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  1. Before I cut the trace, the led was steady green and tested the FTP connection too, but there wasn't any new device on my DHCP list On the next week (because today our family go to holiday) I will test again. Have a nice weekend for you!
  2. Hi Friends, Yesterday I tested everything. Desolder everything, cleaned the mobo, solder a new pinhead, built a short wired LPC fix, as @KaosEngineer show, soldered the Aladdin which is flashed by BIOS from @SS_Dave but it is failed again. Than cut the trace and tested again, failed. Just now Xbox give the "christmas light" effect... So, thats it When 49LF080A will arrive, I will try it again with the MuppetX which was in it before... But I'm really hopeless now Thanks for every help!
  3. You"ve helped me more than I imagine... And of course KaosEngineer too... Afternoon I wil try every new idea, I will use your bios, I will desolder everything from mobo and clean it up, so than solder LPC fix with short cables and reheat everything, cut the trace... If all of them fail, I will burn the whole Xbox and drop out from 4... Thank you for everything. @KaosEngineer thank you too.
  4. And again, yes, I know it. There different bios for v1.0-1.5 and v1.6 and yes, I used the correct version of them. I use original Xbox RCA (Yellow, Red, White) and that is works well, I have 6 of xboxes here now, so every other one work with this cable. I have a PAL LCD TV, but I never found any problem to use any region of xbox on my TV.
  5. Yes, all of that crystal clear for me. But I can't explain it better way. If I use 256KB m8+ in the aladdin, there is no output. If I use it with cromwell I got output on TV.
  6. I will do what you recommend... ANd will back to inform all of you. Usually I use D0 wire on the bottom of mobo.
  7. Everything have been reflowed. The LPC fix, what you see, I built it so many times and never made issues... And, as I said in my first post, it is worked with MuppetX and with the "old" LPC fix... Gave video- and audio output. Just my "clever" friend flashed that chip to fail... And than started this horrible story... Another interesting thing, if I flash aladdin (49LF020A) with cromwell or some other modchip OS, than this xbox can give video output. When I flash the modchip from network or from a dvd, that will be fail and do the same issue... So... I can soldering out everything, cleaning it out, but I have hundred bucket for that, it will do the same error I checked the whole motherboard with magnify but do not found any "bridges"... Checked connections with multimeter, I do not know what more I can do. I'm near to retreat...
  8. Hi, Sorry for the late answer, but my work ate me So. I try to explain again and of course I will attach a picture about the LPC fix. I soldered out everything from the motherboard. There is no LPC fix, no modchip. Than I plugged it in and when I turn it on, than the green light blinking two short times and four long times. Than the HDD (and the whole system) turned on and spinning up. I tested it without HDD (cause its "sound" so sick), but the issue is the same again. But there is no video/audio output. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCJqh7Y2aqI Resoldered the LPC fix (the last one was good too, I checked all of them with multimeter) and put the aladdin in it. The situation is same. So, that is why I totally confused about this issue... I do not understand, why I can get video output with some modchip OS, but can't got V/A ooutput with a fully working Aladdin...
  9. Yes, all of them 3.33.
  10. Thanks. It is so sad And many of the good webpages and community archived
  11. Thank you! I had all of them. But it is do not solve my problem, I think. So I bought 3 pieces of 49LF080A and waiting for arrive it... But... The most interesting situation is, when I put the Aladdin XT+ in it, I can't use it. The problem is same.
  12. Hi, When I plugged the power cord in, the Xbox turn on, the fan speed up, and when the boot process started, the fan went down to the normal speed. I fixed the "automatic turn on" witk a 22k resistor. But... That is not solved the "fan" problem. So, I got another v1.4 Xbox and tested the motherboard with it. With that PSU it works like a charm. I think I have an issue with the PSU. Attached the pictures from PSU. I think it is Delta. Checked the voltage and I measure 5.34 on all RED output and 10.64 on YELLOW. Thanks for your help!

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