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About Me

  1. I got an Xecuter 3 box and it's in perfect, brand new condition. It's just missing a control panel. Luckily, I have one Also managed to find a NOS XLCD for the panel! Might need some tips on how to re-condition the Control Panel plastic though, if I can... This Control Panel 's seen some shit. And I have to 3D resin print the buttons, as you can see. But I have a resin printer now. LucEEEE!! You got some 'Storin to do. ...Weeeeeh! _---------------------- On an unrelated note I now have a SHITLOAD of RAM. Lol.
  2. I've had a Xecuter 2.6 CE chip fitted Xbox v1.6 since around 2005, bought pre-installed and flashed with two banks each a custom Evox M8+ BIOS I've never needed/wanted to change. AFAIK the second BIOS is exactly the same but with the logo removed. All was working fine until last summer when I started to get occasional fragging on reboots/restarts. I found that if I swapped the banks it would usually boot correctly for weeks then suddenly the problem would reappear. I'd swap to the second bank and that would get it working again. So both BIOS are working but something else must be going on to cause this trouble. Fast forward to last weekend and after six months without a repeat the problem has reappeared but this time nothing I've tried to fix it has worked, at least not fully. I left it for several days and I was surprised to find on restart it booted as normal but when I used the IGR the fragging started again. I've dismantled the Xbox but haven't taken out the MB yet. The chip is surprisingly clean, almost dust free and seated firmly on the LPC. The top of MB soldered connections look perfect and are very firm and clean too. So maybe it is one of the underside connections. Is there anything with those connections I should be looking for that might cause this behaviour? It seems reasonable to think it could be a partially broken connection. Maybe a soldering point has dried out/cracked but if so why, until now, did swapping the BIOS banks get it working again? It is getting on for 19 years old and has had a lot of use and I'm worried that the chip itself might have developed some serious problem. Should also mention that with the chip off the Xbox boots without issue to an error 05 as you'd expect with an unlocked HDD. So that is more evidence it is just the chip.
  3. Hi There, I just happened to come across an Xbox with an xecuter 3 mod chip with LCD on a second hand website. Bought this and continues to work. So now it still has the standard hard drive in it. I wanted to replace this with a hard drive that is in my other hardmodded Xbox. (This is the well-known Origin 2TB disc) When I put this in, it does not boot any further and I end up on the X3 modschip screen. When I FTP to the original hard drive I find it strange that it uses the C D E. Furthermore, I think this is one of the first Xectuer 3 mod chips because it also contains a very old version of XBMC. Any idea what I will be able to do?
  4. So separate to my Softmod in another thread, I also have an old Xecuter 2.3b lite which has sat in my toolbox for about 15 years or so. Physically it's in pristine condition. I have no idea what bios it should/might have on it, as it was removed from my old Xbox way back when after I got another (original Xenium) chip. I have the ground/D0 cable and a switch module. I'm not the worlds best solderer but I managed to use braid etc to remove the solder from the LPC holes on my v1.0 board, and solder in a 12 pin header. I don't have the cable for the switch module for this chip, so have tried using spare wire to set the switches so the chip would be enabled. The LED's on the chip light up when powered on, regardless of the state of ground/D0. However, if I jumper the pins to enable the chip, or ground D0, my console frags (eg on/off three times, ending with flashing green/red light). I have triple checked my soldering. I used a multimeter to test all the pins on the LPC following a guide in another thread and voltages etc appear correct when the console is powered on. D0 is definitely correct as there is continuity if I bridge the top D0 point with the wire (which is soldered to the bottom D0 point). My question is, if the Modchip bios isn't correctly flashed/loaded, would that cause a Frag? I'm worried my soldering isn't good enough but all the multimeter tests seem to indicate everything is working as it should be, leading me to think the chip is faulty/dead (even though the LED's light). I'm close to ordering an OpenXenium if I can find one somewhere, as that will negate my TSOP/HDD issues, but just worried there might be something i'm missing with my soldering etc. Thanks for any advice
  5. I really don't want to do it, but I'm considering selling this immaculate console that I restored with a NOS LCD screen and 3d printed resin buttons. I loaded it with my image which has all games and roms on it. Also some good music. Would anybody be interested? Don't know what to sell it for...
