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  1. I've had a v1.6 Xbox with a pro-fitted Xecuter 2.6CE since 2005 and its been pretty much perfect until recently. On two or three occasions its refused to boot either via the Power button or the Eject/Close button. I get a green/red flashing LED typically indicating a hardware error. Sometimes it does that once and then shutdown, others times it frags. However I found that if I shutdown, switch the chip off, boot to Error 5 (unlocked HDD) then switch off and reboot with the chip back on everything is back to normal. But yesterday I noticed something else weird: the chip has two 512K banks with the originally supplied custom EvoX BIOS on both. The only difference between them is Bank 1 has the EvoX logo and Bank 2 doesn't. I usually have it set to the EvoX logo one but now it has swapped to the non-logo version on boot. It doesn't seem to matter whether I switch banks or not. You might think a connection problem with the switch array ie. it is stuck on Bank 2 but, here's the weird thing: if I Reboot from my Unleash main dash or IGR the EvoX logo version BIOS appears to be used. Never heard/read about anything like this - any ideas what is going on?
  2. Hello All, I have what seems to be a fully working Xecuter 2.6CE in a Revsion 1.6. XBMC4GAMERS and games are working, but I can't seem to find anywhere in settings where it shows the bios version or that it even recognizes the Xecuter 2.6CE mod chip. If I hold the black or clear button on controller during boot, it just loads normal to XBMC4GAMERS. Same if I hold the power and eject button at same time on startup. I do NOT get a "Xecuter Rox My Box" logo on startup screen, but only "Microsoft". Is the "Rox My Box" only a X3 thing? I get a "Evo X" in top left corner of the same green xbox loading screen. Just curious if my bios could be a better version or if I should just leave it all as is since it is working. If I select Bank1 or Bank2 on the switch on front of unit, both load fine and work, but seem identical. Where do I find what bios version I have? Thank you!
  3. Hello All, I finally got my Xecuter 3 CE working! I had to swap to a whole new console since the video out died on the old one. Somewhere in the troubleshooting of the old console the bios seems to have been wiped from the Xecuter 3 CE. Currently I am succesful getting it to boot to FlashBIOS 3.0.1, but don't have a file to load there. I've been googling, but most of the old download links are broken. What is the latest version Xecuter Bios that I am looking for? Anyone have please? Should I load it on both 1MB banks so this doesn't happen again? I've been out of the scene 10+ years, so I welcome any advice. Thank you!
  4. I acquired a few Xbox's cheap recently that were broken one of which was throwing an Error 5 on boot. This Xbox turned out to be modded but the solderless LPC header wasn't installed properly, I removed it and soldered a header directly to the board (and wired D0). Now I'm able to boot to the chip but it halts on startup.https://imgur.com/a/GN13n82I Attempted to load Xenium OS 2.1 recovery CD but the menu never comes on the main screen. It did early on but went black and never loaded again. I have tested this drive on my 1.6 Xbox and know that it is functional.Also I installed my Aladdin XT modchip and the system will boot fine with that. Is there any way to recover this chip or is it dead?
  5. Hey there, I have an Xecuter 2.0 Pro which I removed from a dead Xbox. It was soldered directly to the LPC pads. I put it in my TSOPed 1.0 (pin header) and all I can get it to do is FRAG. According to an old install tutorial I found it is supposed to FRAG when the chip is on and your D0 is wired correctly, and I'm fairly certain that connection is good. My trouble is that the DIP switches don't change anything. If I have that chip plugged into the board, it frags no matter what. This is a really old chip and it has an external LPT programming interface. Should I try to hook that up while its FRAGing? Has anyone every installed one of these who might be able to give me some insight? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I want to get back into making custom x2 4981 bios's but need the XBOX TEXT.3ds file as mentioned in the screen grab below (x-projects.org is long gone). I know I could use a newer bios but I liked messing with this particular one and having everything on the tsop rather than having a config file on the hdd. If anyone has it could you please PM me? I have 3ds max and deep exploration but I can't find this, any help or links appreciated
  7. Can I ask the community for some help please: I’m trying to make a back-up of my WD Blue 1TB hard drive from my Xbox and can’t seem to get the duplicated drive to boot. My Xbox is modded with an Xecuter X3 chip and that is working fine; I have the X3 panel on the front which is lighting up blue and booting ok with my original drive – and it is booting to the X3 bios on my duplicate one. I’ve duplicated my original drive using HDD Raw Copy 1.10 (through two separate USB docking stations). Obviously I received read errors throughout the process; but it has reached 100% and finished. However, when I plugged in the back-up drive and booted up the Xbox, I got error code 16. When I switched banks and booted to the X3 bios it updated some settings; but when I boot to the bios bank that should be loading my XBMC Media Centre dashboard, I get error code 13. Basically my question is: am I missing something/doing something wrong? I wonder if I still need to “tell” the bios that this is a different drive somehow? Any advice gratefully received thanks.
