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Request ORIGINS 720p


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Hello all

if anyone has a fully working XBMC ORIGINS setup can they please upload the 720p folder so I can FTP it to my XBox.

(please find attached my XBMC.zip)


I have a nice working dash, but I had to use the Confluence to set everything up and then just switch Appearance to Origins.

I can’t edit Features: 24. CONFIGURE after mimicking countless Tutorials!

File Manager just lets me view and execute files not edit/copy/move them.

and my settings panel just has icons that when clicked the screen goes black

SO from Origins skin I can’t change the appearance, I have to use file manager to delete Origins (use Confluence) and then FTP Origins back to Skins,,,and use (Confluence) to set Origins as my appearance

XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3-r33027 (compiled: feb 27 2016)



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I still have a problem with not having a dedicated Music Player and I don’t fully understand the solution


long hand..

After I transferred the skin to XBMC and followed the tutorial about changing the gamepad.xml & remote.xml my settings panel inside XBMC was blank. I also could not Configure any of the short cuts in the Home Menu.

After dragging through miles of forum I found a post where someone had uploaded there XBMC modded ORIGIN skins.


all I did was hack & swap there files with mine. This was very tedious because 1: I don’t know what I’m doing & 2: I would just completely crash the skin & had to start over from scratch!

the final result is I have a working skin now (but) only one problem is, I have no music player? I tried to hack apart the Confluence skin to steel that one, and in truth got a Music Player but lost the use of the START BUTTON  accessing the XBMC Guide….. this was BAD because how the f* are you supposed to shutdown the XBox without the XBMC Guide.

AGAIN starting from scratch and downloading all the fresh files

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