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Use Old Sid Mod On Upgraded Drive and Update To Rocky 5 or Fresh Rocky 5 Softmod

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Hi - I recently updated my hard drive using HDM v 1.9 and it is now ready to mod - I have two options

1.  Since I have all the files from back in the day to use Splinter Cell the SID I could mod it easily then I can use put Rocky 5 over it using the Rocky 5 disk.


2.  Go to the trouble of setting up Rocky 5 Memory card mod -using a flash drive and Splinter Cell -  have all the leads from back in the day and recently downloaded all the files and software needed.


My question is does it matter if I choose the lazy option (number 1 above) or since I'm starting afresh with a new drive should I take the Option 2 route?


Thanks in advance

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I don't think it matters.  Either get you to the same final solution.

Another method

XboxHDM23USB beta 3 installs a no-original-game-disk-required installer to the C drive in place of the stock MS dashboard.  The files are in its HDD_files/C folder.

Place those files/folders on the C drive using XboxHDM v1.9 and install the hard drive into the console. Boot the console and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the softmod installation.

Make sure the Xbox's clock is set and don't unplug the AC power so the clock data is retained.  Some have had Error 16 - Loss of clock data show up.  I'm not sure why. From what I understand, this installer should not have such an error.  I've not tested it myself though to see if and try to figure out why it occurs.

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In purely technical terms there’s almost no difference between methods, but I’d go with the “lazy” route you described first just because injecting files onto a FatX drive has always been a major pain for me. 

Last time I did it it required manually creating and naming each folder along with dragging and dropping all the files one by one. 

Using the latest version of HDM would probably be ideal, but it has compatibility issues just like earlier versions and, well, you DID already build the drive. 

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