  8. So a day ago I got a 1.6 xbox with x3 (purple) model in it, and decided to flash force480p bios while I am waiting until my 1.4 with xboxhdmi returns from installer. Flashed that bios successfully, but console does not output any video signal. Also, about a year ago I had another 1.6 xbox with x3ce chip, and I do remember that force480p bios worked flawlessly. Anyone knows what the issue could be? Things I tried: Wiping X3 eeprom (a+b+x+y on bootanim) Downloading bios from multiple sources Flashing over various methods (http flash; ftp flash; flash from internal hdd) Flashing on both 1-4 and 5-8 banks Trying with different HD cables (I have component cables and chimeric systems hdmi adapter) Trying on 3 different tvs
  9. I'm looking for a replacement sticker for the X3 BIOS bank selection switch or a replacement switch if anyone has one spare in the UK? I am also looking for an Xecuter XLCD kit to complete my X3 install (this isn't a huge loss if I can't buy one and I don't mind going down the DIY route for this if nobody has one they want to sell - I've had some great advice from the XBOX-SCENE guys regarding what parts to buy). Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  10. Bios “FAQ”: What does CEE or EEC meen and what is different? CEE/EEC is the boot order of the bios file. CEE will boot it’s first Dashboard from the “C:\” partion of the drive. In most cases it’s “C:\evoxdash.xbe”. Which can be either a the EvolutionX Dashboard or a shortcut to a different Dashboard on any other partition (C,E,F or G). So you could place a shortcut on C:\ and point to E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe and when you boot up your XBox, UnleashX will show up as Dashboard. Screen : https://imgur.com/a/hf6nG5Z In some cases, the evoxdash.xbe can be found, for what ever reason. Then the bios tries to boot the second letter “E:\” which points to UnleashX (In the pic above – E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe). If that can be found it will boot UnleashX. And you guessed it, if that can’t be found either, the Bios tries a last time with “E:\Dash\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbe”. When all of these options has failed, you will get an fancy error screen. Note: For some apps like Dashloader ect. you should use a CEE bios to avoid any trouble. I would say, a CEE is the most user frindly option even, if you have more experiences, it makes no differend. EEC will boot it’s first Dashboard from the “E:\” partion of the drive. They point mostly strait to a Dashboard like “E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe” or “E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe” as you can see in the screen below. Screen : https://imgur.com/a/GsFOZCo So that’s the main difference between them and they are the most common bios variations. But every “rule” has his exceptions. Some times you have bioses like “EFC” or “FFC”. If I remember right, the X-Disk from FireFucker has those bioses. Not sure why but if I had to make a guess “FireFucker – FF” = F partition. But thats just a guess. So you see, you can point your bios to what ever you want. C,E,F or G, it just depends on you. But there is a little “twist” in here. Some old Dashboards lile tHc, BlackStromX (BSX) and some other will need a bios which boots C first because those are “Hacked” MS Dashbaords. Ofc you could HEX-Edit the hell out of it, like some ppl. Have done with BSX or tHc Lite but at the end, it’s not worth it. All “modern” dashboards boot from everywhere. So let’s move on to iND. iND bioses are a bit different. A iND bios has, not always but most likely, a config file in which the bootorder is stored (you could inject the config to the bios but, for 1 sec it’s not worth the trouble you could get into and in case you use a 5004.06 bios it could breake your XBox). To edit the config of the iND bios you can use the IND-BIOS Configurator or notepad. It just depends on your personal taste. Like you see in the screen below, in the “ind-bios.cfg” and in “ IND-BIOS Configurator” appears the same. It’s almoste or is the same like you have already seen in the EvTool for EvoX bioses. Screen : https://imgur.com/a/YSWRajj And they work the same way. You can do CEE, EEC configs if you want and inject them and you would have an EEC, CEE bios like you have with the EvoX bioses but that not very common. Most ppl. prefere to use the config. A plus here is, you can edit the config fast and you don’t need to re-falsh a bios just to make the change work. Example - iND bootorder (ind-bios.cfg) DASH1=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\evoxdash.xbe DASH2=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe DASH3=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Dash\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbe DEFAULTXBE=\Device\CdRom0\default.xbe The rest is the same like for EvoX. And now the last, the Xecuter bios. Like the iND, the Xecuter bios has a config, the “x2config.ini”. And like in the iND config you can edit it with x2-config-maker tool or with Notepad like you can see in the screen below. Screen : https://imgur.com/a/81liMNt nd yes, it’s the same like in EvoX or iND but you have 2 Dashboard options more which can fail before you get that fancy error I have talked in the beginning. You can change the boot order here as fast as in the iND and you don’t need to re-flash it in case of a change. One different here, you cant inject the ini to the bios like you could do it with the iND but again, who want’s that. Example - x2/x3 bootorder (x2config.ini) dash1Name = e:Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe dash2Name = e:Dash\EvolutionX\evoxdash.xbe dash3Name = e:Dash\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe dash4Name = c:evoxdash.xbe dash5Name = c:xboxdash.xbe So that it about the CEE, EEC, XBMC or X4G bioses. Some other interesting things which should be cleard up are, that even the name “noDVD” seems to say that you don’t have a DVD drive, that is not true. As we all know the XBox will not boot up when you remove your DVD drive or it’s gone bad. A noDVD bios just disables the check for it so the XBox simply didn’t care if it’s there or if it’s working. And because more and more drives beginning to fail because they get old it’s a smart choice to flash a noDVD bios. BUT you have to keep your eyes open. Because, since HeXEn/TruHeXEn has faulty noDVD bios on it, ppl. Start to belive that you can’ t boot a DVD and some just belive you can use it at all, like I said above. Both isn’t true. So if you have a “good” noDVD bios, you can boot/cold boot any DVD you want. Let’s take a look at the screen below. Screen : https://imgur.com/a/1KA1gmZ Like you can see, the left one is a “good” noDVD bios. It has still “default.xbe” in the DVD box. The one on the right is missing that. So even you have a good working DVD drive the bios don’t know what it should boot. That meens, when you have such a bios on your XBox, you will only be able to launch the DVD from your Dashboard but not if you power on your XBox with the DVD already in the drive. We have the well known HeXEn cold boot bug which hopefully get fixed in the 2021,2022,2023 version? We will see – or not. That depends on Heimdall and his finger. So whats left to say? Oh right. F, G or F+G. And what stand this letters for? They define the layout of the hard drive. So if you have a huge 2TB HDD in your XBox, you have to use F+G (Partition F and G) if you like to use that space. For smaller HDD’s up to 250GB max, a F only would be fine but, you could also use a F+G because there is basicly no downside (Did your PC care if you have just C partition even Windows supports up to 5 partitions? ). That leads us to the last question. Which bios you should choose? That depends. I would say. If you don`t have a 128MB XBox, I would recommend a “EvoX m8+ F+G noDVD CEE” bios. You flash it once and then you can forget it. EvoX is fast it does make the job well and you can do pretty much the same with it like you can do with the others. And if you have an v1.6 you have to use it in case you have a Aladdin, LPC2 or any other “cheap” modchip which just has 256kb. The other option for a 1.6 would be an x2 5035 but that’s an 512kb bios. But if you have a fancy schmancy bling bling 128MB XBox, I would choose the iND but, I have to point out here that there isn’t a “becasue of”. Some nerdynerds have a reason for that, I don’t. So… I think, thats it for this little weivrevo which turned out to be a little bit longer. I hope that I gave you some more or less usefull information and that I cleared things up a little for beginner or HeXEn/TruHeXEn noDVD user. If so, hit the like and subscribe button and don’t miss the next video … PEACE! PS. If you have found a typo, congrats, you have found the copy protection.
  11. Original xbox with Xecuter 3 fitted, good condition and fully working. Comes with the following: 500GB Sata Hard Drive IDE TO SATA Adapter Upgraded IDE Cable Custom Made Component Cable for HD 2 Duke Style Controllers XBMC Dash installed Power Cable £125 and buyer pays postage. Will be sent via DPD delivery. UK only.