  6. This Xbox had one issue of being placed in a different case and shorting. I replaced the faulty 2T transistor and all was working. Voltages were normal on all rails. I then was getting glitchy video on composite cable so I changed the large caps on the board and the video issue went away. It powered on and work fine all day. Even would power cycle multiple times without issue and run stable with any game I threw at it or just stay running for hours. The next day it would not power on at all. I changed the two large output caps on the PSU and reseated the modchip and it booted and ran perfectly so I played Doom3 for a few hours without issue. Shutdown normally. Next day it would not power on again.
  7. I installed the Origins based image and upgraded to 128MB of RAM. Also added an SPDIF port for digital audio. If you would like it, please make an offer. Thanks guys
  8. It's been many years since I've booted up my modded xbox. It has an Xecuter 3 chip and boots into EvoX just fine. The DVD drive doesn't open or respond, so I'm guessing that's toast. I wanted to clone the old drive and put in a new one to give me a backup and a more reliable drive, but I've been having some issues. I added Chimp v2.4 to the apps folder and it runs fine until I initiate the cloning. It just errors out saying "Error: out of memory". I let it sit for a bit then checked the drive, but it looks like not even a partial imaging was done. Is it safe/an option to unlock the old drive and clone it using something like CloneZilla? I can't remember if the Xecuter 3 would be fine with an unlocked drive. I've been poking around for utilities for locking/unlocking the drive but I just can't seem to find them. I looked into some other boot options, but it looks like without a working DVD drive, the ISO boot options don't work for me. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hello, I have a transparent blue faceplate that I never installed on an xbox and was wondering if it was still worth anything, or if the market is no longer there. I was thinking about putting it on eBay soon, but I don't know anything about what to list it as or even if it's still worth my time to do. Backstory - My mom bought me a team xecuter chip and face plate over a decade ago, I tried to solder the header pins onto the jtag and melted the plastic on them. I freaked out because I worried that ruined something expensive (I was a dumb kid) and just stored everything. A couple years ago I made a computer case out of the XBOX case and found it in my xbox stuff. I looked it up and found it was desirable. Since then, my life has been one crazy thing after another; 2 jobs, moving, kid, covid, and I just haven't been able to carve out time to sell it. Thanks
  10. I have an Xbox with an Xecuter 3, X3CP, and the daughterboards for the controller port and front panel PCB, booting from the chip requires pressing the eject button but I have a couple of problems with this: - Booting with the eject button causes Cerbios to boot into safemode and not display any boot animation - Opening the disc tray each start up puts unnecessary wear on it, that's something I'd like to avoid I hardly have any experience with the X3, is there a way to enable the chip no matter what button powers the console on, or a way to switch which button enables it? I'd prefer to keep the ability to boot to the backup image
  11. Ok so a few years back I attempted to flash this and killed it somehow, that's all I can remember, I do recall trying a few things at the time to revive it but no luck, luckily the consoles HD was stock so I removed the chip and TSOP'd, the switchbank is still stuck to a faceplate and it even has the x3 holographic sticker Also the D0/LAN/HDD wire is present but not pictured (I found it after I took the pics) NOTE: THIS IS NOT WORKING - IT MAY / MAY NOT BE FIXABLE!
  12. I just bought a Xbox with a xecuter 2 from my a local second hand store . When I boot it up it says xecuter 2, and boots into something called avalaunch. it also has a toggle on the front with three switches, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b_YYmQVL0LMUz2qJfMLOyjyumgbNirBD/view?usp=sharing Wondering how I could change the HDD and be able to add roms and dashboards, couldn't find that much info online about this chip. Any help will be much appreciated .
