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  1. Hey guys. So I'm working on a softmod and I wanted to try the dual boot with different dashes, and controlling the boots with eject and power. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I have a console that a softmod was attempted on and for some reason failed. I happened to use the softmod installer included in the @sweetdarkdestiny TSOP tool. However, I have no reason to actually believe that there is any problem with it, since @Mittyoz had the same problem here: And used a different source for the softmod files. I feel that we may have used some odd, unlikely combination of files with the softmod installer or that there may be something up with our consoles in particular. Admittedly, Mitty did attempt to do a softmod and TSOP on top of each other, but his failure happened before he even TSOPd so I don't think it has anything to do with that. I am scratching my head and trying to figure out what this could be. Basically, The console boots and shows the animation. Once the dash is supposed to load, the console boots to a black screen. The Status LED is orange, there is no sound, no discs will boot and I am not entirely sure how to tell if an FTP server is running and to check if any dash is running that way. I have attempted to research the problem, but no threads or reddit posts end up with a solid solution. I think I saw a couple where people just gave up and hardmodded. lol. @Rocky5 If you would be willing to lend your experience and knowledge here, I would very, very much appreciate it. It will help me and others resolve this issue in the future!
  3. Howdy! Long time follower of the forums and this is my first post ever on the site. Finally got me a modded original NTSC Xbox from eBay after years of not owning one. Loving it! Mostly playing Halo2 on XLinkKai. My only issue with it is that who ever modded it and sold it to me on eBay removed the iconic classic flubber intro boot, all it has is just this blame and dull blue Xbox logo during boot and nothing else. Looking to see if there is anyway I can get the flubber screen back? I know it's something to do with the BIOS, just haven't found any leads in what to do and all the information i used to frequent back in the day on isozone is gone and anything I find is obscure with no clear information or instructions and I'm afraid to mess anything up with out some kind guidance on the procedure. I'd really appreciate the help or any kind lead. Thanks in advance!
  4. Everytime i try to get insignia on my xbox it says it can't connect to the server than i go the troubleshooting and it says that the DNS can't be resolved i am running the connection from a bridged connection on my pc could that be causing it?
  5. My set up; PAL OGxbox, softmodded and updated with Rocky5's Tools Disk (PAL Splinter Cell), 2TB HDD cloned using chimp from original drive, UnleashX, clock cap removed (but not replaced), component cables, OSSC on default settings. My issue is very frustrating, the xbox boots correctly I can see and use the UnleashX dash and FTP without problems. Upon loading almost all games, the game will run and load but I lose video signal, my component cable also has AUX red and white cables for sound that go into my sound system. The games load and DO play sound but still don't get a video signal. I've tried various video settings in UnleashX video settings, a clean install of unleashX from Rocky5's Tools Disk, installing the original IDE HDD, changing the language on the original MSdash from English to something else and back again, all with the same results. Even more frustrating is that even with PAL retail disks the results are the same either in the UnleashX dash and MSdash. I've tried changing my xbox to NTSC region, using both NXpatcher and Enigmah but then I just lose video signal all together and have to remember button presses to navigate the menu's in order to switch it back to PAL. Occasionally the xbox fails to boot or reload UnleashX dash and shows flashing RED and GREEN LED, turning the xbox on and off again resolves this but this isn't often. Games that I've tried that do work are HALO: Combat Evolved (both disk and HDD), 007 Nightfire from HDD, F1 2001 from HDD. Games definitely not working Burnout 3 Takedown, Black both form HDD and retail PAL disks. I also have a RGB SCART available used with the OSSC, this also loses video signal when game loads except theres no sound as there aren't AUX sound cables with this. Previous to all this happening it was working fine, I've been at this for two weeks, any help would totally be appreciated it.
