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modding a game from source code


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greetings all

i came across a SHOOT-EM-UP game called DEADBABIES created buy [email protected]

in the link bellow he has supplied both the original v1 and final versions of DeadBabbiesX. along with the source-code.

in the readme.txt he states that he is not interested in pursuing or modding the game anymore 

https://legacy.downloads.diomtec.com/index.php?p=homebrew/xbins/Console Based Applications//games/DeadBabiesX/

playing his version i noticed a lot of things unfinished (BUT) the game dose have potential 

i have only done simple modding to the png files along with adding SATAN music ...(lol)

i only have basic coding abilities and really just want to combine the better parts of V1 & Final version as a project.

i have no clue on were to start and could benefit from any help you guys want to give me on setting openXDK up




link to my copy of the modded game and my improvements so far


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