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Found My Original Modded XBox. 1 Issue Tho.

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Hey guys.... I just found my original Crystal modded xbox from years ago tucked away in a corner in the loft. Only thing is it has faulty Ethernet port. Is it easy to swap them out for a replacement? If so does anyone have a tut??

Otherwise i want to update the softmod that is in it..... I bought it already modded and it was supposed to be chipped but well i have opened it and there is deffo no modchip inside. Its also a 1.6 so no TSOP either so by process of elimination it has to be softmodded. My question is.....


Am i safe to run Rocky5's softmod updater from the extras disc to update it? If so can i...(using a FATX formatted usb stick) copy the extracted extras disc to the E drive and run it from there as i cannot seem to get the DVD drive to read anything....


Oh yeah heres a quick vid of the old school XBMC dash it has on it :)



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I have not seen a faulty Ethernet port what happens when you plug a cable in ? lights on the port lighting up. You could try cleaning the contacts in the port.

As for updating the soft mod I am a believer in if it's not broken don't fix it.

Personally stick a mod chip in and be done with it.


SS Dave

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spacer.pngspacer.pngHi nikeymikey

Why not use one of these pcb's as it's simple just sit on Xbox LPC and solder.


I had heaps of them years ago as they came with the modchips I was using at the time now I just use thin wire to repair the LPC.

The wire I use is wire-wrap wire as it's a single strand and very thin.

A quick ask Dr Google had this site popped up with some for sale.

Here is one of probably many sites with them for sale


As for your network I am sure you have tried a different cat5 lead or a different device (laptop with a wired network port) in place of the Xbox

and also check the settings to make sure Network setup is enabled and set correctly.



SS Dave

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As i happens i have a couple of those lpc rebuild pcbs from the X3 chips i have, i may have a go at installing one this afternoon. If i can find a suitable guide :)

And yes ive tried different leads and computers. I remember now tho, the port has never worked since ive had the xbox

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Before updating a softmod you really should backup your eeprom.  That way in case anything goes wrong you can still unlock your hard drive or install a different one.  Its an important safety step that could save you headaches later.   I know you mentioned you already updated the softmod successfully I just wanted to point that out for others that might read this

With a broken ethernet port you still have the option of transferring files through a 4GB (or under) USB stick and an adapter plugged in to the controller port on your Xbox.  It is not as fast as FTP but it works.  You can get the Xbox USB adapter off of ebay $3 and up.

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I have the USB adapter,  i had already backed up the eeprom and also nulled the eeprom key so i was good to go with fixing things if they went wrong, but, as i said above the softmod was updated without isses once i had copied Rockys Extras Disc files to the xbox using the usb adapter :)

Would still love to repair the ethernet port if possible tho

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