  6. Hello all, I need some assistance. I was trying to softmod a few xbox's I got laying around here. One has a ton of update and DLC data on it I want to contribute back. That all being said, I used one of the consoles that didn't have much data on it. I then used the Splinter Cell NTSC game. It worked and loaded up the softmod tool, I pressed A. It gave a generic error and asked me to choose NTSC or PAL, I chose NTSC. The script continued, appeared to backup the EEPROM, modify C Partition, etc. at the end, it says "See that was painless go ahead and reboot" annnnnnnnnnd.....pain. Only boots to an error 13 or 14 So, could I take this drive, hook it up to FATxplorer, unlock the drive with null or 1111's, grab the legit hdd key from the E: partition, then lock the drive using the correct key. Then can I use FATxplorer to rebuild the dashboard/C partition somehow? From what I can tell from YT vids, when it rebooted, it looks like a script should have ran and that never happened, just errors 13 or 14 and nothing boots (real discs or burnt ones). I do have access to one softmodded xbox if that helps me to solve this... Regards, PHX-Sisko
  7. Hello everyone, I am beginner for Xbox system, because my XBOX can no longer use DVD, so only can use hot-swapping method to do softmod. So, I will buy some transfer parts, like IDE to USB connector. By the way. Could you please teach me the procedure for this method? (hot swapping) Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi Sorry, google translation. I have a specific xbox, it is a v1.3 to do tests and tricks. It has a modchip and it is possible to turn it on off with a switch. Testing with a cheap aliexpress ssd, a situation that I had never seen before appeared. In PAL, no exploit starts, whether NDURE is from whoever the installation is from, whether it is from the official NDURE 3.1 installer, like Rocky5, like Hexen, Crayzie, etc. As the old UXE doesn't work either. Always black screen. But instead I plug in the chip and switch to NTSC and all the softmods work perfectly. If you install a mechanical HDD it works perfect in both PAL and NTSC Is this problem from this specific SDD? Or does it happen to all SDD's? It's what has me intrigued. Right now I don't have any other SDD to test. Lo siento, traducción de google. Tengo una xbox en concreto, es una v1.3 para hacer pruebas y perrerías. lleva modchip y es posible hacer on off con un interruptor. Haciendo pruebas con un ssd barato de aliexpress, me ha aparecido una situación que jamás había visto antes. En PAL no arranca ningún exploit, tanto NDURE sea de quien sea la instalación, tanta sea del instalador oficial NDURE 3.1, como Rocky5, como Hexen, Crayzie, etc. Como tampoco funciona el antiguo UXE. Siempre pantalla negra. Pero en cambio, conecto el chip y cambio a NTSC y todos los softmod funcionan perfectamente. Si instala un HDD mecánico funciona perfecto tanto en PAL como en NTSC Este problema es de este SDD en concreto? o le pasa a todos los SDD's? Es l oque me tiene intrigado. Ahora mismo no dispongo de ningun otro SDD para hacer pruebas.
  9. I've been having this same issue with several SSDs on this v1.6 but not with any HDD I've tried. When I boot the Xbox, the Microsoft logo appears and then it black screens until I press the eject button, then it will load the dashboard. I can tell the dashboard isn't loading at all until eject is pressed since the front LEDs don't change color (they're set to orange). I've tested with 2 SSDs of different models (both from TeamGroup), 2 Startech adapters, and 2 UATA cables with the same results. The console boots fine with video when I start it up with just a stock dashboard on the C partition. Things I've tried to resolve this: - Starting with a stock dashboard on C, copying Rocky5's XBHDM installer on there, and softmodding that way (black screens on first boot without even installing the softmod) - Directly copying the C and E partitions from a working softmodded HDD - Using the Phoenix BIOS Loader and Cerbios - Switching video mode between normal, widescreen, letterbox - Disabling 480p/720p/1080i - Switching video region between PAL and NTSC - Using both component and composite cables - Using several different disc drives I'm running out of ideas, this issue seems pretty weird to me since the same files work on an HDD and the SSD loads a dashboard just fine after the eject/soft-reboot. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.
