishwater detergent) and a microfibre cloth but although the plastic casing looks clean it isn't - I ran a baby wipe over a tiny section of the case and it was brown. Same result when I used a baby wipe on the inside of the case - brown residue inside the case as well. Is there any special paste I should make? Could I make a baking power and vinegar paste? The reason I'm reluctant to try these is I'm afraid I'll damage the case - any one any tips on how to get rid of the brown residue. Thanks in advance.
  21. Thanks - it's a true gem of a case - literally covered in clay and obviously has a stench of cigarette smoke - but that aside - once I started cleaning the outer case I quickly realised that there isn't a scratch on it - it's mint. I removed all the shielding and am concentrating on getting rid of the smell from the case. I'm going to use it as a case for another xbox that isn't in as good a shape. I'll clean the insides of the motherboard and leave it out for some air and then sell it on as I can't bear the smell. Thanks for your help.
  22. It reads the Rocky 5 dvd I made - eventually but won’t read any games - fixed the opening and closing problem bynputting a tiny pice of cardboard on the top of the dvd drive - the part that keeps the disk in place - could it be the rubber band that’s the problem now?
  23. I dismantled and washed an xbox and cleaned the motherboard with alcohol tips - the problem is that the motherboard - controller ports - inner plastic parts of dvd drive and hard drive still stink - it’s like a stale cigarette smell any suggestions? Thanks
  24. Does it look like a 1.6? I thought a 1.6 wouldn’t work if you remove the clock capacitor. I opened the dvd drive and there was goo all over the inside of it - I’m now beginning to think that someone spilt a drink on the console and that nothing has leaked - could I be right? i cleaned the dvd drive with alcohol and q tips but it still won’t read disks

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