  12. Hi all, sadly the Xecuter X3 BIOS User's Manual has been removed from http://x3.bustedchain.com/ and from the team executer site. Does anyone have it saved as a complete webpage that I could go get a copy of? Would be most obliged if so thanks! Or does anyone know of any mirror still hosting these pages? Cheers!
  13. Hi, i purchased a faulty 1.6 xbox which was modded with xecuter 3 and the front control panel, the xbox was powering up but no sign of life on the chip or front panel, upon inspection the lpc rebuild board wasnt installed straight, it seemed to be slightly skew, i didnt really have the proper kit to remove and reseat the lpc rebuild board so i desoldered everything else and re-installed it all into a 1.4 so no need for the lpc board, i now have signs of life on the chip (chip lights up blue) and the front control panel (logo lights red and hdd activity light blinks) however i cant get the chip to enable, ive tried the bank switches in various positions, short press, long press, if i try pressing eject and power together the xbox frags once then powers up normally but the logo light is always red, ive retried all my solder points on the lpc / d0 but to no avail, anyone have any ideas anything else i could try? thanks
  14. Hi, managed to get my hands on an X3 / X3CP xbox console, just playing around with it at the moment but needing a bit of advice for my next steps. ive put a 160gb ide in and used AID to format and install a dash (unleashx for now), ive also used the white button on boot to bring up the x3 config live and have a little mess with the settings. (a) firstly its installed on a 1.0 board with fan on GPU, im not a big fan of that board so was thinking of uninstalling and re-installing on a 1.4, worth the hassle? (b) the faraday cage is rusty so need to take it all apart anyway however the chip is sticky-padded onto the cage, best way to remove? possibly sharp knife down the back of it? also the front control panel will need removing to get to the cage, do they clip on / off as easy as the original? ive noticed some original faceplates are more brittle than others, the last thing i want to do is crack it trying to remove it! (c) the lcd display, all ive managed to get out of it so far is 2 lines of text, ive seen people running temperature displays etc, how is this done?, does this depend on the dash / xml files associated with the lcd? (d) I have a 500gb xbox running a nice build of xbmc4gamers but console is soft modded so what dashboard files need to change for the dash to boot on a hard modded console, ie the EVOXDASH.XBE etc
  15. Hello Friends I think this has 2 x 512mb banks on this chip. On bank 1 I have xecuter x5035 and when I switch to bank 2 I get a blank screen, so I presume its empty. I am going to use @sweetdarkdestinyinstaller disc 2021 as it has everything! Is there any software to check this correctly? I have tried the BIOS checker on @sweetdarkdestiny installer disc and it doesn't actually state x5035 but one of the dashboards does identify it. I was thinking of keeping x5035 on bank 1 and flash Evox M8Plus_1.6 nodvd on bank 2. I believe x5035 uses a config ini file to modify its settings, and I can use Evox m8 x4gamers EEC and ignore the presence of the DVD drive. I presume I can do this on the x5035 via the ini to point to x4gamers dash and ignore the DVD? If this all sounds right, which app should use to keep bank 1 and flash 2 as there is a x2 flasher software. I can see an x2config under the BIOS on the installer DVD. @sweetdarkdestinyrecommends "2.2. Flash ModChip or TSOP (No Winbond/Sharp TSOP!)." and there is "2.2.3. Flash Xecuter Bios (XBox v1.0/v1.5)." but I have a v1.6 Sorry for all these questions, I have been thinking about this for days and need your advice. Thank you
  16. Hey Guys, I'm going to try to compile the parts and hardware that Team Xecuter Created for the Original Xbox. Please Correct me if my Information is wrong. For those who don't know much about the hardware, I can talk about each one at the bottoms of the picture but here's a brief explanation of these valuable work of art. Xecuter 3 Control Panels were a replacement for the original xbox face plate. which is only compatible with the Xecuter 3 Modchip. These were the bigger upgraded accessory that brought full compatibility to their Modchip which includes a built in XLCD, two USB Ports, Push Button Bank Select with LAN (Local Area Network) and HDD (Hard Drive) Led indicators. The Panel also has the X3 Logo to light up for the status of the modchip. Above is a small Red IR Placement for anyone that bought Xecuter X3IR Accessory. These Panels are very hard to come by and very sought after to even the heaviest of collectors on the market. Compatible with: - Xecuter 3 Infra Red Kit (Turn your Xbox On/Off with the Xbox Remote) - Xecuter 3 CE Modchip (Christmas Edition White & Red) - Xecuter 3 Modchip (Purple) - XBMC Dashboard (for the LCD) The Original Xbox has been Long out of production by Team Xecuter that most if not all Parts for Original Xbox are very hard to find. Xecuter 3 Control Panels Black (Solid) These Panels are the most common Among the Xecuter Panels. It matches the common basic black Xbox. I've seen these Sell nowadays around $500+ USD for the full console on eBay. but not too long ago these sold brand new in the box for $250USD. You will see these Panels pop up way more often than the others. The Black Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Crystal (Translucent) These Panels are fairly rare but a lot harder to find than the black Panels. They were made to match the