  10. I'm trying to softmod an old OG Xbox by doing a hotswap (since the DVD drive can't read games) on the original 8GB WD harddrive. I'm using "Amazon's Choice" usb adapter for whatever that's worth. Inateck USB 3.0 to IDE/SATA External Hard Drive Reader Applicable to 2.5"/3.5" HDD/SSD, with 12V/2A Power Supply, SA03001 https://www.amazon.com/Inateck-External-Reader-Applicable-SA03001/dp/B08BNPXSJ9 I can't tell if a) this adapter isn't supported or b) I'm not getting lucky (timing wise) with the hotswap keeping the drive unlocked. Any help is appreciated! If I use USB View it shows the device as: Loc[124] DeviceConnected: USB Mass Storage Device Device Descriptor: bcdUSB: 0x0300 bDeviceClass: 0x00 bDeviceSubClass: 0x00 bDeviceProtocol: 0x00 bMaxPacketSize0: 0x09 (9) idVendor: 0x1F75 idProduct: 0x0611 bcdDevice: 0x0006 iManufacturer: 0x04 0x0409: " When I try to see the device in FATXPlorer I get the following log: =====FATXplorer v3.0.0.24789 64-bit (x64) Log File START===== Runtime: .NET 7.0.3 OS Fingerprint: 3047bb3539608b94e41b5d78e5d1bc137edd101800e5ae889a3164cec688de07 [3/11/2023 4:19:13 PM] [Startup] FATXplorer is starting... [3/11/2023 4:19:13 PM] [Startup] MainForm initializing... [3/11/2023 4:19:13 PM] [Driver] Driver v22.0.8464.0 is installed and available. [3/11/2023 4:19:13 PM] [Startup] MainForm initialized. [3/11/2023 4:19:14 PM] [Startup] Startup complete, searching for devices... [3/11/2023 4:19:14 PM] [Device Detection] Search for devices starting [3/11/2023 4:19:14 PM] [Startup] FATXplorer is up to date. [3/11/2023 4:19:19 PM] [Device Detection] Found SCSI device "NVMe KXG70ZNV1T02 NVMe KIOXIA 1024GB" @ "\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0" [3/11/2023 4:20:27 PM] [Device Detection] -OS disk, skipping [3/11/2023 4:20:27 PM] [Device Detection] Found USB device "WDC WD80 EB-28CGH1 USB Device" @ "\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1" [3/11/2023 4:21:21 PM] [Device Detection] --Device doesn't support SMART [3/11/2023 4:21:21 PM] [Device Detection] -Checking security status... [3/11/2023 4:21:29 PM] [Device Detection] --Failed to check this device's security status, details: pd1: Unable to read USB device ID [3/11/2023 4:21:29 PM] [Device Detection] -Checking this device for HDD and MU storage... [3/11/2023 4:21:44 PM] [Device Detection] Device detection read failed at position 0x0000000000000000: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. : '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' [3/11/2023 4:21:48 PM] [Device Detection] Device detection read failed at position 0x00000000007FF000: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. : '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' [3/11/2023 4:21:52 PM] [Device Detection] Device detection read failed at position 0x0000000020E30000: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. : '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' [3/11/2023 4:21:56 PM] [Device Detection] Device detection read failed at position 0x0000000130EB0000: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. : '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] Device detection read failed at position 0x00000000ABE80000: The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error. : '\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1' [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] --Sector Format: N/A [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] --Health: Healthy [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] --Couldn't find any HDD or MU storage on this device [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] -Finished checking this device for HDD and MU storage [3/11/2023 4:22:00 PM] [Device Detection] -Checking this device for Xbox 360 USB storage... [3/11/2023 4:22:41 PM] [Device Detection] --This device doesn't have any partitions [3/11/2023 4:22:41 PM] [Device Detection] -Finished checking this device for Xbox 360 USB storage [3/11/2023 4:22:41 PM] [Device Detection] -Finished with this device [3/11/2023 4:22:41 PM] [Device Detection] Search finished in 206.7 seconds
  11. Hello!I am trying to softmod my original xbox.I tried to do it using this clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbSb7BFRQNo I did everything in the video correctly.So the problem is:I dont have ide ports on my motherboard so i tried using ide to sata adapter and when i plug it in my pc and turn it on,it shows in disk management as not initalized,but when i tried to use xplorer 360 it says could not find fatx drive.I tried with 2 hot swap techincs,setting compatibility to win xp sp3,running it as administrator,tried different programs.But nothing works.I dont have xbox friendly usb drive and i also dont have any game that has save game exploits.Sorry for bad english.
  12. I've got 4 Xboxes I've softmodded for my family using Rocky's softmod tool, and I nulled the keys as well during that process (all zeros, but will soon upgrade to all ones to be compatible with Insignia - hopefully its an easy process to upgrade the softmod dashboard/tool). I currently have a larger drive in one of them that has the dashboard, emulators, and games set up just the way I want it. I want to put larger hard drives in the other three and have all four be the exact same setup. Rather than cloning the stock hard drive to a larger drive during the upgrade process and then spending the lengthy time FTPing over the hundreds of MB's of data with the data rate transmission limitations and drop outs inherent with FTP, since all the XBOX's have nulled keys I was planning on just taking the larger drive I've already set up and cloning it 3 times - and then putting those cloned drives into the other 3 xboxes. Much simpler and quicker. However, with Insignia needing the Serial Number, HDD Key, and Online Key for each Xbox would cloning a hard drive from one xbox and putting that newly created hard drive into another xbox change the way the serial number or online key is read in the "newly upgraded" Xbox and make it incompatible with Insignia? Or does it not matter as it will just pull the serial number and online key from the mobo and doing what I described above will still be compatible with Insignia? Thanks all!
