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  1. hello all, i am using the correct version of chimp i have reinstalled the soft mod and up-dated ms-dash. i then re-cloned the HDD using chimp and i still get error 16. i re-hot swapped the drive and did fix error 16 button. i completed fixing the C drive, and i still get error 16, i plugged in the old drive again to get the clock data, then plugged in the new HDD and got error 13. i then put in halo 2 and re-started the xbox and got error 21. im not understanding it could not be the new HDD or the cable or the SATA to IDE adapter because chimp loader can see the new drive and can unlock it and write to it. i also make sure to re-lock the HDD every time. wd caviar blue 500 gb desktop (3.5") drive (wd5000aakb) is the HDD
  2. im having another problem now. i have the Extras disc installed but i keeps freezing at retail 4034 bios detected. i dont know if i can getting in to the Extras disc to uninstall the soft mod. any idea why the Extras disc would be freezing.
  3. the Xbox was soft modded using rocky5, USB and splinter cell. i did not update the ms-dash befor i softmodded it. and yes tsop'ing or hardmodding is not really and option lol. and just want to make sure i understand this right. so i will be un-soft-modding the xbox updating ms-dash using halo 2 then re-soft mod the xbox? also thank you so much for the help
  4. chimp clones to new HDD with out problems but i get error 16 when i put in the new drive after cloning. i tried the 'fix error 16' button in chimp, it said it was good but when i put back in the new HDD i still get Error 16. The stock 10GB HDD i got with the xbox still works if i connect it. i then tired booting the xbox with the 10GB HDD then turning off the xbox and putting in the new HDD but then i got error 13. plz help i already spent like 70$$ on this shit. my xbox is soft modded i removed the clock capacitor i have a compatible HDD, 40-pin/80-wire IDE cables, a working SATA to IDE converter Thank you

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