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XMugen 35 Packs Collection


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Here is a Collection of Original Xbox XMugen - 35 Mugen Packs


also posted on emuxtras

These are all the packs that I've had over the years and whatever I could find online and what I could also get working playing with it.

If anybody else has any other packs to share please post them.

Each build has been made to boot from it's own directory, by modifying the irdloop file's paths.

The hard drive still has to be partitioned correctly, with F or G at 16kb and I think between 120gb-180gb.

IDE/PATA hard drives must still be used sadly, I haven't been able to get any mugen working with any SATA drive with an adapter

Each build goes into either E: F: or G:\mugen

a swap file is shared between all builds at F:\Games\Xmugen\swapfile\r1skyswap

Then just point your dash, UnleashX or XBMC, to that path.

I tested every pack and it at least booted and played a bit. Some packs had trouble getting to work and needed either the launch file in the root folder, or mugen.cfg in \data swapped for a different one. Having the wrong one would result in the controls being messed up and would crash.

I created video previews and icons for each build for use with UnleashX or XBMC

I also uploaded a collection of modified irdloops to use extra paths in \mugen, mugena, mugenb, mugenz, etc. With using a-z of the alphabet I was able to create 26 extra folders.

Here's a list of the pack names:

Anime Mugen Dragonball
Arc Battle Mugen
Battle Coliseum
Broken Mugen
Capcom All-Stars Fighting
DC Vs Marvel
Dragonball Z - World Warriors X
Epic Battle Mugen
Everything vs Everything
Fighting Jam
King of Fighters
King of Fighters Black World 2005
King of Fighters Challenge to Ultimate Battle
Marvel Super Heroes
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat Chaotic
Mortal Kombat Evolution
Mortal Kombat Project 4.1
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Tournament
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter 2
Queen Of Fighters XXX
Resident Evil
Shouryuu-Ken Mugen
Smash Bros All Stars Mugen
SNK vs Capcom Ultimate Mugen 2007
Sonic Battle
Star Wars Mugen
Street Fighter
Street Fighter 4 Remix
Street Fighter Legends vs KOF
TMNT vs Simpsons
World Warriors

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9 hours ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

This item is no longer available.

archive removed it claiming they had malware lol, I'm re-uploading them now, but I guess you can't password protect them, I'm not sure if they will let me upload them, if not I will try uploading to mega or something

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1 hour ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Mostly fighting games. And belive it or not, since this is XMUGEN it's for the XBox. ANd to confuse you even more, MUGEN Is not hardware. 

... :) NO! Really!?

lol, I mean which hardware is it EMULATING? But it seems to not be hardware, so I assume it's just native software collected.

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