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  1. I cloned the hard drive with chimp, used FileZilla to transfer files for games. But I did figure out one thing, my dashboard is XBMC4Gamers, I went to my profile and set individual saves for each profile and now it works for some reason? I’m confused as to why it works now
  2. Hi, I’m currently trying to figure out why tony hawk pro skater 3 keeps saying failed to save to hard disk. I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this issue before? My Xbox is hard modded and has been upgraded with a 2TB wd blu hard drive if that helps thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for your help Dave, it’s much appreciated . With this particular bios I flashed, is it supposed to not play the animation and not show the Evo X red logo when the console powers on? It works flawlessly but I’m just curious
  4. Awesome, thank you. I’ll have to try and do it later on once I get a chance. Where would I place the bios on my Xbox’s hard drive before flashing my mod chip? I just want to make sure I have it in the correct folders/locations before attempting anything since I’ve never done this before
  5. My Xbox is 1.4. What program would you recommend to reflash the bios with?
  6. Hi there, so today I upgraded my Xbox’s hard drive to a 2TB WD blue and in unleash X, it’s showing just 500gb available to use as storage. But when I set up the hard drive using hexen, XBpartioner let me choose 900gb partitions for F and G. Is there something I’ve done wrong to not allow the hard drives full capacity? My Xbox had a duo x2 chip and I’m on my bank that has evox bios installed. I didn’t install this chip so I’m unsure of what version of Evox this has. any help in much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. I can't see them on my C drive on filezilla bios.bin
  8. I did that and hit backup and nothing happened
  9. I can't see that option in the ini file. See the attached evox.ini
  10. I can’t see the option on where to back it up? Where should I be looking for that? Settings has no back up options?
  11. Thanks for the information, it really helps . I forgot to mention before but do I have to take the fact that my Xbox has a winbond chip into account or is that only apllicable to tsop'd consoles?
  12. Hi, I’m new to anything to do with mod chips on the original Xbox so my apologies if I sound like a complete noobie. I recently purchased a Xbox of Facebook market place that has a DuoX2 (blue) mod chip installed. When the console boots is has like a green logo in the top left and Slayers 2.7 underneath the Xbox logo at the bottom of the screen (I’ll add a photo to explain what I’m talking about). Then it boots into evolutionX dashboard I believe. I’ve dabbled with soft modded Xboxes before and wanted to take a crack at a mod chipped one but I’m worried I’ll brick the consol

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