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About Me

  1. Team Cerbios and Team Resurgent are excited to introduce the Official Trailer for PrometheOS, a new open-source operating system designed for all Xenium-based mod chips in the original Xbox. **Key current Features of PrometheOS:** - **Multi-Bank Functions:** Effortlessly switch between different bios images. - **LED Support:** Assign custom colors to each bios bank for enhanced visual feedback. - **Web UI:** Access a user-friendly interface from any web-enabled device for simplified bios management. - **FTP Support:** Facilitate easy file transfers between the Xbox and other devices. - **Skin Support:** Customize the OS interface to reflect your personal style. - **HDD Lock/Unlock Support:** Gain the ability to lock or unlock the hard drive, tethering it to a specific console. - **EEPROM Backup/Restore Feature:** Ability to backup and restore your EEPROM. **A Community-Driven Initiative:** PrometheOS is a collaborative achievement between Team Resurgent, Team Cerbios, and the dedicated Xbox modding community. **Availability:** PrometheOS will be available for download, ensuring compatibility with all versions of the original Xbox equipped with a Xenium-based mod chip. **For Those Interested in Getting Started:** If you're eager to try out PrometheOS and are in need of an affordable chip or external programmer, you can purchase a Xenium-ICE v3.0 & Programmer directly from NeMesiS/XeniumMods. Visit their eBay store at https://www.ebay.com.au/str/xeniummods for more information. **Special Thanks:** Our gratitude goes to NeMesiS / XeniumMods for providing prototype Xeniums, programming hardware, and essential feedback and testing which helped greatly in making PrometheOS a reality. A shoutout to Ryzee119 for the invaluable Xenium-Tools, facilitating the flashing of the new OS via your xbox. (https://github.com/Ryzee119/Xenium-Tools) and the work towards making the original OpenXenium. Stay tuned for ETA & more updates on this exciting development by the Xbox scene community! Please watch the official trailer and show some to all those who contributed and worked towards making this a reality. Source: https://www.xbox-scene.info/articles.html/announcing-prometheos-a-replacement-open-source-os-for-xenium-based-mods-r26/
  2. Hi I wanted to use the xeniumprogrammer on one of my chips. It runs fine until the Verify part of the flash memory, I have looked for shorts and nothing out of the orinary. Everything seems fine.
  3. I recently hopped into the Prometheos thread here with trouble getting my original Xenium chip updated. I searched all over the web and only found users with the same issue and not one shred of evidence on how to get passed this obstacle, until today. Being that Prometheos is new and most everyone doesn’t run into the xenium tools issue, there was no step by step guide on what to do otherwise. Embarrassingly, it was a fairly easy fix, but risky without having full confirmation and no success stories to go off of. It occurred to me to just rename the files so the old Xenium tools would see them, since it doesn’t allow you to choose your file. I didn’t write these files and do not know the full extent of what they do behind the curtain so I ruled that option out and continued my research in fear of making a brick. I also had other flashers in different folders with backups for each one. In the end, with @Harcroft holding my hand, we got it done. He assured me it was ok to delete all the other files completely and go ahead to rename the Prometheos.bin file to flash.bin (this is also not mentioned in the text files) and put it in the folder with the the old xenium tools. That’s the fix and I just made you read all of that when I could have just told you outright LOL. The previous versions apparently weren’t designed to work with the old Team Xodus chips and this is already being addressed To summarize, users using very old XOS versions (2.3.1>) were not able to use the newest versions of Xenium Tools. The modified tools is included in the download for Prometheus 2.0.1. Be sure to be running a bios from your Xenium and not your TSOP, otherwise even the new tools will not detect your chip. Also you must rename the Prometheos.bin file to “flash.bin” and have it in the same folder as your xenium tools. DO NOT create a backup of your chip before flashing. This will cause the program to flash what you just backed up. I think that’s pretty much it. The dev team will have a much more professional explanation.