Limited Edition Crystal Original Xbox. From previous sales I have done with people these can range from $300 USD or higher for a panel. a full console will be more. The Crystal Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Green (Translucent) These are the Second Rarest Xecuter Panel. These are quite sought after because they match the Halo Green Limited Edition Original Xbox. Very hard to come across anyone who wants to sell one. I've seen a brand new one on eBay go for $600USD. You don't see these on eBay very often anymore. The Green Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, this is the only panel with Green light up Bank select buttons. so if the buttons got damaged you have no other replacement other than finding another green panel. Blue (Translucent) Decided to save the best for Last. These in my books are considered Legendary. This is the Panel that matches the Halo 2 Ice Blue Limited edition Console and are extremely difficult to find. There has been people who have searched for years to get their hands on these Collectible items and most to all collectors will not sell them. I don't even know how much to price one nowadays. A full console in the past was around $800. The Blue Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo , and the bios Bank buttons light up blue. Now, on to the Pro Switches. Xecuter Pro switches were the replacement upgrade from the basic black bank selector that comes with the X3 modchip. They also have the red IR piece for the X3IR Accessory and the LAN and HDD Led indicators as well. This little piece clips on to the bottom middle front part of the original Xbox basic face plate which connects to the X3 modchip. The push Buttons light up blue, other than the green pro switch which lights up green. Pro switches cannot be used as replacement parts for the X3 Control Panel. There is no existence of a Blue Pro Switch. Xecuter 3 Pro Switches Black (Solid) Black Pro Switches are the opposite from the rarity of the panels but probably the hardest to find. There were many sources for Crystal and Green but not black. they were worth $20 USD on ebay at the time but there hasn't been many on there. Crystal (Translucent) Crystal Pro Switches were quite simple to find at the time but they sold out a while ago before the green did, there fore making them a little harder to find than the green. There were websites selling them for about around 15 Euro. Green (Translucent) Green Pro switches might still be in stock on very few sites right now but I have doubts that they're still there. They've blasted in price to 70.62 € brand new. Xecuter 3 Modchips These are simply the best mod chips on the market although there are other older Xecuter chips that are pretty good but I'm just only displaying the newer Xecuter Compatible with the X3 Pro Switch and the Xecuter Control Panel. Xecuter 3 (Purple) This is the older Version of the X3 Mod chip, with a purple front and back. Comes with 2MB of flash bios storage and a 256kb flash Recovery bios. this chip is a down grade from the newer one because it doesn't sit flat when installed and normally flipped on its backside and stuck with the adhesive sticker, also this is more compatible with older Xbox revisions with the parts it comes with. The V1.6 Xbox's require a 5V wire which is not the same connection like the newer chip which requires a clip on wire or soldered to the chip itself. I don't see these chips as often as the Newer X3CE Chip Xecuter 3 CE (Christmas Edition) This is the final Revision of the Xecuter Mod chips and the final production. This chips are the most sought after they have all basically all the same details as the Xecuter 3 Purple Chip. These chips used to sell used for $75 USD and $100 USD for a brand new one. Now they've raised in price for in the $200+. These are the best chips on the market and is the control system of all the Xecuter modded custom parts, They fit nicely installed on the board with the wires spread out. also comes with a V1.6 wire that just plugs in normally. Xecuter Xapt3rs Xapt3rs are solder-less methods for installing the Xecuter Mod chips, although you could probably install other mod chips with these as well. Xapt3rs light up with a blue led or red led display when installed. they usually screw into the Xbox motherboard. The problem with these is that LAN and HDD Led's don't work where the red,green and grey wire for the X3 Chip isn't needed and when installing them the older Xbox motherboard revisions have pre-soldered LPC already in the board and these wont sit nicely where the pin header is supposed to go. Xapt3r V1.0-V1.5' These Xapt3rs are harder to find now and are the best in my opinion where they are compatible with the majority of Xbox revisions. Depending on the seller these could be sold for a really high price. these cannot be bought online anymore. Xapt3r V1.6 These are possibly still available on the market for abut 15 Euro. One has been spotted on eBay for $175 USD. these are only compatible with Xbox v1.6 and more common than there other Xapt3r. Xecuter X3IR Kit X3IR Kits can still be found online but they are hefty in price for around 40 Euro. They are compatible with the Xecuter Control Panel and the X3 Pro switch but can be installed without one. These simply are used to turn your Xbox on and off with your Xbox remote but the kit requires basic soldering to function. X3IR kits are obsolete because of a newer chip was produce called the Xerc 2XE which gives the Xbox the same capabilities but you are able to eject your DVD drive and connect it to a DVD Dongle for remote menu control.
