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  1. Yes, it is one of the oldest "modchip" but I do not like to waste my 10 pcb and 49LF020A And the solder the legs is disgusting I know that is works (or I think that is works) but really ugly
  2. Hi, thank, usually I bought many of them, and yesterday bought 15 of them on Ebay But I have 10 of CheapLPC so if that is possible, I'd like to use them too And it is an experience for me...
  3. Hi All, I found many different informations about the CheapLPC MOD (CheapMOD) and I try to install it to v1.4 and v1.6 versions. But I think I made a mistake or something else the problem, that is why I have questions. This was the first step. eurasia.nu cheapmod (web archive). I used it to create the PCB. SST 49LF020A in it. Flashed with evox.m8.v16.bin (256KB). The question, is there any REAL and usable diagram to soldering and wiring it in any version of xbox? Can I use the mentioned bios version? I would like to use the PCB version of CheapMOD, not the wired one. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi All, It is solved. Got a spare PSU and that works well. BB
  5. Hi All, Happy New Year all of you! Finally I've got some 48LF080A so, I used @samspin MuppetX bios to flash it. But that is failed again... Soldered out it again. I tried some other bioses with aladdin modchip. Failed, failed, failed. Than I flashed aladdin with the oldest EvoM8 (not plus!) bios. Than the xbox started with this bios. Do not ask how it is possible, but this bios is the only one which is works in this xbox. Weird and interesting... Thank you all for so much help.
  6. Hi Friends, OFFTOPIC: Sorry for the late answer, it will be not too tech like, divorce is in progress in my life. So, I will back when I will be ready for "soldering" again...
  7. Before I cut the trace, the led was steady green and tested the FTP connection too, but there wasn't any new device on my DHCP list On the next week (because today our family go to holiday) I will test again. Have a nice weekend for you!
  8. Hi Friends, Yesterday I tested everything. Desolder everything, cleaned the mobo, solder a new pinhead, built a short wired LPC fix, as @KaosEngineer show, soldered the Aladdin which is flashed by BIOS from @SS_Dave but it is failed again. Than cut the trace and tested again, failed. Just now Xbox give the "christmas light" effect... So, thats it When 49LF080A will arrive, I will try it again with the MuppetX which was in it before... But I'm really hopeless now Thanks for every help!
  9. You"ve helped me more than I imagine... And of course KaosEngineer too... Afternoon I wil try every new idea, I will use your bios, I will desolder everything from mobo and clean it up, so than solder LPC fix with short cables and reheat everything, cut the trace... If all of them fail, I will burn the whole Xbox and drop out from 4... Thank you for everything. @KaosEngineer thank you too.
  10. And again, yes, I know it. There different bios for v1.0-1.5 and v1.6 and yes, I used the correct version of them. I use original Xbox RCA (Yellow, Red, White) and that is works well, I have 6 of xboxes here now, so every other one work with this cable. I have a PAL LCD TV, but I never found any problem to use any region of xbox on my TV.
  11. Yes, all of that crystal clear for me. But I can't explain it better way. If I use 256KB m8+ in the aladdin, there is no output. If I use it with cromwell I got output on TV.
  12. I will do what you recommend... ANd will back to inform all of you. Usually I use D0 wire on the bottom of mobo.

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