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  1. hello everyone i finished rgh 1.2 my falcon 360 everything is working except the dvd drive it dosnt seem to make the console glitch it just stuck in loop so i removed anyway i was thinking of cooling the memory so i added a thermal pad and heat sinks to these , (ps not my picture ) and after that it doesn't recognize any hdd connected i try the hdd in another console its fully working i removed the pads same problem what can be the problem ps i got a new psu since someone told me that maybe my old psu is faulty (after i added the pads i didnt try the console with old psu so i dont know is it the new psu that killed the port or is it pads or somthing else ?) and its much higher watt 203watt i try it in a diffrent console before trying it on this console and didnt have problems
  2. Hi all, I've recently bought this adapter , I connected it to the power and the data cables (Seagate SATA 250gb drive 3.5"), inserted Slayer Evox 2.7 DVD, but it stucks a bit into the Xbox splash screen (while showing the pink icon on the top-left, no "Slayer Evox 2.7" appears below the Xbox logo) before giving me Error 16. So I switched back to the old PATA drive, Evox launched correctly, switched the drives (while Evox still running) but : - when I format, it takes ages and returns '0' on each partition - when I try to lock/unlock it freezes (blank text on blue container) - when I try install as new large hdd it takes to formatting - when I try to install just Evox on C it takes weirdly no time (after formatting all partitions took ages as usual). Edit: I just tried, left the console for a while, then returned and as before all partitions shown '0' and when I reboot (thinking the install process was complete) same Error 16 as before, sometimes error 7 So what I'm supposed to do? FYI: the adapter has no "slave/master" thing on it, just the 40 pins and the power ones (but it seems making the hard drive working/sounding).
  3. Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me get my OGX360 working again. It was working for a couple years then I let it sit around for about a year and now the Chinese wireless Xbox 360 adapter won't sync with my controller (it worked before). I was able to successfully update all 4 boards of the ogx360 via Ryzee's instructions on Github but this did not solve the problem. I loaded the debug.hex file to the master board and got the following output on Termite: Ryzee119 ogx360 Testing Routine Based on test routine by Circuits At Home See https://github.com/felis/USB_Host_Shield_2.0/blob/master/examples/board_qc/board_qc.ino MAX3421 Revision 03 SPI bus integrity test. Transfers 1MB of data. Each dot is 64K................ SPI long test passed PLL test. 10 chip resets will be performed Oscillator Stability Check Reset number 0 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 1 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 2 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 3 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 4 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 5 Time to stabilize - 286 cycles Reset number 6 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 7 Time to stabilize - 286 cycles Reset number 8 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Reset number 9 Time to stabilize - 285 cycles Checking USB device communication. Waiting for device... Reset complete. Waiting for the first SOF... USB state machine reached error state Obviously there is a problem being detected by the self test, but I am not sure what this means. If anyone has an idea more specifically what this means please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone I will try to use my best english language to communicate. Do anyone already had one time a particularly strange default like that on console : I use a Xenium Ice modchip, with a kernel bios and Cerbios (the good version for 1.6), on an 1.6 version (not "b" because she was create before september, 2004), and one day, shit happen. I just had a total green screen and the console never boot again, just limited to the christmas light after the three time faulty boot. And you know what ? I had another console, the one I never touched because I loved her so much, you know. I modded her... exactly like the other one, with the same Xenium modchip and the same LPC rebuilder rev.2.1 from Xenium team. The other one worked perfectly a time, isn't it. Not a problem from the wirring. I turned on her, she booted just the time to see this perfect cerbios logo (the blue wolf), and from there (just after one or two second) I got a total green screen again, and now I got two broken console. I have no other word to describe how far I am sad. Did it just my modchip died for no reason and if a put another modchip on that, both console will boot again ? Best regard for the community as well Hope someone will have an idea of what happen
  5. I have a V1.0 System I was getting ready to Tsop flash, but I ran into a problem where I accidentally got solder on the legs of the Tsop. I tried removing it, but things just got screwed up more and more. I was wondering is the board going to be screwed, or is my only option a mod chip?