  13. https://youtu.be/5V48rYfqE6E This guide is a start to finish how to softmod a xbox (upgrade a softmodeded hdd too) and also how to TSOP flash any xbox (excluding mb v1.6) including flashing winbond & sharp tsop chips. All the files needed are included in the video description. I DIDNT MAKE ANY OF THE TOOLS FULL CREDITS GO TO THE DEVS, I just collected them all in one place.
  14. Hello! Guys! Glad to be here. First, i Need to apologize in advance for my broken english. Now to business. Guys! i really to know if we have a guide to noobs, how to buy a good xbox, to change or upgrade hard drives and how to install it and what to install in to the system. My intention here is to compile and create a definitive guide (Step by Step) to mod the proper way with the greatests dashboards, tools, emulators and games. If someone knows where to find some of this tutoriais, please help me out, me and brazilians gamers will be greatful.
  15. Hi all, I tried searching but didn't see this exact question. I have an old softmodded (10 years ago?) v1.6 XBOX that I tried to install an Aladdin XT+2 on so I could double the RAM. Long story short, I think I borked that motherboard and it won't boot now. I've gotten a replacement v1.4 XBOX and correctly installed the Aladdin and gotten it to boot properly to EvoX. Is there a way I can transfer my modded HDD from the 1.6 to my 1.4 with the Aladdin? I had XBMC and a lot of apps installed so would prefer not to start from scratch. Thanks!
  16. Hello there! I bought myself a soft modded original Xbox and also found out you could make it look like the 360 blades with XBMC and MC360, now I also know I want to use XLink Kai and when Insignia launches for the console, I wanted to do that as well but I also know MC360 probably won’t work for that since it’s not been updated in years from what I’ve read on forums. I guess to shorten all of this up, am I overwriting my Rocky5 softmod with XBMC or MC360? Or would I be able to just switch back and forth between all the dashboards I want? Any help is greatly appreciated! (:
  17. Hi Guys; I have picked up a faulty XBOX over the weekend which has an error 5 code. I removed the drive and connected to my PC with FatXplorer and I am able to view the contents of the drive. Which means obviously it is unlocked. Is there any way I can lock the hard drive and re-install it in the XBOX? What options do I have?
  18. I have one game that I use xdvdmulletter to recompile and when I load into my disc drive of Xbox it never plays. But the full .iso plays no prob on my laptop via xemu
  19. This is not my problem but its not something I've come across before so I'm hoping somebody here has an explanation/solution because I'm stumped. Its from a Reddit user so I hope it is OK to post the link:- https://old.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/x2rn3u/help_dashboard_is_missing_how_do_i_fix_it/ The title says it all - the guy has FTP access now and, I think, that's due to a SID/AID disc and FTP access. He posted a link to a screenshot of his Xbox drive content and it it looks to me as if there is no E:\drive. Using SID rescue options I have zero experience so if somebody here has that knowledge and/or a solution it would be useful general Xbox information worth posting here for the future reference of all OGXbox users.