  4. Good evening, I have a 1.6b xbox, it is currently softmodded (this was done about 12 years ago) and the disk drive died on me to the point where the xbox wont boot to the dashboard (error code 12), anyway I read that since this is a 1.6b motherboard a TSOP flash is out of the question. I purchased a open xenium mod chip and performed the installation. Currently when the xbox is powered off but plugged in the mod chip emits a bright white light. This is after rechecking my joints due to having a bright red light. Im not sure which one of those is good or not. Anyway when I attempt to turn on the console with just the power and video cables and fan plugged in, no controller port cables plugged into the mb and no hard drive/disk drive, the mod chip emits a slightly less intense red light and the LED on the front of the xbox starts of green then flashes orange, fan spins up, then everything goes back to a powered down state and the white light returns. This is when powering on with the eject button btw. If I take the chip off the pin header, the xbox boots to the splash screen then ofc does nothing because there is no hard drive or disk drive. edit: forgot to mention I took a multimeter in continuity mode and the pins and points on the board are all connected as they should be, and I do have a picture of the chip itself but it currently is failing to upload here, ill try to do what I can in that regard Any guidance would be appreciated, attached are some photos of my amateur soldering work.
  5. Please refer to image. I am looking for almost everything in this image. Though I have the 24k so the actual mod chip is optional. -iRuinLunches
  6. I found my old Xbox OG in a cupboard and decided I fancied getting it out and playing some old games I had. It boots up to the old dashboard I had (Avalaunch 0.49.3) and games play etc. Reading the latest on the new features of the Xbox OG Modding scene, I see I can now put much bigger HDDs into it as well as some other features such as Cerbios CCIs etc. I'd like to update my BIOS but I can't get into XeniumOS (XOS) to flash the Cerbios .bin - The OpenXenium BIOS utility by MakeMHz says I am on an older version and need to be on 2.5 at least, but I cannot get there either. I've read that powering on with Eject can reboot to XOS or holding the white button (small problem that I don't have the original controllers anymore and am using a Brook Wingman XB2, so maybe that prevents the white button [Left Trigger] being detected at startup). Its such a long time since I did all this I have forgotten everything I learned back when I modded it LOL My aim is to have all my games on a single HDD and use xbmc4gamers|xbmc-emustation as a nice menu system to choose.
  7. So I installed a openxenium chip today and it turned on brought me to the os and I accidentally hit the power button and now it doesn't boot just flashes green 3 times and goes green/red. Even tried resoldering joints I'm stumped it was working and now it isnt... in the span of 10 min. Even tried a new hdd same issue. I also tried removing the chip and got error 07 it should be noted the chip was still wired in when I did that but not plugged into the pinhead (this is only when I was testing if it would run after it started fragging)
  8. Hi everybody, I was trying the new cerbios 2.3.0 UDMA4 but when I launch it from xeniumos my screen turns black for a second and then it reboots into xeniumos (imgur video of the issue). What I have done for now was fomatting my 1TB hdd with the new version of FATXplorer and installing the bios with a pendrive (I previusly cleaned the chip by resetting it to default settings) Thanks to everybody that will help! Have a great day
  9. I have a 1.6 Xbox with Xenium 24k modchip. System worked fine but feeding buttons prior to install. Lpc rebuild and added pin header and Xbox boots with chip great. Eject button takes me to Xenium is and power button boots into my dashboard (Xbmc4gamers). The issue I’m having, is that I can’t use the power or eject after in turn it on. Don’t think it’s a trace issue due to it being a 1.6 and not having the issue prior to the chip. Any help would be awesome
  10. Hello, Some help would be really appreciated. I really don't understand why it occurs. But it's the second PAL OG XBOX 1.6 that "dies" after doing the modchip : Open Xenium with LPC Rebuild. I have successfully followed this tutorial (and the solder joints look good): - 1st one working fine during a week after Xenium mod chip LPC Rebuild + Version 2.3.5 Make MHZ then sudden black screen and after Flashing Red and Light - 2nd one working fine after Xenium mod chip LPC Rebuild + Version 2.3.5 Make MHZ: Then died after one hour same symptom Flashing Red and Green. Is there a way to fix this Red and Green issue? Tried different power supplies did not make a change. Seems to be an issue for the motherboard?