  6. Hi all, dug out my old xbox original which was last booted up around 15 years or more ago to find it not working as I left it. It's an xbox original with a Xenium modchip in it (one of the ones that you push in and then have a wire that sits in one of the solder holes - picture attached). As an additional problem I can't remember a thing about how it is set up or where the wire should be or what the extension cable (which currently not connected) even does and can't find any of my old notes on it. So any/ all help very much appreciated as to how to proceed on this. Basically, when you switch it on, it currently flashes green three times then goes to a green, red, green, red repeating colour change. If I move the wire out of the hole that it was located in, then it boots into normal mode and I can set the time etc. As soon as I put the wire back to where it was, then it does the not booting and colour sequence as above. Pic attached of modchip. If more information is helpful on something specific please let me know!.
  7. Hi, I soft-modded my Xbox (1.6) some years ago (I think 5) with SID 12. The soft-mod main dashboard is UnleashX. I moved it (the 3 files) from E:\ to E:\Apps and installed XBMC4XBOX in E:\ making it as my main dash (with a shorcut.xbe). On the HW side I replaced the IDE cable with a 80 wires one and installed a SATA III 2,5" Barracuda HDD (connected with the Sabrent ide to sata board. HDD blocked with a 2,5" to 3,5" mount) I installed a lot of Xbox games and emulators, never had a single problem but this one: Since the beginning it keeps resetting the time zone (it happened very often). I always set it again, in all 3 dashboards (UnleashX, XBMC and the original Dash) but it keep resetting. I remember when updating to the last XBMC version, it seemed to reset less often, but i can't tell for sure. I was some good amount of months (maybe a year) without using the Xbox and when I came back to use it I noticed the problem is changed. Now it reset all the date settings to 1 January 2007 (ironically the time zone seems to keep the settings now). The Xbox is always connected to the A/C power. I think it's a software related problem, because it seems to reset depending on the date. I gave up on manually re-setting the correct date and leaved it as it was. It never reset anymore. It started on 1/1/2007. It's been a months now and date keeps going corectly (If I set the actual current date, after one or two rebooting at max, it resets). For curiosity I checked the last @Rocky5 installer to see what has changed in the last 5 years (I have a lot of installers, old stuff though). I noticed this note about main Features: Clock auto set to 01/01/2019 (No more clock loops) It can be something related to my problem?? I want to specify that I'm really good with my old SID 12 softmod, everything works 100% perfectly aside the above mentioned issue and i'm not even sure it is related to the soft-mod or to the fact I moved UnleashX files or something else. So, there's a way to solve it, maybe changing some settings, replacing files?? Otherwise, if it's a issue not solvable on my old soft-mod, I could consider to update it with the new 1.1.7 installer (hoping to not damage anything). If you need more infos just ask, thank you and sorry for the bad english.
  8. Lately the hard drive makes strange sounds, like "jumping" or scratching etc. So I formatted it(both low and hard level, with standard partition softwares) , checked it in Windows and done various tests like sectors and surfaces test: no problems were found. I reinstalled Slayer's Evox (latest), reuploaded all stuff, etc: same problems. At first boot, after many hours of inactivity, it goes well, but after a bit or just randomly the HD makes such weird sounds and the game crashes (especially Rallisport Challenge, a little more rarely with other games, both launched with TSR and IGR options set in various ways... though I noticed the problem is less frequent when TSR is on Normal and IGR is enabled). Maybe the HD is ok (also checked its compatibility before buying from the HD compatible chart I can't find now) but something else is wrong? I dusted the Xbox out, reconnected all cables: the problem is still there. Maybe it's not the sectors but the reader or any other part of the HD? Or maybe it's the way how files are uploaded to be wrong ( I use Filezilla, a router and normal ethernet cables, no crossover) ?