  17. Hello people. Finally ive found a forum. Ive just dug my xbox out. Now my question I run the xecuter 3 mod chip with custom front panel. As far as i no if u hold white button on the controller u can get into the settings menu (fan speed colours bla bla) All i want to no is. When i upgrade to the new hard drive. Will i have this option again to bring up the menu (white button on controller) or will i have to install it to the new hard drive. Its beem like 15 years since i last used it. Any help guys
  18. Hello All, I have a xbox that i picked up used, and it has a xecuter pro 2.1 (i believe) but it does not have the front or rear rs232 or DIP switch plates. When i boot i get an error of an unlocked drive, so I assume it is trying to boot to factory BIOS and it has a WD 120GB IDE drive in it. I tried to jump the D0 wire to ground as I read that would force it to use the xecuter's bios, and when I do that I get a greyscale screen that "xbox Linux Clean BIOS 1.22dev" screen that tells me to put in a disc. is this something i can do with Hexen? Thank you for any help
  19. So, I've been at this LCD all day. Didn't work at all this morning. Cleaned contacts, added a bit of pressure to the tabs behind the screen. Now I have a magic lcd screen - when I move my hand close to the rear of the lcd, all pixels populate, crystal clear, but when I remove my hand, the bottom letters dwindle away... See here: https://youtu.be/C_iVmE75Wog Is there any hope? Any ideas?
  20. i have dead xecuter 3 chip and i was thinking to hotswap xenium chip with dead flash xecuter 3 and try to flash it? Possible?
  21. Hello all, Old friend just dug up his OG Xbox. It has an xecuter 2 mod chip. What would I need to do to use a 2TB SATA HDD besides the IDE to SATA adapter? Thanks in advance.
  22. This machine boots and runs. I've been trying to find a wiring diagram to find out where this gray wire is supposed to be. I'm not 100% but I believe this is an old 2 piece execute chip. Any help would be appreciated
  23. Hey guys, Reaching out as i was hoping you could help. A couple years back i bought another x3 modded xbox and it turned out the chip was faulty. Recently i have decided to revisit this and see if its possible to get this chip working. It is installed in a 1.6 version xbox. So far i have swapped the x3 from another 1.6 box and was able to transfer the fault between machines so i know its the modchip. I am getting the 3.3v and 5v lights on the chip, and the bank switcher lights and button functions are working. I cannot get onto the backup nand either. I have a feeling the previous owner corrupted the main nand as I am unable to flash any bios to the chip. xblastos detects the chip as an xecuter 3 but no other apps can see it. Just wondering what is left to do? is there a utility that defaults the nand or can recover from a suspected bad flash? Out of my depth here now, as i've owned numerous x3 boxes over the years but none have ever given me any hassle. Hope you guys can help. Cheers!
  24. Hi I have bought a original xbox that as been modded with a xecuter3 chip with a Xapt3r 1.6 but it keeps asking to flash the bios i have no idea where to start can anyone give me any info on this please I m not sure if i have put this in the correct forum this is all new to me
  25. Came across a X3 box with LCD ad BIOS bank switches. The problem is the clock Cap leaked. I want to move it to a known good motherboard but the LPC wiring to the chip differs from this link. https://team-xecuter.com/x3/tutorials/x3pin1015.htm Is this the most up to date install manual for a X3 chip ?

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