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Found 18 results

  1. Fun little project, recreated the casing for the pro switch used by the x3 modchip. Done in Fusion 360
  2. Back in the day there were some great Option Files and Iso patches made for the Pro Evo Soccer games, but as is the nature of the internet all links to those files are now long gone. Does anyone out there have any of the files lurking anywhere on a an old hard rive or pc, or has a patched copy of a Pro Evo game on their xbox hard drive. You can tell if a game is patched generally as all the team names will be real, the stadiums will have real products in their advertising boards and the music will be changed on the menus. there are other things that are changed but these are the most obvious. I have a Patched copy of Pro Evo 5 on my hdd with its matching Option file and it makes the game so much better. The game is named ProEvoSoccer5.4.2. so that must be what the patch version was named. I cant share it here for obvious reasons but if i can work out a way to get the patched files only then maybe i can upload those. I would put a link to d/l the iso but that would be frowned upon I believe....... I can though i think upload the option file...... If any of you have anything then get in touch as id love to get some more of the old patches etc and im sure there were iso mods for other games too. pro evo 5 save.rar
  3. Hello, I'm relatively new to the OG Xbox scene, I have a 1.6 Xbox with the Chimeric HDMI adapter, when playing THPS4, there's pretty significant screen tearing, is this normal, or does it have something to do with the Xcaliber encoder in the 1.6?
  4. Need to replace a bank button as well as the protect button. Found some potential replacements online through other threads here or Reddit but they won't work. Found a replacement bank button I could 3D print, but still out the protect button. Ideally I'd prefer just the switches off a broken unit but will entertain buying another X3CP or Pro Switch. Regards
  5. Hey guys im looking for a xecuter 3 pro switch message me if so for sale thank you.
  6. I want to buy xecuter 3 clear pro switch does anyone have one for sale dm if so.
  7. Xbox original Tony Hawk Pro skater 4. One of the 4 softmodding games. $18 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal goods and services only
  8. I got an xbox v1.0 motherboard with an xecuter 2.3 pro modchip that was not working. I took it apart and found the d0 wire was loose, so I resoldered that connection and hooked everything up and the system ran fine for about 4 hours, at which point I powered everything down and went to bed. this morning I go to power on the unit and the blue lights on the modchip light up and the fans spin for a second, but no lights on the front panel and nothing else happens. the capacitors on the power supply and near the psu connector on the motherboard all look fine. not sure what else to check, so any help would be appreciated. Also, the clock cap was removed before I got the xbox, presumably when the modchip was originally installed VID_20220223_031845379.3gp
  9. Hey there, I have an Xecuter 2.0 Pro which I removed from a dead Xbox. It was soldered directly to the LPC pads. I put it in my TSOPed 1.0 (pin header) and all I can get it to do is FRAG. According to an old install tutorial I found it is supposed to FRAG when the chip is on and your D0 is wired correctly, and I'm fairly certain that connection is good. My trouble is that the DIP switches don't change anything. If I have that chip plugged into the board, it frags no matter what. This is a really old chip and it has an external LPT programming interface. Should I try to hook that up while its FRAGing? Has anyone every installed one of these who might be able to give me some insight? Thanks!
  10. Hi all - hoping somebody might have either a scan of the manual for the Competition Pro Wireless wheel accessory, or else knowledge of how the button programming function works on it so that you can get the pedals to work with the driving games that don't allow you to map correctly within the game itself (NFS Underground 2 can do this by changing the control scheme in-game for example, but Outrun 2006 doesn't have this ability)? Have been hunting high and low for ages and so far haven't turned up anything :( It's this one for reference: Thanks in advance! Alex
  11. I'm trying to play this NTSC game on my hardmodded PAL console, but when I boot the game up from the game disc, the console simply reads it as a video and loads the DVD portion of the disc. I tested the disc on my vanilla PAL Xbox as well, and even on that console, the same thing happens with (there's no region error screen, it just plays the familiar screen shown in the link). I haven't had any problems playing NTSC games from the game disc on my modded Xbox previously, so I don't understand what the problem is. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I’m currently trying to figure out why tony hawk pro skater 3 keeps saying failed to save to hard disk. I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this issue before? My Xbox is hard modded and has been upgraded with a 2TB wd blu hard drive if that helps thanks in advance
  13. Hello All, I have a xbox that i picked up used, and it has a xecuter pro 2.1 (i believe) but it does not have the front or rear rs232 or DIP switch plates. When i boot i get an error of an unlocked drive, so I assume it is trying to boot to factory BIOS and it has a WD 120GB IDE drive in it. I tried to jump the D0 wire to ground as I read that would force it to use the xecuter's bios, and when I do that I get a greyscale screen that "xbox Linux Clean BIOS 1.22dev" screen that tells me to put in a disc. is this something i can do with Hexen? Thank you for any help
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to seel a crystal xbox with pink xecuter 3 modchip and crystal pro switch. All buttons are present on the pro switch. It's only got a 40gb hdd but does have coin ops on there. It's in full working order but I dont have a controller for it. I'm looking for a valuation with a view to selling on so if you could give me a price I'd be grateful. I'm based in the UK, thanks.
  15. Hi guys, I've been away from the scene for ages and just getting back in. I have a v1.0 box with a Xecuter 2 pro. I think the current bios is 4982. I've downloaded a new hard drive image that I'm trying to use but it doesn't work properly (something about LBA48 not enabled?). I'm looking to update the bios, can anyone recommend a "latest" bios I could use?
  16. Hi guys I have an xbox with xecuter 3 and pro switch.. If anyone would like to make an offer
  17. I’m looking for a halo green pro switch
  18. Hey guys, New to OG Xbox modding and I'm having an issue trying to boot the Hexen CD. I have an Aladin XT Pro 2 (I think - See Pics) and in an attempt to upgrade the hard drive i have replaced the stock drive with an 80GB IDE drive. I was then hoping to boot to the Hexen CD to rebuild the drive. I know each HD is locked with a Key but should it be possible to boot to the Hexen CD and rebuild using the tools there? The problem I'm having is when booting with power button to allow it to boot the Evo X dash etc it still gives me Error 07. I have put in the Hexen CD and rebooted again in to the Evo X and it still doesn't recognise the disc. I am yet to test the DVD drive to see if its a problem with it reading discs but thought i would get some feedback from you guys first. Thanks for any input David

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