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  1. From left to right: DVD Ready, DVD Activity, HDD activity, LAN activity. The DVD activity light is separated from the HDD activity light and DVD Ready light is present. How was this done? I know about the HDD activity signal, but that is handled on the right of this little custom housing. The left two LEDs are the ones I am wondering about. I assume it involves tapping onto the DVD ROM drive PCB. @KaosEngineer
  2. I'm posting this here as I am at the end of my rope with trying to diagnose this issue. I have 23 original Xbox's and this fault ONLY happens on hard modded systems that have the Samsung DVD drive (both the SDG-605B and SDG-605F). I will give a little information first on the type of hard mods I performed to each of the systems(they are all identical). modchip: Xblast Jafar/Aladdin ide wire: 40 pin 80 wire 24" long ide to sata: startech adapter(set to master) hdd: 3tb wd red pro or 4tb hgst ultrastar RAM: stock 64mb(1.6 models and 2 1.4s) or 128mb upgrade(all other models) console capacitors: all replaced on both the motherboard and PSU with Panasonic FM(mouser) or Nichicon (console5 kit) DVD drive caps: all replaced on Samsung drives only BIOS: Cerbios 2.3.1 UDMA5 (tried UDMA2 did not help) Xbox motherboard revision: I have all revisions from 1.0 to 1.6b The issue I am having is that XBMC4Gamers gives the DVD "Busy" signal when I try to boot a game(game is brand new, no scratches), and the stock 5960 dashboard will just give a disc read error. The error can be fixed by simply rebooting the console into xblast OS then loading cerbios from there. Once the console boots again the game reads fine first try and works without stutters(the lasers are fine). The issue will happen again if the xbox is turned off then unplugged and allowed to sit a bit. If I turn it on again using the power button (instead of using disc button to boot to xblast first) the issue will happen again until I go back into xblast and reboot the bios. Also, the game will boot if I have the disc in the drive when first turning on the console. It only doesn't work when trying to insert it after reaching the dashboard (stock or xbmc). This issue only happens on the samsung drives. I have many thomson, philips and even 1 hitachi drive and the issue does not happen there. On first boot with these drives, the games always load first try without having to reboot the console. I can rotate these samsung drives between consoles and the issue follows them to whichever console I put them into. I am convinced that this is not a hardware issue because of this but some problem with either the BIOS or xbmc4gamers. I really hope someone can help me here as I have no idea what the issue can be and troubleshooting this had led me nowhere so far.
  3. I took apart three consoles today that where sold as parts, all three had Phillips drives in them but one was a V1.0, all the research I've found says this drive only started at V1.1. The seals were intact, I was the first to open it up.
  4. Anyone tried doing a tsop flash on DVD dongle. Thinking that it enabled dvd payback with i/o and it has a bios. Would be great for 1.6 consoles if it worked. I'm sure some files on dongle would need integrated into custom bios
  5. XBOX original dvd drive(sdg-605f) not working. Problem is with dvd drive capacitors. I dont know how to connect them. Please help me in understanding the capacitors connection. And 1 more thing is tht can I use other capacitos whose values are slightly c?
  6. Please help! I have just installed an new 40gb ide hdd and a pc dvd drive (just to get my modded xbox to boot) I put the OGXBOX Cerbio installer dvd into the drive and it booted to the ogxbox menu It recognised taht i had a new HDD and asked if i wanted to format it which i did (i can now see C,E and F drives) I then flashed my alladin modchip v1.6 with the cerbios bio which worked. but when i try to install a dashboard off the dvd it just hangs and wont do anything,just says please wait and empty progress bars. This means the xbox wont boot unless the OGXBOX installer disc is in the drive as there is no dashboard. Have i missed something? What am i doing wrong Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. I believe I seen a Reddit post couple days ago by KaosEngineer touching on this topic the post was sometime back, I'm wondering if it's practical today to even attempt or even flash an pc optical drive. I am aware that you can of course get parts from other consoles.. I asked this out of curiosity as I lack the information and experience on the topic.