  20. As the name suggests, I have some odd things happening, and I'm not sure how many are to be expected, and which ones are par for my rocky modding adventures. After softmodding a recent purchased box with SID, splinter cell exploit (successfully done 12 or more times so far), here's some weird stuff: Can not access original MS dash to change the time zone. I explain this more below. I followed @KaosEngineeradvice in a past post, and picked up the "stock" C and E drives. I copied the xboxdash.xbe over, naming it something else as to not overwrite the current one. Once in file explorer on console, I entered this renamed xbe dash. It did indeed take me to the MS dash, however, it's altered something else to only allows MS dash. After powering down and on several times, I can only get the MS dash, it loads as if's it's not softmodded. While in this mode, trying to re-softmod just get's me a frozen or black screen or reboots itself, and never loads. The ring always resets to solid orange, no matter what I set it to. I just want default, I then change it within Unleashx as I have before (12+ other mods successfully), I then save, and the color changes to green. After turning off/on it's orange again. I've input my own config.xml which I know has my desired settings, but the problem is the same. The clock resets occasionally when power is removed: maybe I'm wrong in thinking that the clock retains itself after short periods of no AC input. Even after changing settings for Date and Time SNTP on the console, the config.xml sometimes changes but sometimes it does not. I changed the port there to 80, and it registers in the config.xml, but on restart, in the menu it returns to the stock "123" port, but the config.xml says 80. Restarts/"Reboot" always end up with error 7, I must shutdown and then hit the power button. This occurs on several softmods I've done. They all have 80 wire IDE cables with generic SATA-IDE adapters... basically all the parts I have in my 1.6 mods is also what I have in my TSOP mods, the TSOP mods however reboot w/o issue. I've emptied the cache. I've deleted ALL files on C and E using xboxHDM23usb to unlock, and FATXplorer to mount drives. I used the same programs to copy my original C and E, along with several others thereafter because even the originals had the same persistent issues. While I had the originals in, the TDATA and UDATA folders I completely wiped to make sure there wasn't some settings in there that related to stuff. I inserted a know working link and port for SNTP clock stuff, into the config.xml. It worked, but I was behind an hour. This is what spurred all the above attempts at reaching the stupid MS dash: to change the time zone. I couldn't reach the MS dash.... (start reading bullet points from the top again to see this viscous circle), Except now the SNTP doesn't register (it's showing stock settings on the menu, and the time doesn't update), even though it IS in the config.xml, quadruple checked and reentered. Settings say it's enabled and allowing HTTP. Aside from trying to get the clock to sync, ring color, and reboot issues, everything else seems ok: games play, and that's really all i use it for. So it's not a "please help me, I'm begging for help now" type of deal, but I am curious to learn more, and see why some of this occurs. Thanks for the input folks! (Ebay #8)
  21. Got an v1.6 softmodded xbox (with non ejecting dvd drive) that i thought I could turn into a devkit system. Using MVG's 2018 Youtube video. But all i got was a bricked xbox. When i was supposed to start the pbl from the E: the xbox froze. And after a restart the xbox error 21 was present. I then fixed the drive belt on my dvd drive, so i now can eject and insert dvd's but no luck starting slayers-evox or any of my original xbox game. I didnt backup up the eeprom files. On the E: drive there was already present some similar PBL files - so i copied these to my pc before overwriting with MVG ones : ( boot.cfg, M8_LBA48_IGR_Q-06-BFM.bin, xbdm.dll, default.xbe (21kb), dashboard.xbx ) Is there a way to make this xbox come back alive ?
  22. Greetings, As the title says I used to have softmodded xbox I did myself years ago, but trying to load the default dashboard through ftp to use the music playlist feature I bricked it and got the service screen on boot preventing it from booting to evodash. So I bought the openxenium chip, installed, loaded the evoX kernel and now I can load into my old custom dashboard and play my games without formatting anything. But the retail kernel entry keeps showing the service screen with a 05 error. I'm sure it's because I copied files to the wrong location when I tried to copy the retail dashboard through ftp and retail kernel files are corrupted. Can someone help me find the retail dashboard files and tell me how and where should I copy it to the HDD without deleting my running evodash? I found the files in a topic here in this webpage I think I got the files from a user called slayer (I'm not sure I don't remember well enough) but I'm so dumb I copied the files wrong Thanks a lot!
  23. chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning. i tried the 'fix error 16' button in chimp, it said it was good but when i put back in the new HDD i still get Error 16. The stock 10GB HDD i got with the xbox still works if i connect it. i then tired booting the xbox with the 10GB HDD then turning off the xbox and putting in the new HDD but then i got error 13. plz help i already spent like 70$$ on this shit. my xbox is soft modded i removed the clock capacitor i have a compatible HDD, 40-pin/80-wire IDE cables, a working SATA to IDE converter Thank you
  24. Greetings and Salutations I CANT FIND THE ORIGINAL LINUX SAVE ON MY HD ... dose anyone know where it is? i have a soft modded XBox that i modded with the old SplinterCell and USB hack. I wanted to copy the original softmod hack files to a new USB, because I originally used an old MP3 player and formatting it with XFAT and wiping the OS has shortened its life. I have a New USB. I have copied the SP_save (and also quite a few little extra files I would like to keep) SO I thought to myself if I could swap and re-swap the 2 USB’s and move SID to the HD once more and then back to the NEW USB BUT the XBox says [save game already exists do you want to replace?] i’m pretty sure I don’t want to touch the original save ! dose anyone know where it is?

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