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  1. OK got it working! Exactly as suggested, EvoX M8 doesn't support either LBA48 nor 128MB RAM, so I flashed IND-BIOS 5003.06 to my Aladdin and it booted up, everything is working 100%. Thatnks again for the suggestion on the LBA48 because I was never going to find that! Now it's time to solder in my extra RAM and call it a day
  2. I was thinking IND 5003.06 BIOS because it supports LBA, 128MB RAM upgrade (which I plan on doing soon), and no G drive. Or possibly the IND 5003.06 that was patched after the official release with some bug fixes
  3. I only stuck evox m8+ in my bios because it sounded familiar. If there's another bios I should be booting my Aladdin from, please let me know!
  4. I didn't mean to mislead you. When I boot to my HDD and access the file manager, F drive is there, but empty. If I add it as a source, nothing changes. When I boot to Hexen DVD and enter its file manager I can access everything under my F drive. So there's something either with my dashboard or it's still tring to boot an incorrect BIOS still on the HDD? Or there's a conflict with Evox M8+ booting from the Aladdin? Is there a way to force refresh of my drives or partitions in XBMC? Is there something I should run from Hexen to disable the BIOS on the HDD? Can I expand the E drive and move everything from F to E once I boot to Hexen?
  5. I was able to boot XBPartitioner through Hexen disc and there were no errors. I also played around with the disc and opened the file explorer. My Emulators folder is at the root of the F drive with all my games, I even opened an emulator directly from its XBE and played a game, working fine. I think it's just the forwarder in XBMC that's pointing to a F partition that's not there any more. How would I fiix that issue after I confirmed the F drive is still populated?
  6. Is that an xbox app or PC? I've never heard of it and don't know where to look.
  7. If I FTP in, C is populated with my XBE files and a few directories, E seems to have Apps but no Emulators nor Games. I'm nearly certain I had everything stored on F:, but there's literally nothing there. I don't remember what I used to softmod originally, I assume it was the Splinter Cell exploit with Software Installer Deluxe. LikeI said, I think this was in ~2008. If I look at the File Manager, I can get the volumes (not sure if remaining or filled) of the drives: C - 485MB E - 3.37GB F - 48.52GB Q - also 3.37GB Either way if these are consumed or remaining numbers, there's certainly something on the F drive.
  8. I was able to get the eeprom from the dead xbox using the pi (I think, it saved an eeprom.bin at least). I tried to unlock the hdd with it over network and it wouldn't unlock. Or it told me to check the status and XBlast still said 'Locked'. I then tried to unlock it with the LT+RT+START+WHITE master unlock and it said it worked. I rebooted to EVOX M8+ and was able to get to my old XBMC dash! However, while it says the HDD is populated with my old files and emulators (the drive has C, E, and F drives), they were effectively empty. I try to load my apps and it says 'path not found'. If I go to the File Manager in XBMC and browse, I can see the same file structure, but the F drive where everything was stored is empty. I thought maybe the unlock was wonky, so I rebooted back to XBlast, locked the HDD and rebooted, same issue. I think either I didn't unlock the drive correctly or there's something conflicting maybe with my old evoxdash.xbe that was set to autoboot? I'm at a loss now. I remember reading something about using HEXEN to disable the softmod once Aladdin was installed, but I don't want to break anything further
  9. So the 1.6 xbox doesn't boot properly. At some point when I tried to install the Aladdin it just wouldn't boot, it would try 3x to boot then FRAG. I had already cut the LFRAME before realizing it wouldn't boot. I tried restoring the LFRAME, but it still won't boot even after I've pulled the chip and leads. I have the HDD still from it, untouched, except I made a imgc backup with HDD Raw Copy Tool. I also found an old EEPROM.bin file from 2008, but I don't know if it was from that 200GB HDD or the original 10GB HDD from the xbox. Is there any way I can get the EEPROM from either the bare HDD or the image? I noticed when I boot my new xbox to XBlast it has an option to unlock the HDD, could I try to unlock it with this EEPROM? With that said, I'm less concerned with actually getting it to boot, which I thought could be changed later. I'd rather see if this HDD transfers to the new xbox. Consequently, when I tried to initialize a new 1TB HDD with a SATA adapter just by plugging it in and booting, I got an error, so that's confusing. EDIT: I tried that EEPROM file I found, it wouldn't unlock the HDD in XBlast. I guess it wasn't the right one.
  10. Hi all, I tried searching but didn't see this exact question. I have an old softmodded (10 years ago?) v1.6 XBOX that I tried to install an Aladdin XT+2 on so I could double the RAM. Long story short, I think I borked that motherboard and it won't boot now. I've gotten a replacement v1.4 XBOX and correctly installed the Aladdin and gotten it to boot properly to EvoX. Is there a way I can transfer my modded HDD from the 1.6 to my 1.4 with the Aladdin? I had XBMC and a lot of apps installed so would prefer not to start from scratch. Thanks!

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