  8. I've been in the process of preserving my entire DVD movie collection in ISO format. Coincidentally, I stopped growing my collection about the same time the OG Xbox reached the end of its lifecycle - circa 2006. I realize this approach probably isn't going to be for everybody, as many have moved on to MKVs and Plex, etc. For me, however.. I'm still chasing that vision I had almost 20 years ago, of having all those movies accessible from a beautiful carousel menu, complete with artwork and synopsis - exactly like we have our games in XBMC4Gamers today! I'm able to play these movies perfectly from the File Manager already, but I need help understanding how to make them show up in XBMC4Gamers menu, just like if they were game discs. I think I need to create custom XBEs that link to the DVDs main IFO? Maybe there is even a script I can tweak to automate the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm hoping to leverage some of the current Kodi scripts to help pull in all the artwork and other data. In case that doesn't work out, I'm prepared to do it all by hand. If anyone is already working on something similar and would like to collaborate, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be doing about 800 movies myself, and I'm happy to share a complete pack with all the artwork and everything when it's done.
  9. Hi everyone. I have a 2001 model Xbox with the Thompson drive. It's struggling to read certain game disks (or not reading them at all) despite the disks being in great condition. Other games will run just fine. I already tried doing the pot tweak on the laser and it helped for about 3 hours until it was crashing with disk read errors again. I believe the drive is on its way out. My question is, what is the best way to go about fixing it? It seems like the newer Samsung drives are supposedly more reliable, but they are extremely hard to find. Does anyone sell repair kits for these Thompson drives? Would it be possible to use a newer SATA DVD drive with a SATA-IDE adapter?
  10. Hi all, first and foremost, as the season approaches I want to wish everyone a happy holidays! I bought a "for repair" 1.1 unit that needed a LOT of work. (This is a different unit than the Sharp TSOP unit from my other repair post.) Luckily I was able to repair everything except the Philips DVD drive. It was relatively clean - I cleaned the lens, replaced the drive belt and cleaned up a bit of corrosion on the board, but it's still dodgy. Question, can this Philips drive be saved? On startup there is a high-pitched whine from inside the dvd drive, and when I push the eject button, it wants to open and close, but it will only travel about an inch or so and stick, then if I keep pushing the button it will eventually open fully but refuse to close again. Is this a control board issue, or a motor issue? I rarely encounter DVD problems, so this is a new one for me. Thanks all!
  11. Dear Friends, I try to find a solderless adapter for my 8164B DVD drive to use it in my Xbox, but there is no any chance to get the "Talismoon 8164 Solderless Adapter" anywhere on the internet. (as you see it on the pic). I'd like to ask you, is there anyone, who has a complete schematics/PCB and a BIN file for "Atmel_Tiny12l" microprocessor? I think I try to build one for myself. Thank you for your help! BR: SiD
  12. There's a tutorial I found on Wayback, but Wayback wasn't able to find all the pages for this mod. It's for using a PC drive on an XBOX. The DVD drive is an LG DRD-8160B. It's not similar in layout to the 8163B that there are drawings for. What I need are to locate the X and Z points on the DVD's pcb. This is all I've got...
  13. I'm messing around with my own Xbox OG and have a modchip with Cerbios in it. I also changed the default hard drive with a SATA 160GB version and an IDE2SATA adapter with 80 wires 40 pins IDE cable. The boot is slow and yes I know the cheap IDE2SATA adapters can be annoying. But I used the exact same adapter in other Xboxes and they work fine. So, I did some testing. With the DVD drive attached (in the cerbios.ini it is defined as DriveSetup = 1 (which is HDD & No DVD (Legacy Mode)) the boot time is 42 seconds. When I detach the DVD drive, the boot time is aprox 20 to 21 seconds before the full EvolutionX dash is loaded. I tried several DVD drives (the one original in this Xbox is a Thompson, but I also tried Philips, Samsung) and the load time is with the DVD drive attached always 42 seconds and without at max 21 seconds. I also tried another 80 wires 40 pins IDE cable a had laying around, but same issue. Because I sometimes use the DVD drive I can`t eliminate it, so I'm out of ideas. If the adapter was also slow without the DVD, I would suspect that to be the problem, but in this case the performance without the DVD is fine (I also tested the adapter in a PC and it has good throughput). So if anyone has an idea to check and improve the time with the DVD attached it would be nice.