  9. i have 2 hard modded xbox's. i just fired up the 2nd one after many months of none use. it has one of the aladin clone modchip's and the evo8 bios. i have it set to show the stock xbox start up flubber and X screen just like a stock xbox startup screen. when it goes to the X, it has a lot of silver in it. the machine seems to be working perfectly other than that. what would cause this and is it anything to be concerned about? everything was working perfectly from the push of the power button till i shut it down before i let it sit for months. it is a v1.6 xbox btw.
  10. Hi, i got a sound problem which one of my xbox but only on the left speaker. it sound like the left speaker is broken, i tried headphones too but same problem. i tried my second xbox on the same TV with same component and composite cable and it was all right. can some please help me with this. i can change the capacitor if that is the problem but i do not know which capacitor is for sound.
  11. Hello eve Hello everybody; I bought an xbox with chip as in the picture (an aladdin, but I don't know the exact model). As soon as I turn it on I see the EvoX logo in the left corner, but as a bios entry, it gives me "unknown". Naturally the burned games start. I decided to put a ssd of at least 500Gb, a samsung evo, so I bought an 80 pin ide cable and a startech adapter (40 pin ide to sata converter). Inserted the dvd of truhexen 2021, I inserted the sequence and formatted everything; the problem is that it never detects me more than 120 gb on F and not even G. Using Xbpartitioner 1.3 FROM TRUHEXEN seems to work, but not and if i put all space (458,31GB) in F it give "ER"....if i split F and G, when i restart the dash does not see G and F is 120gb...moreover, If I launch xbpartition from ssd, it gave me error "LBA48info not found!Custom partition will not work with this bios" (but from dvd start). Installing the new dashes (and basic program) and launching unleashX dash, I see the bios entry "EvoxM8 (1.6) and xboxV 1.4" .... do I have to flash the bios?
  12. I bought my first Xbox classic with modchip (aladdin xt plus2) and the problem is that the hard disk is dead and I listened to it I have to have eeprom but I do not have because the hard disk is dead but I also listened that I can change the hard disk but I have to do haxen board and reinstall the system? this is? ps (I'm sorry but I can't speak English, this is what Google translator says)
  13. There's a few games not working on faster cpu. Does anyone know how to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein (NTSC) to run with a faster cpu ? (1 ghz, 1.4 ghz) ? On startup it dIsplays the first copyright screen and then it freezes just before loading the ESRB notice. HDD spins down to low activity. Same result happens if I use xbepatcher on the default.xbe. On my stock xbox this game runs just fine.
  14. I have a cut-down slim OG xbox that has worked great, but then I changed the paste a while back and it started going kind of weird. The picture output is barely there, it's really really dark with a strong red tint to it, can barely see the menus but it's definitely outputting a picture. Could I have messed up the GPU somehow? Something being shorted? I'd include a picture but you can barely see anything. I'd be sad to ditch this as I put a lot of time into it. Best,
  15. Hi there, greetings from Russia One newbie needs help I just installed Aladdin xt plus2 with new hdd 500gb via sata adaptor. Auto Installer Deluxe cd recognize my hdd and formate it with subsequent installation of dashboard but this is where the problems begin. If i try to boot i get eror 13 but if i swap hdd with dvd on ide cable (hope you can understand the wording) - everything is fine and i can boot in to EvoX. There is some boot priority and with default cable connection my bios cant find dash location or i miss something? How can i fix this ? Thank you
  16. Hi guys, I've got tons of Xbox originals over last 2 years and i always see the same problem with Samsung drives - they are not reading at all. Tweaking pot doesn't help. Laser beam is there, it is not weak. Lens is not dirty, tried to clean all of them. My guess was maybe these are capacitors on the drive board? The issues is i can't desolder them without tearing of the pads. Stupid, i know but really they are so fragile there or whatever is he reason. Plus I'm not sure on some of them in terms of specs. So, what do you think? 1. Can it be capacitors? something else? 2. If it is probably capacitors, anyone has all the ratings? Thanks!
