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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I have a 1.3 xbox, with an Xecuter3 CE installed solderless. I was flashing via FTP, and was able to flash successfully, BUT, I am an idiot and flashed over bank 1 of the 256mb bios so I think I overwrote the x3 default bios. My issue is that my chip does not have the power control board installed, so I cannot use the power+eject button trick to get to the bios recovery screen. Some hopefully helpful pieces of information: 1. After I flashed the cerbios in bank 1 of 256, I was able to reboot to dash from the x3 menu. The cerbios animation displayed, and my evox dash booted with no issue. I then powered off. When I hit power again, it started fragging 2. I did not copy the cerbios.ini to the root of the C drive, which may be part of the issue I am facing, as it does not know to point to the evoxdash 3. When I boot with bank 1 of the 256k bios, the console still frags immediately 4. I also installed a different bios Evox8 in bank 5 of the 256, but I cannot get it to boot from that bios (on, off, on, on for the switch positions). Just constant fragging 5. When I boot with the banks that I have flashed bios to (1 and 5 256) the first boot takes a second before failing, while any other bank setting is nearly instant. I was wondering if I have any options to get to a safe mode where I can flash the bios without the power control board? Any disk drive options, or switch settings I could use I would happily buy that piece for the chip but it is basically unobtanium at this point as I am sure most people on this sub are aware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So separate to my Softmod in another thread, I also have an old Xecuter 2.3b lite which has sat in my toolbox for about 15 years or so. Physically it's in pristine condition. I have no idea what bios it should/might have on it, as it was removed from my old Xbox way back when after I got another (original Xenium) chip. I have the ground/D0 cable and a switch module. I'm not the worlds best solderer but I managed to use braid etc to remove the solder from the LPC holes on my v1.0 board, and solder in a 12 pin header. I don't have the cable for the switch module for this chip, so have tried using spare wire to set the switches so the chip would be enabled. The LED's on the chip light up when powered on, regardless of the state of ground/D0. However, if I jumper the pins to enable the chip, or ground D0, my console frags (eg on/off three times, ending with flashing green/red light). I have triple checked my soldering. I used a multimeter to test all the pins on the LPC following a guide in another thread and voltages etc appear correct when the console is powered on. D0 is definitely correct as there is continuity if I bridge the top D0 point with the wire (which is soldered to the bottom D0 point). My question is, if the Modchip bios isn't correctly flashed/loaded, would that cause a Frag? I'm worried my soldering isn't good enough but all the multimeter tests seem to indicate everything is working as it should be, leading me to think the chip is faulty/dead (even though the LED's light). I'm close to ordering an OpenXenium if I can find one somewhere, as that will negate my TSOP/HDD issues, but just worried there might be something i'm missing with my soldering etc. Thanks for any advice
  3. I tested the chip. It works. It will not boot when D0 is activated in a 1.3 motherboard. Solder points should be good. Chip DOES have power and lights up. @Dtomcat18
  4. So I installed a openxenium chip today and it turned on brought me to the os and I accidentally hit the power button and now it doesn't boot just flashes green 3 times and goes green/red. Even tried resoldering joints I'm stumped it was working and now it isnt... in the span of 10 min. Even tried a new hdd same issue. I also tried removing the chip and got error 07 it should be noted the chip was still wired in when I did that but not plugged into the pinhead (this is only when I was testing if it would run after it started fragging)
  5. Hi there, I'm back doing another 1.6 mod with an Aladdin XT Plus2. It's a stock 1.6 xbox, so I thought a modchip would be pretty straightforward... Added the pin header and the tutorial I followed said cut the pins marked with an X (hopefully this makes sense) X O O O O O O O X X O O I've rebuilt the LPC and cut the L Frame trace, linked the BT to enable chip at all times, soldering went smoothly, no traces pulled etc. This is my third xbox mod install hi When trying to turn it on, I get the 3 restarts and the green red flashing ring led Any help or checklists to work through would be hugely appreciated, I can add photos tomorrow Cheers, Bryce
  6. Hi Everyone.after a long time of being away from the Original xbox I decided to buy one and get back into it for some of the games I have. I got a v1.0 and instantly removed the Clock Cap. I then softmodded it and tsop flashed successfully the latest cerbios v2.02 UDMA5 version (I also replaced the iIDE cable at the same time. everything was fine apart from the loud whine coming from the GPU fan so I bought the v1.2+ heatsink and went and replaced it in the Xbox today. After putting it all back together it turned on and booted into the dash fine (XBMC4Gamers) but after a minute of sitting there it glitched out and it restarted 3 times before doing the red/green flashing light. I think I may have used bad thermal paste that may have been out of date. I reused the metal clamp on the gpu. I also repasted the CPU at the same time but when I went to reattach the clamp it didn't seem to clamp down fully on the CPU either. could the BIOS get damaged while the Xbox is running causing it to now frag? does anyone have any advice on this?
  7. My OG Xbox started to Frag after a recap using the Console 5 kits. The PSU has been successfully recapped, mod chip and the extra ram chips work as i did that before the recap, clock cap area is fine, i removed that cap quite a while ago and cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol. Every cap is in the right place and in the right orientation. But i did install C3B1 near the AV port, the 100uf cap the wrong away around the first time. I fixed that mistake, powered it on again but i get a Frag. What could be the problem? I reflowed the solder many times, and can’t find shorts either. Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/WIgbUQI
  8. I have a 1.0 with 128mb installed that is TSOP'd that without any of my own intervention started to frag (green light off, green light off, red green flashing). The only even prior was transferring games overnight via FTP. I'm not sure if something overheated or what but the xbox had frozen during the transfer and upon rebooting is when the frag started. I'd love some advice on how best to troubleshoot the issue. I installed a xblast lite to see if it was a TSOP issue and the outcome is still the same. Any ideas on what I should try next? I'm not noticing any caps that look out of sorts.
  9. I'm a total newbie to soldering/electronics and I messed up while trying to replace the capacitor on my old xbox. I took a picture from underneath the motherboard and labelled which hole is positive and negative, and I'm trying to understand what my options are for getting a cap in there. For the record, I damaged the "via" rivets so the holes are damaged. Some people talk about scratching off the light green stuff to reveal the copper and attaching wires to it, to which a cap could go on the end? I'm really confused and would appreciate any help you could offer. First pic was the bulged caps. Damaged cap slot is on the far right. Next pic is of the underside of the 3rd cap slot. 3rd pic is from the top of the motherboard, same cap slot. I think the copper vias connecting the different layers in the board were damaged, as they came out with the cap that I had to remove (yes I'm dumb, got frustrated and had the temperature too high). What are my options here? Is there any way to go around this? Is it worth just filling in the holes with plenty of solder and installing the cap as normal? Really don't know what to do

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