  14. I am not talking about the laser or motors going bad, I am talking about the board itself. Bad boards can cause a Xbox to frag. Sometimes a drive will cause the Xbox to no longer quickboot XBlast chip. Which components on the board can cause these issues? I know that a new and better method to fix Gamecube drives are to replace the capacitors over touching the pot. Is there anything that can be repaired on a bad board on one of the Xbox drives?
  15. Greetings all! First time posting anything but have gathered a lot of great tips and fixes from this forum for a few years now. This problem has me stumped though. Here’s the situation: The xbox boots fine to the ms dash. I can access the hdd, copy saves to memory unit (or usb via adapter), browse settings, etc. The eject button on the dvd player just flashes green. There’s no disc in the drive, it doesn’t make any horrible noises, it won’t open, and there’s nothing impeding it from opening. I took it apart, removed a lot of dust et al, cleaned the laser, checked to see that the manual eject via the release button worked, double checked the tray side rails, etc. Everything looked normal. Reassembled and had the same problem listed above. I put in a known good drive and that remedied the non stop green light flashing so I thought I’d figured out the issue. I go to test a disc and the known good drive starts to not eject or close intermittently. Additionally it won’t do anything with the disc. If I put a few known good and un scratched games it the drive just flashes green forever. It never gives a dirty disc type error or anything and again this is a drive I know works (tested it right before I pulled it out and put it for test in the current Xbox). I’m stumped. I thought about changing out power and ide just to see. Swapped out two known good AV cables just for grins. No effect. Nothing on the MB looks bulging and I can’t see and trace rot,etc on the top at least. Any ideas? Thank you, MaGee
  16. has anyone had the same issues I have? the DVD drive under standard XBMC and other apps fails to detect DVDs (always shows as empty), this is hinted in Titan's readme on its github, but it's a software problem -- it should be fixable, for example XBMC4Gamers has it fixed, but it can't play media in any way! is there any way we can obtain the same version of the source code that XBMC4Gamers uses and have it in a normal XBMC4Xbox version that can play multimedia? i'm one of the few weirdos that still uses his Xbox to watch movies and shows, cuz it gives an amazingly crisp, bright and clear image over RGB! so this DVD problem is a major bummer that I'd LOVE someone could have a fix for!
  17. Recently acquired 3 Xboxes that I have tsop flashed with Cerbios. At first I purchased a cheap sata to IDE adapter and quickly found when I connected it I had no access to the DVD rom. I was also using the 40 wire IDE cable at the time so, I purchased an 80 wire IDE cable hoping it would solve the problem but unfortunately still no DVD rom access. I then purchased the startech adapter believing it would indeed fix the issue but alas, still no DVD rom access. With the startech adapter if I enable the option in the cerbios.ini file for DVD & HDD I get error 13 no mater which UDMA bios I flash and can't even boot into safe mode. So, doing this requires me to remove the drive and connect it to my pc to edit the ini file back to HDD & No DVD. Once I do this I can boot with up to UDMA mode 5 enabled. I was using old laptop sata drives until today when I got an SSD with the startech adapter but it still does the same thing. It also doesn't matter which position I move the jumper to on the adapter. Master and Cable select both do the same thing in all 3 Xboxes. Any ideas?
  18. OK, new modder confused here. I've been spending my time fixing up dead and half dead boxes, and thought I'd see how setting up a new hard drive works with a hardmodded console. I used the OG Xbox Install disc to TSOP to Evox m8+ nodvd, wiped the stock HDD and installed UnleashX and the default apps, and it boots fine. However, now when I swap a different drive to set up (either a 10GB drive from another Xbox, or a WD 80GB drive) the box fails to boot from DVD. I've tried with two different DVD drives, but it's always the same... even the seeking sound the optical drives make are the same (they keep going forever in an identical repeating "pattern" until I switch the console off - no, not impatient, waited for 5-10 minutes). When I switch back to the original HDD, the system boots up fine from it, and also boots from the DVD drive - and the DVD drive sounds "healthy" again compared to previous attempts. I tried powering the bigger new HDD with an external power supply, since I noticed it was pulling more power on the 12V rail (thinking maybe the old PSU is just at its end), but this makes no difference. I've also tried jumpering the drive to cable select and master+slave, but still nothing. The original drive is a Seagate, both replacements were WD. Is there something I've overlooked?
