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UnleashX Game File Name Conflict!

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So I have a bunch of old halo 2 modded mappacks that when I ftp them over they are always labeled as "halo 2" under the game folder on unleashx. The problem is unleashx will only show one folder with that name. For example, the folder on my PC will be called something like Allied Mappack, but it shows up as halo 2 on unleashx. How do I fix this? 


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Where are these folders saved to on the Xbox HDD? 

What's the folder name on the PC?  Do you have a directory listing showing a few of them?  Post it.

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They’re on my F drive, I edited the config file so games from any partition will show up. The files are there and I can play the games when I search for them in file explorer, I think I need to edit the .xbe file to rename them. 

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You are correct, UnleashX scans the folders and adds a game to the list based on it's internal XBE title not the folder it is found in.  I think its the first game found that's added to the menu.  Any other default.xbe's found during scanning directories to build the menu with the same internal XBE Title are skipped and not added to the menu.


Use UnleashX's File Manager to change the internal XBE Titles. Highlight each game's default.xbe file then press the White button to pop-up the Select options menu which lists the operations that can be performed.  Scroll up (D-pad up one) to Rename XBE Title.., use the onscreen keyboard to change each conflicting default.xbe's internal XBE Title to be unique.  Reboot.  

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