  13. Found this in a random craigslist box today, I can only seem to find info for the 2.3b chip, anyone got a lead?
  14. I bought an xecuter 2.6 modchip not realising it was flashed for a 1.6 xbox but mine are all 1.0-1.4 how would I go about reflashing so I can install and use this in one of them. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, I pulled out my OG Xbox which was modded by someone back in 2002/2003 with the xecuter 2 modchip. It ceased working about 5 years ago and my brother-in-law said the 128 gb HHD stopped working. I'm trying to bring it back from the dead but having issues. I booted it and with the mod chip off I get error message 21. When chip is on it goes to this custom screen but can't launch into any of the loaded games or emulators and freezes. I bought a new 1Tb SSD and got the 80 wire ribbon cable and the ide to sata startech adapter. When I start it up with this I get error message 16 and it won't launch with a truehexen 2021 burned disk. Do I need to reflash the bios files on the xecuter 2 chip? Any help is appreciated
  16. I am upgrading the hard drive I installed sometime between 03-05 when I first modded my original xbox with an Xecuter 2. I don't recall which version of the chip I purchased I have all the parts I've seen suggested to begin. My issue is that I have not upgraded BIOS so its sitting at 4983.something. My board is 1.4 What is the recommended method and BIOS to get this upgraded or even upgrade my whole setup so I can utilize the full hard drive?
  17. Thought I'd stick this up here - since I was nudged by a friend to do so. (I posted it on a group) Decided to have a go at making the Xecuter 3 clone (r3dux) chip. Used ispLEVER to load up the github code, seemed ok (nag about missing x3.txt) but ran fine. Ran the fitter and produced the jed. Programmed the cpld, in VM. Had to fiddle with the settings as got another nag. Wouldn't program in diamond so used the main VM. Tried the flashbios 3.1... flashing not working, ID's verified of my chips doubled checked - all fine, so something wrong there. So decided to make various bios packs in terminal command... some 8x256, 4x512, 2x1's and some debug's etc along with various 2x1 X3 bios. Can boot up some 256 x2 and the cromwell xblast etc to dashboard. Also boots X3 2913 1mb x2. Also tried 8x256 flashbios 3.0.3 (frags) so probably 3294 will frag too. Switch panel functions correctly for all these bios in relation to size and buttons - so bank switching is fine. No config live holding white on X3 bios. Anyway, upon loading up dash... can navigate dash etc, but soon as I try loading any xbe then the loading screen comes up and hangs. That's it. Call back to the lpc bios function seems out. Tried various drive combos/bios/settings/dash etc all result the same - freeze on xbe launch. That's where it's at. Can't flash the chips on X3. Either data line call error/ID register or maybe the pcb dunno yet, short on time. Have some dead purples to test up as well I suppose. So, anyway in case anyone wants to have a go, thought I'd post up my experience with it so far for info. (stutter on bios is just the usual no dvd connected in the video clip, have tried with one attached anyway)
  18. Howdy folks! I got a og Xbox for sale with a xecuter 3+ faceplate+ LCD, it comes with a duke controller, a original box for the console and a 2tb hdd with a complete NTSC library and a HD AV pack. Looking for 850 USD + shipping.
  19. The X3 on top works perfectly. The one on the bottom gets smoking hot and will not boot. I am guessing there is a short to ground but not sure what to check. Any ideas? What typically fails on these?
  20. Need to replace a bank button as well as the protect button. Found some potential replacements online through other threads here or Reddit but they won't work. Found a replacement bank button I could 3D print, but still out the protect button. Ideally I'd prefer just the switches off a broken unit but will entertain buying another X3CP or Pro Switch. Regards
  21. Hey guys im looking for a xecuter 3 pro switch message me if so for sale thank you.
  22. I want to buy xecuter 3 clear pro switch does anyone have one for sale dm if so.
  23. I have an Xecuter 2.3 Lite modchip, of which the external switch board has long been lost. How would I go about purchasing a replacement, or at least a compatible ext. board?
  24. Hello I almost completely fried my xecuter 3, so I'm in the market looking for a new one. Thanks

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