  19. I bought a refurbished deck with a laser already assembled from ebay and also recapped the logic board 'correctly' with a cap kit from console5. I also replaced the dvd drive belt. I swapped out the deck assembly for the new one. I connected all of the ribbon cables and soldered the red and blue wires back. So dvd drive ejects very nicely and the cd that tested didn't get scratched or didn't stay stuck. The dvd drive emits a loud vibrating noise and I get the pop-up that says that the disc that I inserted is not an Xbox disc. Its a cd music disc that I inserted to test the dvd drive. What I suspect that I did wrong is that I applied too much lithium grease to the rails because the laser doesn't stay put in a single place anymore but it moves back and forth when I tilt the dvd drive. I also didn't pay attention to the laser position before I disassembled the dvd drive. I also don't know the correct level of the disc tray. The disc tray elevates up and down while the laser is reading a game. Its my first time repairing an Xbox dvd drive and I'm out of troubleshooting ideas. Edit: I just remembered that usually refurbished lasers have two pads bridged to protect the laser from being damaged by static. Well the two points were not bridged and there was a lot of burned flux residue too.
  20. The xbox dvd drive is SDG-605B version B it scratches discs. Refer to discScratches.JPG the scratches are not circular. I am trying to pin point the root cause of the damage. The xbox must of been dropped. The optical pickup head must be causing the scratches but I don't see any raised sharp edges that would cause those marks. The dvd drive reads both cd's and dvd's but they get damaged in the process. The xbox original is TSOP so the only use I have for the drive is formatting the hdd. I thought I would disassemble the dvd drive and compare it to an identical drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B0_VHvgu-ACzN3azkw6Aq4r6GdUQbuLW?usp=drive_link A.JPG is the dvd drive scratching discs B.JPG is a reference drive identical to A.JPG
  21. I'm trying to check my Philips drive for faults. Confirmed that it's the drive itself as this problem occurs across 4 other XBOX's with the same symptoms. Drive refuses to eject and stops the XBOX's from booting. I'd like to test for blown fuses first....can anyone tell me where they are on the PCB?
  22. Hello! To start, I have successfully completed a stellar HD+ install on my 1.0 Xbox. I was using it all fine with no issues and a stock HDD for a few weeks now. I finally decided to upgrade my HDD to a 4TB for game storage and run a custom dashboard. Went though the process via the Project Stellar tool and the drive reads correctly and is formatted the right way. I successfully installed the dashboard through FTP and downloaded the stock one through the downloader (the main reason I went with this dash was for the downloader) and now my disc drive won't read any games that I know work. I have tested multiple IDE Cables (both 40 and 80 wire) and 3 dvd drives that I know work for sure and none are able to read discs anymore in this console. I'm still fairly new to this scene so I do not know what to troubleshoot. I've tried google and found nothing so I figure I'll try the site where all the Pro's are at who may have experienced this issue before. Let me know if I can provide any more info to help figure this out. Thanks
  23. So after I finally replaced the HDD with 1TB one, I've been trying to rip the games I have to ISO files using DVD2Xbox. The issue is that after around 10% to 15% the process hangs and the drive starts making weird noises, at which point I just shut it down cause I was afraid maybe it was causing damage. Anyway this has happened with 3 different discs already and I did not see any visible scratches. Is my DVD drive dying? (The Xbox is revision 1.2, softmodded with Rocky5 and the drive is a Samsung). I thought about using a DVD cleaner disc, which some people said works great while others said it does more harm than good. Anyone has any experience with those? Also, I'm really not good with messing around with hardware. It was already difficult enough to replace the HDD (I actually managed to tear an IDE cable) so I'm not very enthusiastic about taking the DVD drive apart to manually clean the laser. I thought about maybe just replacing the drive altogether. I found this one on eBay: Samsung SD-616 IDE 16x DVD CD-ROM Drive (48xCD-ROM, 2001) | eBay The image says revision F, so I assume I can flash it with Xbox firmware and it'll work? Although I'm a bit concerned that some sellers have a large stock and not all of them might be the same revision. Anyone has any experience? Thanks and sorry for the noob questions.
  24. Video tutorial on how to pot tweak the Samsung SDG605 DVD drive found in the Original Xbox. It is recommended to have an ohm meter so you can see your adjustments before powering the drive back up.

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