  17. Hello, guys Today I updated my softmoded Xbox with Rocky5 softmod and xbmx4gamers ...everything was ok, until I started to download artwork downloader which is over 600 mb and placed it in E: In the same time I uploaded a game with size of 4gb by mistake in E: again instead of F: So, now the xbox starts green animation and flashes like to start the dashboard, but continue on black screen. My only suggestion is that I consumed the entire E: and on that drive is the xbmc4gamers folder, too....I dont know, but if the dashboard need some space on start maybe that cause the black screen...any ideas to help??? Also, is it possible to connect the hdd to a pc and xplorer360 app to erace that game from E: and to make some space on that drive??? Any help is welcome! Thank you in advance!!!
  18. I have an xbox slim without a dvd drive. The 40 GB hard drive starts up without a problem. Unfortunately 320 gb disk, frozen logo. I have formatted the disk several times and unfortunately the same continues. If the dvd drive is plugged in, the xbox will boot without problem. Any suggestions?
  19. so I got a new Samsung SDG-605 drive and wanted to replaced the aging Philips on my 1.1 machine with it. except I'm having this weird problem with it. sometimes the Xbox hangs on the "xecuter rox my box" screen for a few seconds before booting. when that happens, the Samsung drive shows "init" rather than "empty" and won't read any discs. checking the system's settings tells me it's not recognizing the drive at all. I can get it to boot normally sometimes though, the drive works fine then. I've tried several things already, a different ide cable (even the stock one), power supply and cord, with and without the top case. formatting didn't help, either. I'm guessing it's either the ide to sata adapter (it's a startech) or maybe the cable needs to be in the correct orientation (blue on the board)? or did I get a dud drive?
  20. I have both Dark Alliance Games on the Xbox. The second works awesome in 480p but the first only displays a black screen if i start in HD modes enabled. As soon i activate the standart PAL mode it works. Is there a way or a patch i can use this whit HD modes?
  21. for some unknown reason, xbmcegamers can't see the halo 2 update. it works fine with unleashx but not xbmc4gamers. anyone know of a fix?
  22. Working with a 1.0 console with an X3 in it and a loaded 2TB Seagate Barracuda. The drive is split 50/50 between F and G. I flashed a fresh version of BIOS 3294 and now it defaults to 137GB for F and G gets the rest. I'm not sure how to resolve this one. How can I get it to recognize the 50/50 split of F and G? I also reset the configuration to defaults. Thanks. NVM, I found the right option - Disk Tools > New Hard Drive Upgrade > Use Saved Partition Table = Enabled. I was looking everywhere else and didn't think to check that option.
  23. Hello, I have used the official component cable for my original Xbox for years without any issues, until now. This is what happens: https://youtu.be/RihPxD0JcB0 This only seems to happen on menu's. No problems in-game so far. At first, I thought the cable was damaged, so I bought a Kaico HDMI adapter to replace it, but this is what happens when I use it: https://youtu.be/iLw4o2IqtGE I decided to grab my older Xbox from the attic for testing and both cables work perfectly on that console, so I think the cables are not the issue. I'm no expert at all, so can somebody tell me what's going on with my console? Can it be fixed?
  24. i flash custom evox bios, after that it just not boot, and switches to stock bios. i use raincoat to flash. board is 1.6 and i use evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin from aid 4.5.3 i have no idea what i do wrong. i then reflash it with hexen 2017 and it work OK.
  25. i've been asking about why my xbox has started emitting an intermittent high pitched whining sound. well, i was just doing some more troubleshooting with the top shell off. i was feeling of the dvd and hdd and i noticed it felt like i was getting a mild shock. so i got my volt meter and stuck one probe in the ground prong of an outlet and another one on different metal parts of the xbox. i was reading 60+ ac volts(i'm in the usa so we have 120 volts, one hot leg and 2 ground legs, at our wall outlets). i figured i had a bad psu so i changed it. here comes the weird part. i did the same test with a volt meter and was still reading 60+ volts with the known good psu in it. i tested the other xbox that the psu came out of before removing the psu and it was showing 10 volts. so how would 60+ volts get through to the metal parts of the xbox if the psu is not at fault? update: now the known good xbox and psu are showing 56 volts. are they suppose to do this or did i damage the psu?

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