  11. Hey everyone, I have a openxenium with a XboxHD+. After doing a firmware update on my hd+, the xeniumOS did not show and had a black screen. I realized I had to update from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1. I used xeniumtools and flashed what I thought was a correct update to the xenium, but it seems not. I now have a black screen powering from eject and now from the power button, so I cant even get see my custom dashboard. Xenium OS is working as I can click down six times and press A which powers off the xbox. FTP also works and I can see the C and E drives. I also seem to be getting into recovery mode as I press down 5 times and then one time to the left, which changes the power LED to pink. I have a recovery.bin on the root of my E drive, but recovery mode doesnt seem to be doing anything, as it just sits there. I cant see what is going on so I do not know if I need to press a button when in recovery mode or not. Im kinda at a loss as to how to move forward since im blind as to what the OS is doing in recovery or if its even doing anything at all or maybe its going into safe mode. Any help appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone, I am reaching out to the community for some help. Long story I had a working HDMI mod with Open xenium on an Xbox. I wanted to try the ram upgrade. I had the Hynix ram stock, tried to replace them with Samsung, ram error and could not get that board to work again. I used a working spare board from my stock Xbox and just brought the open xenium and Makemhz HDMI over. I rebuilt the LPC using Amtech flux and my hakko soldering iron with my Kester ledded solder. I get great joints with these in combination and using an amscope for seeing what I'm doing. A mistake I think I made because it's been awhile, I removed the AV port and did both the LPC rebuild for the open xenium and HDMI board at the same time. Like I said it's been awhile and I may just need to patch the bios right? Problem is I am getting solid green on the chip and HDMI board (btw I used a new flex cable and use precision micro soldering pen to get those joins solid. I tested with a multimeter getting continuity and 33 ohms across each. No bridging or issues I can see under the scope with the ribbon cable, connector or the packages. I rebuilt the lpc again and still persists. One issue I should be honest and mention is the pin I took out for the lpc pins second one on the back left (was on some install guides to remove the pin). The hole pan was burnt off. Completely my mistake had the iron temp set way too high for another project. The trace going from that to a via on the front side of the board had been disconnected. That via goes to the back of the board but then it goes to the lpc where the pin is missing anyways. Basically I don't know if this is the issue. I am not getting a short that I can tell. Do I need to reflash my open xenium since it was working and setup on the old Xbox or is the issue that disconnected trace from the burnt out hole to the via, or is it something else potentially, can I test something with my multimeter? Do I just need to somehow patch the bios. Idk how now with the old av port missing. Audio works when I disconnect the open xenium but no video. I tried my testbench HDMI monitor. I tested my crt with an adapter that adjusts an HDMI signal to be adapted to composite. I tested on my TV upstairs and computer monitor with three good known working HDMI cables. I get no video when xenium is plugged in. I get no frag and can't see anything under the scope or infrared camera for chips going bad like the encoder. I've attached a short video showing the status of the lights. Any help is appreciated, thank you. https://youtu.be/Q00fV6C5C7c
  13. Hi all, dug out my old xbox original which was last booted up around 15 years or more ago to find it not working as I left it. It's an xbox original with a Xenium modchip in it (one of the ones that you push in and then have a wire that sits in one of the solder holes - picture attached). As an additional problem I can't remember a thing about how it is set up or where the wire should be or what the extension cable (which currently not connected) even does and can't find any of my old notes on it. So any/ all help very much appreciated as to how to proceed on this. Basically, when you switch it on, it currently flashes green three times then goes to a green, red, green, red repeating colour change. If I move the wire out of the hole that it was located in, then it boots into normal mode and I can set the time etc. As soon as I put the wire back to where it was, then it does the not booting and colour sequence as above. Pic attached of modchip. If more information is helpful on something specific please let me know!.
  14. Hey all, first post as I stumbled across this page while trying to research my halo edition xbox. I pulled it out of storage and wanted to sell it as I havent used it in forever and am fairly out of the video game collecting these days. Memory is pretty fuzzy on this as it's been awhile, but I bought this new when it came out, used it a good amount and then ended up putting the Xenium Ice modchip in with the solderless adapter. It's been in a closet for at least the past 10 years. I believe the hard drive and disc drive are original, almost positive I never replaced those. I hooked it all up and tested it, works great, the only game I had laying in the closet with it was Sneak King, so I tossed that in to confirm the drive still worked, no issues. The case looks great, no cracks. It is missing one of the rubber feet. Controller, power and video cables are the original ones that came with it. I'd like to get $300 + shipping for it, but am open to offers. Pics attached and happy to take others if anyone needs.
  15. Does anyone know where I could buy one of those from, or what the plug that fits the socket is called? I would like to source one, but I have no clue as to what it is called!
  16. Identical to larger Open Xenium, just smaller. As always, feel free to ask questions. 55.00 + Shipping
  17. dtomcat

    Teeny Xenium

    I’ll be making these soon (whenever my flash chips arrive). can’t wait! They’re SO small!
