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  1. I have the same slim style from aliexpress but didn't check how fast it is, I'm glad that it works at all for 2$ One last question. When I try exit back from game to dashboard (triggers + back + black) console just reboot and got error cuz modchip is activated by press power for 1 sec not just power on/off. There is any option to reconfig this process for booting always in modchip way or i can forget about it because i need to reflash bios (which i can't reflash with soft because my chip is fake one)?
  2. Allright guys, i came back with a little update 1) I resoldered BT link connection and it gave nothing, i still cant reflash my bios with any metods which you suggested (EvoX / XBlast) 2) When i tried setup a new large HDD via OGXbox Installer console just stuck on the copying files (screenshot below) but AID did the job done (I don't know why OGX refused to copy files and is a little upset because overall I liked it) 3) And the most important point - i replaced stock 40 wire IDE with a 80 wire and as a result everything worked as it should even with a preflashed bios (but i'm not sure it was only about the cable or resolder BT link connection) Thank you all very much for your help! I learned a lot of new things "Hug you warmly"
  3. Unfortunately when i run XBlast i get "Unsupported modchip". There are few screens of error and modchip itself. And one little thing, before i replace old hdd (on which the softmod was installed) it was booted with new chip without any problem. This is definitely a BIOS problem or smth else?
  4. Got it, tomorrow i'll try to find new 80 wire cable Now i tried to flash Evoxm8+ via OGXbox Installer but it just freez on erasing
  5. Thank you for feedback I did not flash bios yet cuz naively thought that everything should work out of the box and my XBox version i 1.6 Answering your questions: 1. I think i have stock 40 wire IDE 2. TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 500gb
  6. Hi there, greetings from Russia One newbie needs help I just installed Aladdin xt plus2 with new hdd 500gb via sata adaptor. Auto Installer Deluxe cd recognize my hdd and formate it with subsequent installation of dashboard but this is where the problems begin. If i try to boot i get eror 13 but if i swap hdd with dvd on ide cable (hope you can understand the wording) - everything is fine and i can boot in to EvoX. There is some boot priority and with default cable connection my bios cant find dash location or i miss something? How can i fix this ? Thank you

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