  18. Hey all, I recently ordered a 1.0 motherboard and hdd off of ebay and went to mod it. Before modding, I booted them up and found them to be working properly. The clock cap was leaking bad so I replaced that. I soldered up the pin header to the LPC, connected a wire to the D0 pad and routed that to the Open Xenium I have, and went to boot it up. I'm greeted with a solid red LED on the modchip, and the xbox booting up into the normal bios. Attempting to boot into XeniumOS by pressing the eject button yields the same results. This modchip did originally come out of a 1.6, flashed with Evox M8+ 1.6. Just to rule out the modchip going bad on me, I wired it back up into the 1.6 and it booted perfectly. I threw an Aladdin chip, that's also flashed with Evox M8+ 1.6, into the 1.0 also, and it will not boot into custom bios either. I've reflowed my joints multiple times, and my D0 solder job is good (I believe lol), so I'm really not sure what's going on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. LPC solder joints have been reflowed like 4 times so they look bad lol, forgive me.
  19. Hello everyone, last night I installed the XEnium mod chip onto my 1.0 Japanese "if that makes any difference" xbox and I’m having a problem with my controller no longer working. XEnium boots up perfectly normal but I can not change any of the bios due to the controller not working. One of my attempts at trying to solve this issue saw a controller work momentarily but then stop. I've tried 3 different controllers "1 OEM and 2 knock offs" with no luck and I've tried every port. When the chip is unplugged the controllers work like normal but when the chip is plugged back in the controllers no longer work. I've only seen one other person on here with this problem and unplugging and plugging back in the chip seemed to work for them but it has not worked for me. I even tried reflowing all of my solder points to make sure my connections were okay and still nothing. My board is fine and hasn't had any capacitors leak on it so that's already ruled out. I'm running out of things to troubleshoot so I’m resorting to this forum. If anyone potentially knows any fixes for this and would like to help that would be greatly appreciated. Until then I'm going to keep troubleshooting to see what I can do. Thanks everyone.
  20. I have two Open Xeniums for sale. (They do not have the J1 connector)... I'm asking $50 + shipping. The J1 connector was supposed to ship from DigiKey on 6/19/2022... however, they do not have an update. If you want to wait, i'll sell them for $55 + shipping after I put the connector on it. Feel free to ask questions. They are updated to XeniumOS 2.3.5 and ready to roll with 2x7 LPC header.
  21. Dusted off my Xbox for the kids today - powered it up, it defaulted to MS dash and prompted me for the date and time (good thing, I recall the nightmare of endless loops last time) Set the date, time, played a little Dance Dance Revolution on the native bios with the DVD-Rom (original media) Expected to power the Xbox off, hit the eject button, and boot into Xenium/EvolutionX or whatever I last had installed on the dash... but only get the stock MS dash, and no signs the modchip is functioning. Pulled the torx screws (had to find my screwdrivers) and opened it up. Modchip is installed on LPC header with single wire soldered to the topside of the board. Re-seated the modchip since I was in there, closed it all back up, hooked it back to the TV... still nothing but stock. Most likely cause of no-mod-signs-of-life?
  22. Hello all. I have a OG Xbox with a Xenium ICE modchip installed. Does it have any special boot up modes like my other Xbox with a Aladdin in it?
  23. Shoot offers tested and working selling as bundle xenium ice chip along with xenium sp ice solderless adapter.
  24. Hello Wondering if anyone else has issues with wingman xb not working with xenium launch menu or xblast menu? Using wingman and wireless 360 controller I get no response from the controller with xenium or xblast os. Assuming this must be driver issue as retail and other bios I've tried work fine..
  25. Hi all, Over the past few months I have painstakely reverse engineered the Team Xodus Xenium modchip's CPLD and written a complete open source replacement. I call it OpenXenium. https://github.com/Ryzee119/OpenXenium It has full support for XeniumOS and its features. Repo will list them. The Xenium CPLD is normally read protected to prevent clones. This project did not attempt to break that protection, instead I determined the behavioral properties of the CPLD to write my own VHDL source code. Check the repo out! there is a few xenium related tools that may even help people with a genuine Xenium! Hopefully this will help with LPC related CPLD projects people may have in mind too. Enjoy! Ryan

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